IP Incubator Club Thread 2014: Monthly-013: January2014


Very awesome, Rob. :cool:


This might be of interest:

Nickelodeon Announces 2014 Animated Shorts Program (Call for submissions )


Hi everyone! It’s been a while, so here’s some updates and responses :slight_smile:
@RobertoOrtiz The dangers with Nick are as with any large base. They’re looking for a very specific product that matches their style, audience and advertisers. That being said, be prepared to sign over significant amounts of your rights to the show in exchange for a little publicity and marketing. Look at the past winners (there are many) and see where they are now - some have made a serious impact, but most haven’t.

Also an IP chat would be wonderful! Keep us informed :slight_smile: This is really growing almost into it’s own website.

@TheCastle Congrats on getting it done and out there! Very interesting workflow too, I’d like to know more :slight_smile: I would only suggest that your lighting needs a lot of love, I feel you’re missing out on some beautiful moments because it’s so flat.

@grantmoore3d Where is this prototype :D!? I’d love to play!

@redCigarette Keep us posted, I hope you do finish it this year :slight_smile:

Here’s our update :smiley:

TEAM MEMBERS: 20 (Voluntary)


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In the last 24 hours we rendered the final shot, composited and uploaded our animated episode! A lot of things came together: marketing, the rendering, our shop, and new website design. I coordinated and hand a hand in all of it. But the best part? We did it and met our deadline! It’s online now, go enjoy :slight_smile:


I was involved too much and didn’t direct as much as I should have on release. We also caught some serious render issues too late that, with due diligence, I could have caught much earlier. We could have saved ourselves an all-nighter had it not been for some careful eyes. Still, I am glad we had a full episode review on Monday where we found most of these problems.

Money doesn’t directly buy happiness, but it can buy you peace of mind. We offloaded design , our web-store and some advertising by paying for it. It gave the rest of the team more time to focus on what matters and not on backend, Javascript, etc.



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