IP Incubator Club Thread 2014: Monthly-021: October 2014


The current chapter unfortunately continues to live up to its title, but at least it’s closer to being finished -


@Gerald Abraham:

This second teaser actually feels a lot like the first teaser, except with the addition of police vehicles, traffic, a transforming bike, and the animated female singer.

The lighting and shading are alright, but I have concerns about the animation of the bike transform. All the parts move at one speed only simultaneously and the apparent weight of the bike isn’t there.

For example might be better if the rider performed a wheelie or ramp jump then the transformation occurs. And I assume this is actually armor going around the guy’s body? There’s lots of examples for similar “mid-air” transformations.


Note that even as I mention the word “weight”, TRANSFORMERS actually doesn’t use active physics for the transformations. The animators have mentioned that all the mid-air transforms were just a result of eyeballing and feeling which bits have snappier movement. This is most obvious in the Megatron transformation at 00:26 which I think is a good basis for what I mean by “parts must move at different speeds and not at the same time”.

@Jared Lindquist:

I would suggest removing the quip about Alzheimer’s. Primarily because I’m not sure where it fits in the flow of conversations. Not to mention that it sounds exceedingly mean for the character speaking it. Unless that was the point.

That aside… SOME readers MIGHT just not like that one-liner. Personally I understood the context of its use. Just saying I’m not “every audience”.


Hi CGIPadwan,

Thank you for your feedback and I agree about the animation needing work. A friend and I threw that shot together from start to finish in one week for this teaser and it will be heavily cleaned up for the final if we get the chance. :slight_smile: Also, this isn’t the actual bike thats transforming but a hover bike police vehicle that’s chasing the hero. I would love to share more but perhaps one day… :wink:


I thought the bike looked different to the one in the first teaser and I presumed the model had been swapped out.

No worries.


If I have to worry about who’s going to be offended by what, I’ll never get anything done. Everybody’s offended by something, it’s just a question of how quickly they can get over it or find some other way to move on. :shrug:


Well said. For personal projects, I simply do the work I like and I think would be cool. If someone else has a problem with it, i’ll take it into consideration but ultimately I’m making things because I love making things that I like in CG rather than doing it for someone else. Thats the point of it, right? :slight_smile:


Sorry, maybe I wasn’t clear… The real concern is not that they will be offended per se, it is “Will the quip distract people from following the rest of your story”?

But it was just a suggestion. It’s your comic book, not mine.

Yes, ultimately that is the point, and I think all of us do that by default.


For inspiration:



Being at the right place at the right time, or in the modern age, firing out that email at the right person at the right time, definitely counts for a lot.