IP Incubator! - SCHIRKOA


Schirkoa is now officially being developed as a feature! Was just able to seal it at the Hong Kong Film Market myself last week. Two amazing
producers have come on board to take this on. I didn’t envision that a
simple passion project born on CGTalk could turn into a dream come true.
Exciting times ahead!

“Indian filmmaker Ishan Shukla will write and direct a feature-length animated film based on his
award-winning short of the same name, with 108 Media and Aurora Media
Holdings on board to co-produce.”

Coverage on:

Animation World Network (AWN)
Animation Magazine
Screen Anarchy
[Animation Xpress



Congratulations Ishan!
Your hard work for so many years has payed off well.
Good luck on your path. A feature project should be more fun then a short.
ENJOY the ride!


Hey KriosM

Thank you for the kind words. Yes, definitely exciting and fun road ahead. Too much work though :smiley:


The short is now available on Vimeo! Please watch and share if you like.