iRiver Mp4 player


iRiver Mp4 player. Is it better than the Ipod video?


lol. anyone?


It plays MP4? That’s good. An industry standard format.

I wonder if it plays both MPEG-4 video as well as MPEG-4 audio. My main criticism of some of the portable music/video players is that they don’t play MPEG-4.

MPEG-4 audio is often referred to as AAC (advanced audio codec). I think it is the best audio codec around, and it was designed to replace MP3.

I haven’t seen the specifications for this iRiver player, but if it can play MP4/AAC, then it would be worth taking a look at.


Link? I recognise pictures better than words.


Lol. No my friends told me about it. It also plays mp3;s but my question is should i get an ipod video or iRiver mp4 player for the same price.


You have to ask yourself what content you want to play, to answer that question.

Do you want to access online music stores? Most portable players are linked to a particular store, so that might influence your decision. Some of these online stores are now offering video downloads.

Apart from that, check what file formats it accepts (eg. MP3, MPEG-4 (AAC), WMA etc).


No I don’t want to access the store. But I am starting to lean over to the Ipod Video. I ain’t going to watch videos all the time. Just like how many times can I watch it? Not much.


I don’t recall the H10 series even playing mp4.

They play ogg, mp3, wma & wav.

Are you getting a mp3 player or a PMP?

For myself, I got the H340. It supports ogg, mp3, wav, wma and video playback after upgrading the firmware. The video wasn’t even part of the advertisement of the product, unlike the Ipod Video. It was say…a bonus. Also, unlike the Ipod & Creative ones I think, the iRiver ones can be plugged into the USB port and it’ll act as an external harddrive. You don’t have to install any software at all. If you get the international version, you could also do USB on the go.

So if you have digital camera, you could send the pictures into the player so you don’t have to buy more memory cards…etc


And what about H.264? That’s the video compression codec developed by the International Telecommunications Union. It would be really cool if any of these portable gizmos could play back H.264 video in real time.


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