IP Incubator Club Thread 2014: Monthly-021: October 2014


[b]Do you have an idea for a cool:
Web Comic?
Animated Short?
Filmed VFX short?
Indie Game?

    [b]Join us at the IP Development Club

[/b][/b][b][b]CONCEPT NAME : The Message
WEBSITE : www.themessageshort.com/
PRODUCTION BLOG : www.themessageshort.com/news/

[b]CATEGORY : [/b] Short Film
      A short film project set in modern day tokyo and the world of information technology.

[/b][/b][b][b]CONCEPT NAME : The Message
WEBSITE : www.themessageshort.com/
PRODUCTION BLOG : www.themessageshort.com/news/

    [b]CATEGORY : [/b] Short Film
Hey guys! First of all, I wanted to thank Roberto for his interest in  The Message and posting it up on the IP Incubator Club. I think the  club is a great idea and i'm very happy to be a part of it. :)
As I might have mentioned before, The Message has primarily been done  by two people thus far in their spare time. Kim and Myself. I've paid  friends out of my own pocket to help out in areas we can use help in  such as rigging, character animation and some comp. As anyone that  understands CGI is well aware, doing full CG shots like these takes  quite a bit of time, especially for two people, so I started a campaign  in hopes of getting the entire 120+ shots done next year.
We've been very fortunate to have our teaser trailer featured on  Gizmodo and Kotaku japan and I really appreciate everyone's support. [b][b]

    [u][i][b]Rob Note:[/b][/i][/u]
      Please do post projects you are working on, I WILL eventually spotlight them.
    [i][b]Welcome to the IP INCUBATOR CLUB[/b][/i]
    [i]Past Threads:[/i]
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     [b]Projects So Far:[/b]
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    [b][i]The Projects so far this week:[/i][/b]
     See Below...
    [/color][/size][b][u][i]THE IP INCUBATOR CLUB.[/i][/u][/b]
      /ˈɪnkyəˌbeɪt, ˈɪŋ-/ Show Spelled [in-kyuh-beyt, ing-] Show IPA verb, in·cu·bat·ed, in·cu·bat·ing.verb (used with object)
      1. to sit upon (eggs) for the purpose of hatching.
      2. to hatch (eggs), as by sitting upon them or by artificial heat.
      3. to maintain at a favorable temperature and in other conditions     promoting development, as cultures of bacteria or prematurely born     infants.
    [b]4. to develop or produce as if by hatching;[/b] give form to: His brain was incubating schemes for raising money.
    [b]Welcome to the IP Incubator Club[/b]
      The idea behind this Club is simple
    [b]POST MONTHLY UPDATES of Original IP that you are developing.     Hopefully IP that can eventually help the creator generate some income. [/b]
    [b]Also you should provide CONSTRUCTIVE FEEDBACK to the work posted by other posters of the club.[/b]
      The idea of this "Incubator Club" is to get away from the gloom  and   doom  and provide a lifeline of support for our fellow artists. 
      The artists will have at their discretion how much they wish to  share   on  the projects they are working on, what program they will be  using   and  the medium . [b]But the IP HAS BE AN ORIGINAL CREATION.[/b]
    [b][u]DEVELOPER CO-SPONSORS[/u][/b]
    [size=2][size=2]The idea is to    match  developers with individual sponsors. People whose  responsibility   is to  monitor the progress of a specific project. The  sponsors would  be  fellow  developers. It would be their responsibility  to provide  support  and  provide guidance to the developer from an  outsider's point  of  view. I'm  not advocating "mentor ship" where  there usually is an   imbalance of  expertise/knowledge between two  parties. Rather, I   envision sponsorship  to be a vehicle for peer  support, for consultation   between and among  artists who each have  valuable tools, experience,   and knowledge to  share. Sponsorship is  method for both parties to learn   and grow  professionally and perhaps  personally as well.[/size]
    [b]The Concept[/b]
    Ok so lets recap:
    [color=white]The idea behind this IP incubator club is to provide a cool hangout place for IP creators. [/color]recap....
      Weekly threads will be posted, to provide encouragement for developer to keep working on their idea.
      On way to see this is to think of us as a spotter on your local gym.
      You use your WIP thread to post your regular updates, But ONCE A  WEEK    you post on the IP INC thread a summary, based on the forsmat  posted    blow.
    [b]GENERAL RULES: [/b]

[li]FOR GEN DISCUSSION of the IP CLUB CLICK HERE: Your Own IP?[/li][li]WEEKLY WIP are encouraged[/li][/ul][/size][/color][/size][/size][/color][/color][/color][/color][/color][color=#fffffe][color=#ffffff][color=#fffffe][/color][/color][/color][color=#ffffff][color=#fffffe]On your weekly post please Fill the following information (you can cut and paste it[size=3]:)[/size][/color][/color]
[color=#ffffff][color=#fffffe][color=#ffffff][size=2][color=#fffffe][size=2][color=#ff8c00]CONCEPT NAME:

    [i][b]Fashion (3D Printing)[/b][/i]
    [i][b]Film [/b][/i]
    [b][i]Web Comics[/i][/b]
    [b]STATUS NUMBER: 1 [/b]
    [b]TEAM MEMBERS:(Voluntary)[/b]
    [b]START DATE[/b]
    [b]ESTIMATED COMPLETION DATE : (Voluntary) -[/b]
    [b]WIP THREAD:[/b]
    [b]WHAT WENT WRONG:[/b]
    [b]SHOW AND TELL: [/b]


[li][color=#ffffff][color=#fffffe][color=#ffffff][size=2][color=#fffffe][size=2]WIP thread should be posted on the appropriate CGSociety/Game Art Sub forum and should follow the following naming convention: IP Incubator!:xxxxx:[/size][/size][/color][/color][/color][/color][/li][li][color=#ffffff][color=#fffffe][color=#ffffff][size=2][color=#fffffe][size=2]Only participants who follow the rules and submit a weekly Entry entry will be eligible for a monthly spotlight ( A frontpage plug).[/size][/size][/color][/color][/color][/color][/li][li][color=#ffffff][color=#fffffe][color=#ffffff][size=2][color=#fffffe][size=2]Any piece caught breaking the rules will be taken off the thread.[/size][/size][/color][/color][/color][/color][/li][li][color=#ffffff][color=#fffffe][color=#ffffff][size=2][color=#fffffe][size=2]When you are done creating your IP please do give at least a thank you to the IP. We need the press.[/size][/size][/color][/color][/color][/color][/li][/ul][color=#ffffff][color=#fffffe][color=#ffffff][size=2][color=#fffffe][size=2][color=#ff8c00]RESOURCES:[/size][/size][/color][/color][/color][/color][/color]
[color=#ffffff][color=#fffffe][color=#ffffff][size=2][color=#fffffe][size=2][color=darkorange]ART LAW RESOURCES:[/size][/size][/color][/color][/color][/color][/color]
[color=#ffffff][color=#fffffe][color=#ffffff][size=2][color=#fffffe][size=2]–CLICK TO EXPAND–
[color=darkorange]What is a Trademark?
What is a Copyright?

    [b]Notable Laws:[/b]
    [[b]Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works[/b]](http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Berne_Convention)
    [b][[size=3]Copyright Act of 1976](http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Copyright_Act_of_1976)[/b]
    [b][Copyright Act, 1978](http://en.wikisource.org/wiki/Copyright_Act,_1978)[/b]
    [b]--CLICK TO EXPAND--[/b]
    [b]Film/ Video/ Animation Content[/b]

[li][color=#fffffe][color=#ffffff][size=2][color=#fffffe][size=2][color=white]http://vimeo.com/[/size][/size][/color][/color][/color][/color][/li][li][color=#fffffe][color=#ffffff][size=2][color=#fffffe][size=2][color=white]http://www.youtube.com/[/size][/size][/color][/color][/color][/color][/li][li][color=#fffffe][color=#ffffff][size=2][color=#fffffe][size=2][color=white]Stock Footage:[/size][/size][/color][/color][/color][/color][/li][li][color=#fffffe][color=#ffffff][size=2][color=#fffffe][size=2][color=white]http://www.pond5.com/index.php?ref=orbitrob[/size][/size][/color][/color][/color][/color][/li][li][color=#fffffe][color=#ffffff][size=2][color=#fffffe][size=2][color=white]http://submit.shutterstock.com/[/size][/size][/color][/color][/color][/color][/li][li][color=#fffffe][color=#ffffff][size=2][color=#fffffe][size=2][color=white]http://www.stockfootageseller.com[/size][/size][/color][/color][/color][/color][/li][li][color=#fffffe][color=#ffffff][size=2][color=#fffffe][size=2][color=white]http://www.stockfootageseller.com/w…ostock-logo.jpg[/size][/size][/color][/color][/color][/color][/li][/ul]

[li]http://store.steampowered.com/[/li][li]http://www.microsoftstore.com/store…DisplayHomePage[/li][li]http://developer.android.com/index.html[/li][li]Web Comics[/li][li]www.comixology.com[/li][/ul]
[/list]3D Models (for Animation)

[li]http://www.turbosquid.com/[/li][li]http://www.daz3d.com/[/li][li]3D Models (for 3d Printing)[/li][li]https://www.ponoko.com/[/li][li]http://www.shapeways.com/[/li][li]http://www.sculpteo.com/en/[/li][li]http://i.materialise.com/[/li][/ul]
[/list]Clip Art

    [b]Custom Merchadize:[/b]
    [](http://www.cafepress.com/cp/info/PS)[b]Make Magazine: Ultimate Guide for 3D Printing is a FANTASTIC resource. GET IT if you are interested in getting into this market:[/b]
    [b]--CLICK TO EXPAND--[/b]
      Digital Media:

[li]SXSW[/li][li]Shepton Digi Fest[/li][li]NAB[/li][/ul]Gaming:
[li]PAX[/li][li]PAX East[/li][li][size=5]Independent Games Festival[/li][li]E3[/li][/ul]Europe:
[li]Edinburgh Interactive Festival[/li][li]Eurogamer Expo[/li][/ul]Comics:
[li]Comicon[/li][li]SPX[/li][/ul]Animation Festivals:
[li]SIGGRAPH [/li][li]Bradford Animation Festival[/li][li][color=#ffffff][color=#fffffe][color=#ffffff][size=2][color=#fffffe][size=2][/Spoiler][/size][/size][/color][/color][/color][/li][/ul][/size][/color][/size][/size][/color][/color][/color][/color][color=#fffffe][/color][color=#fffffe][/color][color=#fffffe][color=#ffffff][size=2][color=#fffffe]



[color=#ffffff][color=#fffffe][color=#ffffff][size=2][color=#fffffe][size=2][b][color=#ff8c00]CONCEPT NAME: [color=white]Two Worlds

  WEBSITE - [https://www.facebook.com/twoworldsshort](https://www.facebook.com/twoworldsshort)
  The blog will be finished this week.[/b] 
             [b]STILL IMAGE: 
    [/b][/i][/color][/size][/size][/color][/color][/color][/color][/color][color=#ffffff][color=#fffffe][color=#ffffff][size=2][color=#fffffe][size=2] [i][b][i][b]
            [b][color=#ff8c00]PROJECT DESCRIPTION:[/b]
            A story of 2 characters finding hope in the most desolate  and lonely of times. Currently brought on a composer to work in music.
            [b]TEAM MEMBERS: [color=white]1[/b]
            [b]START DATE: [color=white]2011 (although story has been written for over 10 years)[/b]
            [/color][b]ESTIMATED COMPLETION DATE : [color=white]early 2015[/color][/b]
            [b]SHOW AND TELL: 



OFFICIAL WEBSITE: http://legouffre.com/

CATEGORY: Animation


(from the website)

Le Gouffre (The Gulf) is the first animated short film directed and produced by Lightning Boy Studio, a young creative team based in Montreal. The film tells the story of two spirited travelers who encounter an impossibly large gulf on their journey and decide to build a gigantic bridge to cross to the other side. Even though the film has not yet been released online, the film has already made the news with the incredible success of its Kickstarter campaign , which goal was to help finance the post-production. Many were impressed by the passion and determination of the small team of three animators, who spent more than two years of full-time work to bring the film to completion.

The premiere was held at Cabaret La Tulipe on March 14 2014 in Montreal. Since then, the film is stacking up the laurels and has been selected in more than 20 festivals around the world. You can find an exhaustive list of awards, official selections and upcoming screenings on the PRESS page.


Win festivals, then make a big hit on the internet and gain the visibility and credibility that will allow us to eventually be able to live on telling our own stories.



Carl Beauchemin - Animation and Rigging
Thomas Chrétien - FX and Compositing
David Forest - Art Direction

START DATE: July 2011



WIP THREAD: http://forums.cgsociety.org/showthread.php?f=153&t=1085457


We had a few new festival selections in the last week, but mainly we won our first “Best Animation” award at the Harlem festival!

We also officially sent our film to the Academy for it to be considered for an Oscar nomination. Here’s the paper duly filled out and ready to be posted! Keep your fingers crossed guys! :slight_smile:


Concept Name: SCHIRKOA

       Website: [http://www.schirkoa.com/](http://www.schirkoa.com/) 
       CGTalk WIP thread: [http://forums.cgsociety.org/showthr...00&page=1&pp=20](http://forums.cgsociety.org/showthread.php?f=153&t=1103500&page=1&pp=20)

       Project Description: 
       SCHIRKOA is the story (an IP maybe) I will be trying to develop in coming years. 
       At the moment I am aiming at an animated Short Film. Followed  by a     graphic novel. And then let's see what else can come out. It's  set  in a    dystopian city, involves bagheads and some other  'creatures'.



WEBSITE: www.stasisgame.com / www.stasiscommunity.com

CATEGORY: Computer Game

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Stasis is a 2D Isometric Adventure Game set aboard a derelict research facility called The Groomlake. We successfully raised over $150 000 on Kickstarter and I have turned this into my full time job. Which is awesome. :smiley:

TEAM SIZE: 1 Full time artist/developer/sound designer/whatever else I need to be.
1 contractor for music
1 contractor for additional writing


MIND - The Fall of Paradise

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: A sci-fi themed boardgame that can be played by up to 4 players with asymmetrical gameplay. One player becomes MIND, an all powerful A.I, that can control one of the 15 districts of Earth and manage its citizens. Up to 3 other players become rebel leaders that try and raise a resisting force to oppose MIND and his ruling in the district. However, Earth is a troubled place, and all districts are at war one with each other and the complete destruction of the planet is imminent so players will have to also deal with conflict between the districts and evacuate Citizens before its destruction.
Expand in the Solar System, colonize moons and planets, built spaceships and defeat your enemy.
START DATE: February the 1st, 2013
WHAT WENT RIGHT THIS WEEK: This week I’ve been really occupied with writing the rules, and it has been a really complicated process for a one man guy to keep the focus on everything and be sure not to miss something. These rules will be first tested by a previewer I’ve hired to take a look at the game and advertise it. They are a Youtube network called the Dice Tower and all they do is boardgames reviews and previews. So I really have to explain the game well to this person but overall the process has been going well.
WHAT WENT WRONG: I have only 2 days to create some video tutorials for how the game is played before I go in a small 1 week vacation. I am really pressured by time and I think the tutorials are very important. However writing the rules took more than I expected.
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/WhatWeMakeIs
Website: http://www.what-we-make.com.
Boardgamegeek: http://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/161276/mind-fall-paradise



PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Ray & Clovis the web series
TEAM MEMBERS: 15 (Voluntary)
START DATE ESTIMATED COMPLETION DATE : Next episode on November 21, 2013
WIP THREAD: http://forums.cgsociety.org/showthr…f=153&t=1129549



[color=#ffffff][color=#fffffe][color=#ffffff][size=2][color=#fffffe][size=2][color=#ff8c00]CONCEPT NAME: [size=3]Wrath Issue #1 www.wrathcomic.com

   [size=2]Available for Download on Amazon Kindle Here: [http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00HBQ47WS](http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00HBQ47WS)
   The HTML5, CBZ, and PDF versions are available here: [http://www.wrathcomic.com/index.php...1-wrath-issue-1](http://www.wrathcomic.com/index.php/store/product/1-wrath-issue-1)
   And finally you can read a lo-res version for free here: [http://www.wrathcomic.com/index.php/wrath-issue-one](http://www.wrathcomic.com/index.php/wrath-issue-one)
        [b]STILL IMAGE: [img]https://scontent-a-lga.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-frc1/s403x403/1510568_792101124149537_804092135_n.jpg[/img][/b]
        [b]CATEGORY: Comics, Web Comics[/b][i][b][i][b]
        [b]PROJECT DESCRIPTION: [color=#FFFFFE]Wrath is a 3D survival horror comic book[/b]
        [b]STATUS NUMBER: 3[/b]
        [b]TEAM MEMBERS: A.Shaheed Muttaqi [/b]
        [b]START DATE [/b][b]ESTIMATED 
   COMPLETION DATE : 12/15/13[/b]
        [b]WIP THREAD: [http://forums.cgsociety.org/showthr...highlight=wrath](http://forums.cgsociety.org/showthread.php?f=43&t=1118009&highlight=wrath)[/b]
        [b]WHAT WENT RIGHT THIS WEEK: I finally got the first issue out![/b]
        [b]WHAT WENT WRONG: Well, I'm way late. I    had the hardest time getting everything right on the website. But   still  I've finally got this series started.[/b]
        [b]SHOW AND TELL: 


Heres a new WIP panel from WRATH #2:



Blaster X HD: Blaster X HD

COMPANY: 2GMG LLC (2 Guys Making Games)
CONTACT INFO: www.facebook.com/2GMGames and www.twitter.com/2GMGames


PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Blaster X HD is an Arcade Action-Puzzler that is designed for all generations of iPad and iPad Mini. Experience Over 400 Levels of non-stop gameplay spanning across 9 Diverse Worlds. You have free-reign to start from almost anywhere on the screen - Fling, Guide, and Manipulate your Blaster as you try to collect all of the Power Orbs. These Power Orbs are the fuel to your Blaster and keeps it moving. A perfect mix of reflexes and wit are needed to propel yourself to the next level!


Rudy Gjurkovic / Co-Founder
Joshua Chapman / Co-Founder

START DATE: End of 2010

COMPLETION DATE: 5-1-2013 (Released)

SHOW AND TELL: Here is the Old and New Version of our AppStore Icon - some things take place on Apple’s end, such as, rounded corners, etc. that may not be present here.


ONCEPT NAME: The Offering
PROJECT DESCRIPTION: The most original, intriguing, worldly, horror, thriller movie concept of the decade, in my biased opinion! :thumbsup:
STATUS NUMBER: 1 + film crew + actors
TEAM MEMBERS: Julian Bushell
WIP THREAD: http://forums.cgsociety.org/showthr…868#post7888868
WHAT WENT RIGHT THIS MONTH: Lots of scenes filmed, worked with plenty of talented actors and film crew. Use of great equipment including a camera that records 12-bit RAW, dollies, tracks, jib, and a range of lights.
WHAT WENT WRONG: The visual effects work is piling up. It worries me.

Below is info on the some of the recent scenes we’ve filmed (in our spare time)…

On the 28th August, the use of steadicam to follow a character in a scene, walking, suspicious yet happy, but sadly to her death. Here is a previs for the end of the scene, and stills…

The 19th August, always intriguing to work and develop a new character, especially one that isn’t human.

*A quick mock-up of the look (ungraded)

I’ll leave you to judge what she is. Rotoscoping can be a great technique to use. We had the camera on a jib and shot quite a few gliding shots. To help track the camera movement, tracking markers were placed liberally in the background, to be removed in post.

On the 30th July, it was time for some special effects. This scene required a baby so we got a realistic looking reborn baby stuck some horns on (it’s a demon baby after all), attached a balloon and pump, and voila, it’s alive!


CONCEPT NAME: Daisy’s Diner (working title)
WEBSITE: comic.jaredlindquist.com
CATEGORY: web comics

    What do a dwarf, some giants, an alcoholic "nun", a    chainsaw-wielding  hillbilly, and a comic book fangirl all have in    common?  Not much, but  they can all be found at Daisy's Diner.




WEBSITE: www.cgwhat.com
CATEGORY: 3D Animation

 I'm making a 3d Animated movie about bugs In a post post apocalyptic  world, trying to match pixar style as close as possible 


NAME: Oni World: Klank’s Story
WEBSITE: www.oniworld.co.uk
CATEGORY: 2D Platform Game

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: By chance, a seemingly ordinary warden becomes self-aware and sets out on a journey to discover more about himself, the world, and the impending darkness that threatens all of creation.


I won’t show every piece of concept work I’ve done for the game (most can be seen at the Dev Blog) but here are a select few:

Some more Factory Assets


action stealth platformer game

A travel through the child’s imaginary world.

Luna and her younger brother living in a little town with their parents. Luna’s brother has a very strong imagination. He spends his days in forest playing alone, exploring imaginary landscapes, fighting imaginary monsters and talking to imaginary creatures. Luna and her parents don’t pay much attention to the little boy’s strange behavior.

But one day the boy disappears. Luna goes to the forest where he usually spent his days, but surprisingly she finds herself not in an ordinary forest but in her brothers imaginary world, filed with strange creatures, creepy monsters and magic.

She now has to enter the unknown, find the way through darkness. save her brother, learn to fly and find the way home.

Concept proof teaser:

Please watch HD on Vimeo


[b][b]CONCEPT NAME : The Message
WEBSITE : www.themessageshort.com/
PRODUCTION BLOG : www.themessageshort.com/news/

   [b]CATEGORY : [/b] Short Film

Hey guys! First of all, I wanted to thank Roberto for his interest in The Message and posting it up on the IP Incubator Club. I think the club is a great idea and i’m very happy to be a part of it. :slight_smile:
As I might have mentioned before, The Message has primarily been done by two people thus far in their spare time. Kim and Myself. I’ve paid friends out of my own pocket to help out in areas we can use help in such as rigging, character animation and some comp. As anyone that understands CGI is well aware, doing full CG shots like these takes quite a bit of time, especially for two people, so I started a campaign in hopes of getting the entire 120+ shots done next year.
We’ve been very fortunate to have our teaser trailer featured on Gizmodo and Kotaku japan and I really appreciate everyone’s support. [b][b]



CONCEPT NAME: Silent Star (Working Title)

               STILL IMAGE:
                CATEGORY: Short Film
                PROJECT DESCRIPTION: 
                Tagline: "10000 Dollars for Humanity."[i]
    "In the far fuckin' future, the last humans are housed in cages. But there's someone who takes care of them."[/i]
                SILENT STAR is a Short Film inspired by two of my favorite  movie genres: Sci-Fi (especially from the 70's/80's) and Spaghetti  Westerns. You can expect greebled vehicles, lot's of robots, long shots,  sarcastic humor and some violence. The project originally began as a 3  Day Cinematic Challenge here on CG-Talk, but quickly escalated into  something way bigger.
                STATUS NUMBER: 1
                TEAM MEMBERS: 3
         START DATE: August 2014

WIP THREAD: http://forums.cgsociety.org/showthread.php?p=7910706#post7910706

             SHOW AND TELL:
            I want to thank Roberto and all the cool contributors for running this IP Incubator Club! I'm very happy that I can join you all right now.


Now that looks really spectacular!

    Thanks CGIPadawan!
    Oh, and I'm doing the whole thing in Blender. I really like how fast and stable this software has become (besides some smaller quirks).
    Btw, what's your next project? Liked Reversion very much.


I honestly could not tell this was a “Blender” project… I mean there used to be a look to Blender renders… but until recently I thought I could pick them out. This definitely looks “market grade”. :slight_smile:

Some of my group mates right now work in other software packages and use other renderers, and as far as I can tell SILENT STAR looks like it could have been made with commercial packages.

That’s a compliment. :slight_smile:

Oh and you’re right about how far Blender has come. It used to be that Blender would crash every few renders but these days, with the right hardware configuration and not trying anything too unusual, one only sees Blender crash now about once every few years.

As for us, we’re actually doing something right now already. Very exciting stuff. Might put it on here soon… maybe before Christmas. We’re kinda in deep in Visual Effects testing, and as usual, we’re studying efficiencies again as well… This time borrowing elements from PS3/PS4 game asset creation.

I’m aware asset creation method is similar across PC or all consoles, but one day I’ll explain why the method was “sort of particular” to the PS3/PS4 (and no… it’s not because we’re using that type of hardware for rendering). :slight_smile:


Hey everyone,

We have just uploaded teaser #2 for ‘The Message’. Please have a look and let us know what you think! :slight_smile: