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Imagine FX Magazine has featured 4 artworks from Schirkoa in their January 2015 issue.


Nice, congrats! :slight_smile:


Looks great and this is what i call easily “art”. Very nice.


alflo, Kadri,
Thanks a lot :slight_smile:


I have been delaying blue district for a while. Part of it was the fear of the scale of things in here. Part of it was the amount of importance it holds for the story. The guttering neon, the shady characters, the skimpy prostitutes and ‘that’ bar with quirky bagheads.

In Act 1, a cozy bar song reveals this sleaziest part of town. And you can somehow start to relate this with that warm corner where you can sob off the wives and bosses.

In Act 3, though. Well…things change.

I am slightly happy with the anticipation of things that are about to appear in Blue District in upcoming updates. Thanks to assets from Unity Store and Daz, I can finally forget to create every nut and bolt from scratch and focus on the story. I have laid out the basic map here, time to layout shots and populate things around!

Happy New year everyone.


I’d love to know more about how you get that painterly look. just so awesome!


Thanks a lot mate!
I would post more on the process once I get little more time. Briefly, it’s a combination of painted/filtered textures+bland shaders+render passes+photoshop tweaking & cc. I am using Maya/Redshift/Photoshop for this. Hope that helps for now :slight_smile:


This month is going to be very busy with personal life. So may not be able to update much here. But just to get things going in 2015, here are some shots that I had started to lay down for Blue District. Remember it’s the ‘bad’ part of town. You might see things in some alleys you wish you hadn’t.


This month marks the end of 2nd year of production for Schirkoa. This year’s been a mixed bag. (I am tired of these puns myself now. Let’s hope they end with the film.)

This year, Schirkoa was truly born. Everything came along, and many of them sort of worked. I have surrendered to the fact that I will never truly get a creative flow. A consistent number of weeks (or even days) are never going to come. Will have to work in patches. Even good 5 minutes of work a day could be vital. Last 4 months just flew by. Moved to a new city, new job and settled family in. So unfortunately it was a short year for Schirkoa.

So when’s is it coming? How much is done?
It’s complicated. So much is done. And so much isn’t. It’s safe to say that Schirkoa is constantly expanding.

Oh and that guy in the image is a new character. He is now the 4th primary character of the film.


The Blue District.

As baghead 633E (LW) recalls “This is where we met. An old bar where little known immigrant revolutionaries used to hang out a long time back”.


*Blue District will be finished soon.
*Act 2 primary animation is in progress and should be over by this month.
*Act 3 has begun. Lots of things remain in this act. Some shots have not been storyboarded, others are not fully working from story standpoint. But I am on it.

Here is a glimpse of blue district :

Youtube Mirror :




You don’t even have this last sequence rendered yet–and I absolutely love the atmosphere! Are you going to completely part ways from MR now that Redshift is working out for you??


Thanks Narntson.

Glad that you like the atmosphere. Yes, for this (& probably future projects) I’d stick to redshift :slight_smile: The flexibility it gives with speed is quite remarkable.


Act 2 rendering is ongoing. Here is a still from some of the rather ‘brighter’ moments of the film


ACT 2 rendering will be reaching the finish line by weekend. The image below shows WIP renders. Passes and post processing remain. 2 mograph sequences remain in ACT 2 now. I am keeping all mograph sequences (including tv/ad screens) for the very end.


A peculiar evening newsflash got everyone talking in that glum bar. Reaching far end of Act 2 with this sequence now.


Next up is a series of war propaganda films made by the Schirkoan government to create awareness among the citizens.


*Nicolas Titeux has come on board as the composer/sound designer for Schirkoa. He’s worked on several feature films, commercials and video games. Nicolas works in every aspect of sound production, from sound recording to mix, through editing and sound design. He recently finished Post Production for Fallout 4.

Other updates :
*ACT 1 and ACT 2 are going through the first pass of sound design and music simultaneously.
*ACT 3 is being rendered and animated right now.


*ACT 3 is mostly done. A small sequence remains for animation.
*ACT 3 rendering is in progress. Although it’s a lengthy set of sequences, I hope I finish this on time.
*With ‘on time’ I mean the end of this month. Which is slightly ambitious given the resources.
*Moving on to the compositing, trailer and the press kit soon.
*If all goes alright, Schirkoa might get done within the first quarter of this year. Which will make Schirkoa’s production time to be 3 years. That isn’t too bad considering the magnitude of setbacks it has faced.
*Let’s hope for the bags.


*This is what’s going on right now:
-The render for final 2 sequences
-Touch ups/Re-renders/Fixes
-Music+Sound design for final act
-Compositing & color grade

In about two-three weeks, we should see a Trailer & Poster.