iPhone app studies facial anatomy, rates it!


I’ve been a part of cgtalk for a while, posting art. Mainly characters and environments and love this forum so I want to share the iphone app I created that analyzes how attractive a human face is.

This app can be used to analyze your drawing or 3d character’s face ( front view only right now) and rates how attractive the face is on a scale from 1-10. It uses the golden ratio to calculate the final score.

Here’s a video of the app: http://www.tavshande.com/vanity/

Use it and let me know what you think, Id like to make updates to the app, so your feedback is welcomed.

I hope my app helps you create better looking faces.


So I bought the app, I really like it. Perhaps you can have an advanced user mode where you plot alot more points on the face. Besides from that this is a really cool iphone app, way worth the price…I haven’t seen anything like this on mobile phones…Very good mate.


Thanks Polypusha for buying the app. Yes I agree, in a future update I would like to add alot more dots for an advanced sub menu that will allow more points to be plotted, also I am going to add a profile algorythm for side shots. I appreciate the feedback, enjoy the app!


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