IP Incubator Club Thread 2014: Monthly-019: August 2014


[b]Do you have an idea for a cool:
Web Comic?
Animated Short?
Filmed VFX short?
Indie Game?

Join us at the IP Development Club

TAR of Zandoria



An animated series about a barbarian hippopotamus in search of adventure!
William Sutton (modeling,animation,etc)
Tim Hicks, John Faile (voices)
Alan Williams(music)
[b][i]WIP THREAD: zandoria.wordpress.com

Finished the first episode: “Marked for Death” and posted to YouTube. The soundtrack by Alan Williams was great, and generally got a positive reaction :slight_smile:
Trying to get some coverage on animation blogs like Cartoon Brew, Animation Scoop, etc. went nowhere…but the number of views and shares is growing…



See Below…
Wanna JOIN the IP Incubator Club? Well the Instructions are below.

(Every month I will spotlight one of the Incubator projects. To have a chance for a spotlight, just post a WIP on out IP incubator threads.)

Rob Note:
Please do post projects you are working on, I WILL eventually spotlight them.

Welcome to the IP INCUBATOR CLUB
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Projects So Far:
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The Projects so far this week:

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/ˈɪnkyəˌbeɪt, ˈɪŋ-/ Show Spelled [in-kyuh-beyt, ing-] Show IPA verb, in·cu·bat·ed, in·cu·bat·ing.verb (used with object)

  1. to sit upon (eggs) for the purpose of hatching.
  2. to hatch (eggs), as by sitting upon them or by artificial heat.
  3. to maintain at a favorable temperature and in other conditions promoting development, as cultures of bacteria or prematurely born infants.
    4. to develop or produce as if by hatching; give form to: His brain was incubating schemes for raising money.

Welcome to the IP Incubator Club
The idea behind this Club is simple

POST MONTHLY UPDATES of Original IP that you are developing. Hopefully IP that can eventually help the creator generate some income.
Also you should provide CONSTRUCTIVE FEEDBACK to the work posted by other posters of the club.

The idea of this “Incubator Club” is to get away from the gloom and doom and provide a lifeline of support for our fellow artists.

The artists will have at their discretion how much they wish to share on the projects they are working on, what program they will be using and the medium . But the IP HAS BE AN ORIGINAL CREATION.

[size=2][size=2]The idea is to match developers with individual sponsors. People whose responsibility is to monitor the progress of a specific project. The sponsors would be fellow developers. It would be their responsibility to provide support and provide guidance to the developer from an outsider’s point of view. I’m not advocating “mentor ship” where there usually is an imbalance of expertise/knowledge between two parties. Rather, I envision sponsorship to be a vehicle for peer support, for consultation between and among artists who each have valuable tools, experience, and knowledge to share. Sponsorship is method for both parties to learn and grow professionally and perhaps personally as well.[/size]


The Concept



Ok so lets recap:
[color=white]The idea behind this IP incubator club is to provide a cool hangout place for IP creators. [/color]recap…
Weekly threads will be posted, to provide encouragement for developer to keep working on their idea.

On way to see this is to think of us as a spotter on your local gym.
You use your WIP thread to post your regular updates, But ONCE A WEEK you post on the IP INC thread a summary, based on the forsmat posted blow.

[li]FOR GEN DISCUSSION of the IP CLUB CLICK HERE: Your Own IP?[/li][li]WEEKLY WIP are encouraged[/li][/ul]








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[color=#ffffff][color=#fffffe]On your weekly post please Fill the following information (you can cut and paste it[size=3]:)[/size][/color][/color][color=#ffffff][color=#fffffe][color=#ffffff][size=2][color=#fffffe][size=2][color=#ff8c00]CONCEPT NAME:



Fashion (3D Printing)
Web Comics

TEAM MEMBERS:(Voluntary)













[li][color=#ffffff][color=#fffffe][color=#ffffff][size=2][color=#fffffe][size=2]WIP thread should be posted on the appropriate CGSociety/Game Art Sub forum and should follow the following naming convention: IP Incubator!:xxxxx:[/size][/size][/color][/color][/color][/color][/li][li][color=#ffffff][color=#fffffe][color=#ffffff][size=2][color=#fffffe][size=2]Only participants who follow the rules and submit a weekly Entry entry will be eligible for a monthly spotlight ( A frontpage plug).[/size][/size][/color][/color][/color][/color][/li][li][color=#ffffff][color=#fffffe][color=#ffffff][size=2][color=#fffffe][size=2]Any piece caught breaking the rules will be taken off the thread.[/size][/size][/color][/color][/color][/color][/li][li][color=#ffffff][color=#fffffe][color=#ffffff][size=2][color=#fffffe][size=2]When you are done creating your IP please do give at least a thank you to the IP. We need the press.[/size][/size][/color][/color][/color][/color][/li][/ul][color=#ffffff][color=#fffffe][color=#ffffff][size=2][color=#fffffe][size=2][color=#ff8c00]RESOURCES:[/size][/size][/color][/color][/color][/color][/color]
[color=#ffffff][color=#fffffe][color=#ffffff][size=2][color=#fffffe][size=2][color=darkorange]ART LAW RESOURCES:[/size][/size][/color][/color][/color][/color][/color]
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[color=darkorange]What is a Trademark?
What is a Copyright?



Notable Laws:
Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works
[size=3]Copyright Act of 1976
Copyright Act, 1978
Film/ Video/ Animation Content








[li][color=#fffffe][color=#ffffff][size=2][color=#fffffe][size=2][color=white]http://vimeo.com/[/size][/size][/color][/color][/color][/color][/li][li][color=#fffffe][color=#ffffff][size=2][color=#fffffe][size=2][color=white]http://www.youtube.com/[/size][/size][/color][/color][/color][/color][/li][li][color=#fffffe][color=#ffffff][size=2][color=#fffffe][size=2][color=white]Stock Footage:[/size][/size][/color][/color][/color][/color][/li][li][color=#fffffe][color=#ffffff][size=2][color=#fffffe][size=2][color=white]http://www.pond5.com/index.php?ref=orbitrob[/size][/size][/color][/color][/color][/color][/li][li][color=#fffffe][color=#ffffff][size=2][color=#fffffe][size=2][color=white]http://submit.shutterstock.com/[/size][/size][/color][/color][/color][/color][/li][li][color=#fffffe][color=#ffffff][size=2][color=#fffffe][size=2][color=white]http://www.stockfootageseller.com[/size][/size][/color][/color][/color][/color][/li][li][color=#fffffe][color=#ffffff][size=2][color=#fffffe][size=2][color=white]http://www.stockfootageseller.com/w…ostock-logo.jpg[/size][/size][/color][/color][/color][/color][/li][/ul]

[li]http://store.steampowered.com/[/li][li]http://www.microsoftstore.com/store…DisplayHomePage[/li][li]http://developer.android.com/index.html[/li][li]Web Comics[/li][li]www.comixology.com[/li][/ul]
[/list]3D Models (for Animation)

[li]http://www.turbosquid.com/[/li][li]http://www.daz3d.com/[/li][li]3D Models (for 3d Printing)[/li][li]https://www.ponoko.com/[/li][li]http://www.shapeways.com/[/li][li]http://www.sculpteo.com/en/[/li][li]http://i.materialise.com/[/li][/ul]
[/list]Clip Art

Custom Merchadize:

Make Magazine: Ultimate Guide for 3D Printing is a FANTASTIC resource. GET IT if you are interested in getting into this market:

Digital Media:
[li]SXSW[/li][li]Shepton Digi Fest[/li][li]NAB[/li][/ul]Gaming:
[li]PAX[/li][li]PAX East[/li][li][size=5]Independent Games Festival[/li][li]E3[/li][/ul]Europe:
[li]Edinburgh Interactive Festival[/li][li]Eurogamer Expo[/li][/ul]Comics:
[li]Comicon[/li][li]SPX[/li][/ul]Animation Festivals:
[li]SIGGRAPH [/li][li]Bradford Animation Festival[/li][/ul]








Concept Name: SCHIRKOA

Website: http://www.schirkoa.com/

CGTalk WIP thread: http://forums.cgsociety.org/showthr…00&page=1&pp=20

Project Description:
SCHIRKOA is the story (an IP maybe) I will be trying to develop in coming years.
At the moment I am aiming at an animated Short Film. Followed by a graphic novel. And then let’s see what else can come out. It’s set in a dystopian city, involves bagheads and some other ‘creatures’.


ONCEPT NAME : Hextraction
WEBSITE : www.hextraction.com/
PRODUCTION BLOG : www.combomash.com/category/production-blog/
CATEGORY : Video Game (PC, MAC, Linux, OUYA)


[/b] Take command of a nefarious mercenary mining crew tasked with locating and acquiring rare natural resources from an uncharted alien planet. In this sci-fi tower offense strategy game, you are challenged to manage a crew as they build towers, collect resources and try to survive hordes of alien creatures on an ever-changing game board.



WEBSITE: www.stasisgame.com / www.stasiscommunity.com

CATEGORY: Computer Game

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Stasis is a 2D Isometric Adventure Game set aboard a derelict research facility called The Groomlake. We successfully raised over $150 000 on Kickstarter and I have turned this into my full time job. Which is awesome. :smiley:

TEAM SIZE: 1 Full time artist/developer/sound designer/whatever else I need to be.
1 contractor for music
1 contractor for additional writing


CONCEPT NAME: Daisy’s Diner (working title)
WEBSITE: comic.jaredlindquist.com
CATEGORY: web comics

What do a dwarf, some giants, an alcoholic “nun”, a chainsaw-wielding hillbilly, and a comic book fangirl all have in common? Not much, but they can all be found at Daisy’s Diner.


WEBSITE: www.cgwhat.com
CATEGORY: 3D Animation

I’m making a 3d Animated movie about bugs In a post post apocalyptic world, trying to match pixar style as close as possible



NAME: Oni World: Klank’s Story
WEBSITE: www.oniworld.co.uk
CATEGORY: 2D Platform Game

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: By chance, a seemingly ordinary warden becomes self-aware and sets out on a journey to discover more about himself, the world, and the impending darkness that threatens all of creation.


I won’t show every piece of concept work I’ve done for the game (most can be seen at the Dev Blog) but here are a select few:

Some more Factory Assets

Some Mushroom Platforms

A Giant Shroom

A Toadly Fun Guy (get it?)


I’ve been developing concept art and story for a little game for awhile and now looking for a chance to create the game itself. Please have a look.

[i]action stealth platformer game

[/i] A travel through the child’s imaginary world.

The story:
Luna and her younger brother living in a little town with their parents. Luna’s brother has a very strong imagination. He spends his days in forest playing alone, exploring imaginary landscapes, fighting imaginary monsters and talking to imaginary creatures. Luna and her parents don’t pay much attention to the little boy’s strange behavior.

But one day the boy disappears. Luna goes to the forest where he usually spent his days, but surprisingly she finds herself not in an ordinary forest but in her brothers imaginary world, filed with strange creatures, creepy monsters and magic.

She now has to enter the unknown, find the way through darkness. save her brother, learn to fly and find the way home.

[b]Concept proof teaser:

Please watch HD on Vimeo

Additional concept art:

Thanks for the attention and sorry for my English


PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Ray & Clovis the web series
TEAM MEMBERS: 15 (Voluntary)
START DATE ESTIMATED COMPLETION DATE : Next episode on November 21, 2013


This is from our latest episode. I thought it came out cool ;



PRODUCTION BLOG: http://legouffre.com/en

CATEGORY: Animation


[/b] Le Gouffre is an 8-minute animated short film about two travellers who embark on the amazing journey of crossing an impossible gap. We are working full-time on this film, living on our own money, and we are basically trying to tell a great, dramatic story for everyone while creating a unique look that blends hand-painted textures with realistic animation.


[/b] Win festivals, then make a big hit on the internet and gain the visibility and credibility that will allow us to eventually be able to live on telling our own stories.



Carl Beauchemin - Animation and Rigging
Thomas Chrétien - FX and Compositing
David Forest - Animation and Art Direction

START DATE: July 2011


WIP THREAD: http://forums.cgsociety.org/showthr…f=153&t=1085457

Check it out on our production blog!


CONCEPT NAME : Pole Force One
WEBSITE : www.combomash.com/pole-force-one/
PRODUCTION BLOG : www.combomash.com/category/production-blog/
CATEGORY : Video Game (PC, MAC, Linux, OUYA)


[/b] In this tongue-in-cheek, co-op, beat 'em up game, you play as one of three sexy super-hero pole dancers as they travel the world fighting against injustices such as sex-slavery, violent drug lords, religious extremists, corrupt governments and greedy corporations. Along with the help of their trusty DJ and his robotic creations, you’ll be thrown into a wacky adventure reminiscent of many classics - such as Double Dragon, Streets of Rage and Battletoads - but with modern polish and gameplay.

More details in our PDF Pitch Bible


[color=#ffffff][color=#fffffe][color=#ffffff][size=2][color=#fffffe][size=2][color=#ff8c00]CONCEPT NAME: [size=3]Wrath Issue #1 www.wrathcomic.com

[size=2]Available for Download on Amazon Kindle Here: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00HBQ47WS

The HTML5, CBZ, and PDF versions are available here: [http://www.wrathcomic.com/index.php...1-wrath-issue-1](http://www.wrathcomic.com/index.php/store/product/1-wrath-issue-1)

And finally you can read a lo-res version for free here: [http://www.wrathcomic.com/index.php/wrath-issue-one](http://www.wrathcomic.com/index.php/wrath-issue-one)

CATEGORY: Comics, Web Comics[i][b][i][b]

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: [color=#fffffe]Wrath is a 3D survival horror comic book
TEAM MEMBERS: A.Shaheed Muttaqi

WIP THREAD: http://forums.cgsociety.org/showthr…highlight=wrath
WHAT WENT RIGHT THIS WEEK: I finally got the first issue out!
WHAT WENT WRONG: Well, I’m way late. I had the hardest time getting everything right on the website. But still I’ve finally got this series started.




Blaster X HD: Blaster X HD

COMPANY: 2GMG LLC (2 Guys Making Games)
CONTACT INFO: www.facebook.com/2GMGames and www.twitter.com/2GMGames


PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Blaster X HD is an Arcade Action-Puzzler that is designed for all generations of iPad and iPad Mini. Experience Over 400 Levels of non-stop gameplay spanning across 9 Diverse Worlds. You have free-reign to start from almost anywhere on the screen - Fling, Guide, and Manipulate your Blaster as you try to collect all of the Power Orbs. These Power Orbs are the fuel to your Blaster and keeps it moving. A perfect mix of reflexes and wit are needed to propel yourself to the next level!


Rudy Gjurkovic / Co-Founder
Joshua Chapman / Co-Founder

START DATE: End of 2010

COMPLETION DATE: 5-1-2013 (Released)

SHOW AND TELL: Here is the Old and New Version of our AppStore Icon - some things take place on Apple’s end, such as, rounded corners, etc. that may not be present here.


Hey everyone,
I know it is the end of the month but I’m going to post here with my inaugural Incubator post. I was laid off recently and have decided to take a part time job to provide a base income and leave me enough time to pursue my dream of developing an IP. I’ll get a formal WIP thread started for august that follows the incubator guidelines, but since I don’t have anything other than a concept right now, I didn’t really see the point of making a thread with nothing to put there yet.

I like the idea of the incubator and it seems like there are some talented people that are involved. I’m looking forward to participating.

CONCEPT NAME: Irresistible Grace

STILL IMAGE: film banner coming week 1 of August

Children’s Book/Short Film/App

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: A story about a young girl and how a religious experience helps her see the world as a beautiful place.

STATUS NUMBER: preliminary post


START DATE: Aug 2014

ESTIMATED COMPLETION DATE : Not sure yet, I need to get my head around what assets I need first, break the project into phases and set up a production schedule.

WIP THREAD: Coming in Aug

WHAT WENT RIGHT THIS WEEK: got laid off last month, taking part time job to allow free time develop the project

WHAT WENT WRONG:got laid off last month



CONCEPT NAME: NeverEndingPrincessStory
CATEGORY: Animation
PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Think Harry Potter meets Dallas. An original production with mass appeal. The catch-phrase is “Find Your One True Love” and the concept (IP) includes a fully-functional and state-of-the-art dating website to help you do just that.
STATUS NUMBER: 1 + contractors
TEAM MEMBERS: CEO/Head Dishwasher - Chris Cowan. I hire contractors from time to time depending on need. I will hire some voiceover arts @ $25. per “part” for example. Will probably use a service like Odesk for a consultant or 2 to get through all this software; get an “expert” opinion.
START DATE - Ongoing; go to youtube and watch the whole 1 hour movie or go to the website and register for the dating site.
ESTIMATED COMPLETION DATE : It’s NeverEnding of course…
WIP THREAD: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Neve…ry/210744261421
WHAT WENT RIGHT THIS WEEK: Spent alot of time watching videos and evaluating software. Got some great ideas/insights. Posted a short video looking for voice actors and received a response. Upgrading personal workspace before digging in; spring cleaning.
WHAT WENT WRONG: Spent a bit too much time learning and not enough producing. Getting confused about remembering what I used to know in web development, tons of new tools. Have to find 300$ to renew secure server certificate and register as apple developer. Want to spend more time outside now that spring is here too!
SHOW AND TELL: Check the production blog on FB for latest updates.

My expectations/commitment to CGSociety and it’s members, if you accept my submission is the following:

  • This work is “proof of concept” and is “made” by one person over time. It does not compare to feature film work and I know this. I work alone and am looking for valid and constructive criticism. “Daz models suck” or “You should use Maya” does not move me forward. “Try using this filter” or “no, I would do it this way…” does move me forward.
  • If you promote me of course I will promote you; I like to share the link love; it costs nothing.
  • You can AMA. You may not like the response but I will answer your questions to the best of my abilities.
  • If you like what I am doing then please register for the website and try it out. I need some data/feedback on this area too. If you want to create a few accounts and test out the automatch feature, for example let me know and I will approve all these listings for your testing.
  • I am not looking for anything for “free” and am not out to “screw anyone”. If you do any actual “work” on the production you will receive a nominal fee for your efforts and credit. The expectation is that if this actually works and becomes successful of course the rates would go up. But you have to start somewhere.

Thank you for your consideration


Much appreciated Roberto!
It could be noted that I have added an additional 2 writers to the project, bringing it up to 3 (excluding myself).

Writing is hard people…get writers to write!


Hey don’t forget “I Love Kaiju”

Concept Name: I Love Kaiju

CATEGORY: Animation/Cinematic Comic

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: 3 Kaiju are on a journey to stop a rogue “power ranger” from destroying the 4th wall barrier.

START DATE - Long time ago.


WHAT WENT RIGHT THIS WEEK: Nothing to report this week.

WHAT WENT WRONG: Almost hired an artist, they said yes to my price and then they got a bigger better high paying job.



Music is incredibly important to me. While I’m usually a I-can-do-it-on-my-own person, I knew that having the perfect music for Stasis would mean having to find a pro.

One of the main goals of the Kickstarter campaign was to bring on a professional composer to translate the Stasis world and story into music. That is way easier to say, than do!

When Mark Morgan asked to be a part of the project I almost fell off my chair. It’s no secret that the Fallout series was a transformative experience for me when I was younger; to have Fallout’s composer work on this little project of mine… well, I was more than a little intimidated!

From the get go, Mark and I shared the same vision for the sound of Stasis. The main sounds of the game come from John’s surroundings (you know who John is by now!) but the music comes from within. It’s his experience - his personal story - that is being told through the score. Mark instantly understood what I was trying to put across and has created a haunting internal score.

The idea was to have a strong melody base around a lullaby. Creepy, huh? There are early leanings towards this idea in the trailers, as well as the opening piano music in the Alpha (played by me when I was in my I-can-do-it-on-my-own stage). Mark took this concept and created a beautiful melody that we are using as a foundation for the score.

Instead of focusing on scene based music, we’re using the score to accentuate John’s emotions. HOPE, FEAR, TERROR: these are the central themes for the music of Stasis - the skeleton that everything hangs off of.

I’m incredibly proud to give you a small glimpse into the musical world that Mark has created.



The main lullaby is a strong piece of music as a melody - something I know that was difficult to pin down. When creating ‘Dream Of Us’ (the main lullaby tune), what were the inspirations for the piece?

Mark Morgan: To me, it was about John singing a lullaby to his daughter so I envisioned what that would be like and went for a simple melody that could be sung by itself.

Is it difficult to create the emotional aspects from this melody? Do you draw from previous experiences? Or is it a process of trying different keys and instruments and seeing what fits?

Mark Morgan: I think it’s a combination of both. The goal is to have a melody that can speak to you differently depending on the vibe. I believe that it all indirectly comes from your existence and experiences as a human being, rather than finding that emotion though the music. Certain orchestration portrays a certain emotion. Both Chris and I decided that for the more emotional pieces, cello, violin and piano would be the solo voices for the sound of Stasis. Then it’s just a matter of fitting the puzzle together.

While John’s external journey is being told visually, his internal journey is being told through the score. Are you still using the visuals as inspiration or does it help to focus JUST on the story elements?

Mark Morgan: I think for John’s internal journey, musically I am focused on the story elements but I’m always aware of the visuals so not to lose sight of where he is. The visuals directly or indirectly have a huge influence on the musical palette.

Is working on Stasis any different to the other game projects that you have worked on, and if so how?

Mark Morgan: As of late, most of the games I’m involved in are in some way story driven, but in then case of Stasis, the story is so important and the music plays a huge role in telling that story. Sometimes I have found when it’s just about gameplay, musically it’s hard to feel that you’re immersed in the moment. It becomes about broad stokes as opposed to written for the moment.


We are past the halfway point and things are moving as smoothly as ever! Nic and I have spent the last few weeks focusing on our writers, even adding another to the team. Mark Odell has provided us with an incredibly terrifying piece of writing. Each body you find has a story to it and exists as a small piece of the puzzle. It’s satisfying to see all of this come together.
Graphically, the game is pushing to completion. 90%, with one final scene being added. I’m purposefully leaving this screen towards the end of production because of how intense it will be to produce.
I’ve also been implementing some additional effects - courtesy of the latest release of Visionaire. GET IT HERE! The implementation of camera effects and screen shaders will add extra life into Stasis.
The script has only the last two chapters to be completely refined before we can send it to the copy editors and the voice artists. There will be a time when I have to say, “enough editing!”, but until that day, I will continue to tweak!



Daisy’s Diner Updates

WHAT WENT RIGHT - After a lengthy delay, the second page to the current chapter is up! Now I need to make sure the third page isn’t too far behind…

WHAT WENT WRONG - A couple of things, over the past couple months. The current chapter wasn’t planned out properly, and basically needed to be re-written. I took most of June off to visit friends and family, and to clear my head.

WHAT WENT RIGHT, AGAIN - I decided to do some commissions, partly to earn some extra cash, but also to get my brain back in gear after the long break. The surprising thing was that easily half of the images were of my characters! Or maybe not so surprising, since they were pinups…

Yet another side project, is a re-do of Daisy’s 3D model. The old model just doesn’t hold up, which isn’t very surprising since I’d only drawn the character a couple of times before modeling her… With the new model, my goal is to get her as close as possible to how I draw her, this time using proper reference drawings. At the same time, I’m asking myself if I should even bother, given how much time it might take to rig her… especially where I haven’t made up my mind on whether I’ll attempt any animation.


@Lomax: The new model seems like an improvement. :slight_smile: