IP Incubator Club Thread 2013: Monthly-012: December 2013


[b][i]Wanna JOIN the IP Incubator Club? Well the Instructions are below.


[i][b](Every month I will spotlight one of the Incubator projects. To   have a chance for a spotlight, just post a WIP on out IP incubator   threads.)[/b][/i]
[u][i][b]Rob Note:[/b][/i][/u]
Please do post projects you are working on, I WILL eventually spotlight them.

[i][b]Welcome to the IP INCUBATOR CLUB[/b][/i]
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The Projects so far this week:

[b]Project Name:____________[/b][b]CATEGORY:___Start Date:___ First Post______Link[/b]

[color=#ffffff][color=darkorange][b]Pole Force 1____________Games ______Jan 2013_____[/b][/color][/color][color=#ffffff][color=darkorange][b]Q4 2013 [/b][b]___[Link](http://forums.cgsociety.org/showpost.php?p=7607401&postcount=10)[/b]
[/color][/color][color=#ffffff][color=darkorange][b]STASIS_________________Games ______Dec 2010_____04-16-2013 [/b][b]___[Link](http://forums.cgsociety.org/showpost.php?p=7566570&postcount=3)[/b]
[b]NeverEndingPrincessStory___Animation____TBD__________04-16-2013___ [Link](http://forums.cgsociety.org/showpost.php?p=7566739&postcount=6)[/b]
[b]Le Gouffre_______________Animation ___July 2011______04-16-2013___ [Link](http://forums.cgsociety.org/showpost.php?p=7566936&postcount=9) [/b]
[b]Top secret project _________Animation ___TBD_________04-16-2013____ [Link](http://forums.cgsociety.org/showpost.php?p=7567092&postcount=13) [/b][color=darkorange]
[b]Spec Commercial__________Animation[/b][b]___[/b] April 2013[b]______04-17-2013___ [Link](http://forums.cgsociety.org/showpost.php?p=7567798&postcount=39)[/b]
[b]I am the Antagonist________Cross Media _TBD__________04-17-2013___ _[/b][[b]Link[/b]](http://forums.cgsociety.org/showpost.php?p=7567819&postcount=42)
[b]SCHIRKOA_______________Animation[/b][b]___[/b] [b]Mid 2010______04-17-2013___ [Link](http://forums.cgsociety.org/showpost.php?p=7568265&postcount=57)[/b]
[b]HYPERREALITY ENGINE_____3D Engine ___ April 2013_____04-18-2013___ [Link](http://forums.cgsociety.org/showpost.php?p=7568800&postcount=72) [/b]
[size=2][color=darkorange][b]Blaster X HD_____________Games ______End of 2010____04-25-2013 ___[/b][[b]Link[/b]](http://forums.cgsociety.org/showpost.php?p=7572170&postcount=25)
[b]Soliloquy of a Madman _____ Games [/b][b]_____January 2013___04-23-2013 ___[/b][[b]Link[/b]](http://forums.cgsociety.org/showpost.php?p=7570491&postcount=4)
[size=2][color=darkorange][b]Le Gouffre[/b] [b]_______________[/b]Animation[b]_____[/b] July 2013[b]_____[/b] 04-23-2013[b]___[Link](http://forums.cgsociety.org/showpost.php?p=7571658&postcount=18)[/b][size=2][color=#ffffff][color=darkorange]
[b][b]I LOVE KAIJU_____________Animation___ April 2013______05-04-2013___ [Link](http://forums.cgsociety.org/showpost.php?p=7567798&postcount=39)[/b]
[b]NeverEndingPrincessStory[/b] [b]__ [/b][b]Animation __June 2010_______04-29-2013___ [/b][[b]Link[/b]](http://forums.cgsociety.org/showpost.php?p=7574124&postcount=35)
[b]The Wrath [i][color=#ffffff][color=darkorange]June 2012 - October 2013 [/i][Link](http://forums.cgsociety.org/showpost.php?p=7658249&postcount=53)[/b]
[b][u][i]THE IP INCUBATOR CLUB.[/i][/u][/b]


/ˈɪnkyəˌbeɪt, ˈɪŋ-/ Show Spelled [in-kyuh-beyt, ing-] Show IPA verb, in·cu·bat·ed, in·cu·bat·ing.verb (used with object)
1. to sit upon (eggs) for the purpose of hatching.
2. to hatch (eggs), as by sitting upon them or by artificial heat.
3. to maintain at a favorable temperature and in other conditions   promoting development, as cultures of bacteria or prematurely born   infants.
[b]4. to develop or produce as if by hatching;[/b] give form to: His brain was incubating schemes for raising money.

[b]Welcome to the IP Incubator Club[/b]
The idea behind this Club is simple

[b]POST MONTHLY UPDATES of Original IP that you are developing.   Hopefully IP that can eventually help the creator generate some income. [/b]
[b]Also you should provide CONSTRUCTIVE FEEDBACK to the work posted by other posters of the club.[/b]

The idea of this "Incubator Club" is to get away from the gloom and  doom  and provide a lifeline of support for our fellow artists. 

The artists will have at their discretion how much they wish to share  on  the projects they are working on, what program they will be using  and  the medium . [b]But the IP HAS BE AN ORIGINAL CREATION.[/b]

 [size=2][size=2]The  idea is to  match developers with individual sponsors. People whose responsibility  is to monitor the progress of a specific project. The  sponsors would be  fellow developers. It would be their responsibility to  provide support  and provide guidance to the developer from an  outsider's point of  view. I'm not advocating "mentor ship" where there  usually is an  imbalance of expertise/knowledge between two parties.  Rather, I  envision sponsorship to be a vehicle for peer support, for  consultation  between and among artists who each have valuable tools,  experience,  and knowledge to share. Sponsorship is method for both  parties to learn  and grow professionally and perhaps personally as well.[/size]

[b]The Concept[/b][/font][b]___________________________[/b]
Ok so lets recap:
[color=white]The idea behind this IP incubator club is to provide a cool hangout place for IP creators. [/color]recap....
Weekly threads will be posted, to provide encouragement for developer to keep working on their idea.

On way to see this is to think of us as a spotter on your local gym.
You use your WIP thread to post your regular updates, But ONCE A WEEK   you post on the IP INC thread a summary, based on the forsmat posted   blow.


[li]FOR GEN DISCUSSION of the IP CLUB CLICK HERE: Your Own IP?[/li][li]WEEKLY WIP are encouraged[/li][/ul][/size][/color][/size][/size][/color][/color][/color][/color][/color][color=#ffffff][color=#fffffe]On your weekly post please Fill the following information (you can cut and paste it[size=3]:)[/size][/color][/color]
[color=#ffffff][color=#fffffe][color=#ffffff][size=2][color=#fffffe][size=2][color=#ff8c00]CONCEPT NAME:
Fashion (3D Printing)
Web Comics

[b]STATUS NUMBER: 1 [/b]
[b]TEAM MEMBERS:(Voluntary)[/b]
[b]WIP THREAD:[/b]
[b]SHOW AND TELL: [/b][/b][/i][/b][/i]

[li][color=#ffffff][color=#fffffe][color=#ffffff][size=2][color=#fffffe][size=2]WIP thread should be posted on the appropriate CGSociety/Game Art Sub forum and should follow the following naming convention: IP Incubator!:xxxxx:[/size][/size][/color][/color][/color][/color][/li][li][color=#ffffff][color=#fffffe][color=#ffffff][size=2][color=#fffffe][size=2]Only participants who follow the rules and submit a weekly Entry entry will be eligible for a monthly spotlight ( A frontpage plug).[/size][/size][/color][/color][/color][/color][/li][li][color=#ffffff][color=#fffffe][color=#ffffff][size=2][color=#fffffe][size=2]Any piece caught breaking the rules will be taken off the thread.[/size][/size][/color][/color][/color][/color][/li][li][color=#ffffff][color=#fffffe][color=#ffffff][size=2][color=#fffffe][size=2]When you are done creating your IP please do give at least a thank you to the IP. We need the press.[/size][/size][/color][/color][/color][/color][/li][/ul][color=#ffffff][color=#fffffe][color=#ffffff][size=2][color=#fffffe][size=2][color=#ff8c00]RESOURCES:
What is a Trademark?
What is a Copyright?



[b]Notable Laws:[/b]
[[b]Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works[/b]](http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Berne_Convention)
[b][[size=3]Copyright Act of 1976](http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Copyright_Act_of_1976)[/b]
[b][Copyright Act, 1978](http://en.wikisource.org/wiki/Copyright_Act,_1978)[/b]
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[b]Film/ Video/ Animation Content[/b][/size][/size][/size][/color][/color][/color][/color][/color]

[li][color=#fffffe][color=#ffffff][size=2][color=#fffffe][size=2][color=white]http://vimeo.com/[/size][/size][/color][/color][/color][/color][/li][li][color=#fffffe][color=#ffffff][size=2][color=#fffffe][size=2][color=white]http://www.youtube.com/[/size][/size][/color][/color][/color][/color][/li][li][color=#fffffe][color=#ffffff][size=2][color=#fffffe][size=2][color=white]Stock Footage:[/size][/size][/color][/color][/color][/color][/li][li][color=#fffffe][color=#ffffff][size=2][color=#fffffe][size=2][color=white]http://www.pond5.com/index.php?ref=orbitrob[/size][/size][/color][/color][/color][/color][/li][li][color=#fffffe][color=#ffffff][size=2][color=#fffffe][size=2][color=white]http://submit.shutterstock.com/[/size][/size][/color][/color][/color][/color][/li][li][color=#fffffe][color=#ffffff][size=2][color=#fffffe][size=2][color=white]http://www.stockfootageseller.com[/size][/size][/color][/color][/color][/color][/li][li][color=#fffffe][color=#ffffff][size=2][color=#fffffe][size=2][color=white]http://www.stockfootageseller.com/w…ostock-logo.jpg[/size][/size][/color][/color][/color][/color][/li][/ul]

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[/list]Clip Art

[b]Custom Merchadize:[/b]
[http://www.cafepress.com/cp/info/](http://www.cafepress.com/cp/info/PS)[b]Make Magazine: Ultimate Guide for 3D Printing is a FANTASTIC resource. GET IT if you are interested in getting into this market:[/b]

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Hey Roberto! I posted an update yesterday evening in the other thread, but I think I better move it here instead. That way comments won’t be split between the two. I hope that’s all right!


PRODUCTION BLOG: http://legouffre.com/en

CATEGORY: Animation


Le Gouffre is an 8-minute animated short film about two travellers who embark on the amazing journey of crossing an impossible gap. We are working full-time on this film, living on our own money, and we are basically trying to tell a great, dramatic story for everyone while creating a unique look that blends hand-painted textures with realistic animation.


Win festivals, then make a big hit on the internet and gain the visibility and credibility that will allow us to eventually be able to live on telling our own stories.



Carl Beauchemin - Animation and Rigging
Thomas Chrétien - FX and Compositing
David Forest - Animation and Art Direction

START DATE: July 2011


WIP THREAD: http://forums.cgsociety.org/showthread.php?f=153&t=1085457


We sent a first edit to our music composers so they can start brainstorming ideas. We’re still doing a few corrections here and there but the timing should be locked pretty soon. We also found a studio that might let us do our sound mastering there for free (or very cheap).


After watching the movie for the fist time with all the animated shots, we realised there was one shot missing at the end of the film that would really help convey the right feeling. That means extra work that we didn’t plan on our schedule, but we’re sure it will be worth it in the end.


I’m currently doing the last matte paintings of the film. Here’s one for the opening shot :



PRODUCTION BLOG: www.stasisgame.com



STASIS -Classic point & click adventure game played from a unique isometric view point set in a science fiction universe in 2D.


To make an awesome game! I started Stasis 3 years ago, and am getting to the end of the amazing journey. There is still SO much to do, but I cant wait to have people play the game!


Chris Bischoff

START DATE: December 2010



Quite a bit!
On Tuesday we hit our Kickstarter funding goal of $100 000, and in a few hours hit the first stretch goal!
Then on Wednesday, we made it through Greenlight, and onto Steam! It feels like SO much longer, but in just over 4 weeks we managed to climb up to the number 4 spot on Greenlight before getting through.

Its been a hell of a ride to run both the Kickstarter AND the Greenlight campaign at the same time, but the results speak for themselves. That said, it has taken 3 of us to keep on top of everything, with the load spread between myself, and my brother and his wife.


I don’t know if a complete lack of sleep counts here? :smiley:


We announced one of our stretch goals a while back would be a prequel story called STASIS: Cayne.
Here is the first piece of artwork for that story, as well as the copy from today’s KS update:

Stasis: Cayne is a prequel story set in the Stasis universe. It tells the story of Hendry Cayne, and the true origins of Cayne Corporation.

I’m very excited about this chapter in the Stasis world, because the aesthetic and look of the Cayne chapter will be very different to what you have seen in the rest of Stasis. It really is a look at what is in store for the future of The Brotherhood!

The STASIS: Cayne chapter will be completed, and released concurrently with STASIS if we hit our final stretch goal of $140 000.

I also wanted to show the design of the Art and Hint book that you get with the game:


TEAM MEMBERS: 17 (Voluntary)
BLOG: http://www.theoryanimation.com
ESTIMATED COMPLETION DATE : Releasing Episode 6 in two weeks!! http://www.youtube.com/theoryvisiontv
WIP THREAD: http://forums.cgsociety.org/showthread.php?f=153&t=1129549

We rendered (most) of Episode 6! It’s really relieving to see progress. This process can really mess with your head and make you think that you won’t make it. Taking a step back and looking at your progress subverts these worries though. Now we need to take a nap, but we’re not, because we’re doing something cool for Christmas.


We had a nasty bug where shots were crashing and refused to be rendered no matter what we did. Already sapped energetically by animating and social marketing, having these renders pose such frustrate problems only greyed my hair further… :slight_smile:

It took a nice herculean effort with three artists to figure it out, but we did it and then celebrated by having a coke.


Ray singing


@Frotze: Gorgeous matte painting! Add the shot, you’ll thank yourself later that you did :slight_smile:

@Pyke: I donated! So excited to see you guys have success :wink:


CONCEPT NAME : Pole Force One
WEBSITE : www.combomash.com/pole-force-one/
PRODUCTION BLOG : www.combomash.com/category/production-blog/
CATEGORY : Video Game (PC, MAC, Linux, OUYA)


In this tongue-in-cheek, co-op, beat 'em up game, you play as one of three sexy super-hero pole dancers as they travel the world fighting against injustices such as sex-slavery, violent drug lords, religious extremists, corrupt governments and greedy corporations. Along with the help of their trusty DJ and his robotic creations, you’ll be thrown into a wacky adventure reminiscent of many classics - such as Double Dragon, Streets of Rage and Battletoads - but with modern polish and gameplay.

More details in our PDF Pitch Bible

TEAM MEMBERS : 1 core + 3 freelance

Grant Moore (Me) - Pretty much everything, except…
Chris Taylor - Concept Art
Kris Hammes - 3D Character Artist
Power Up Audio - Music & SFX

NEXT MILESTONE : Kickstarter Campaign Launch, February 2014


Since my last “official” update I’ve made a pretty big jump in terms of nailing down the visuals. I really wanted to figure out exactly how the game would look when polished and threw together a small section of the first level. The response I’ve received has been really positive from everyone who’s followed my progress. I feel a lot more confident knowing that I could piece together about 70% of all the remaining levels simply by purchasing stock assets packs and doing a little modification here and there.

Additionally, I ran a Bitcoin-only crowd fund campaign to test the waters and it was successful! So as part of my commitment, I’ve promised to accept the digital currency on my website once I start accepting pre-orders and will promote it in-game. Additionally, I now have the funds to commission a second character for my Kickstarter prototype!

Started working on some of the attack animations, still working out how exactly I’m going to structure that bit of code though!


This past week, I didn’t really do anything. I was getting a little depressed from cabin fever… been working by myself for far too long and seeing my savings slowly dwindle started to really get to me. However, just as I was realizing I was in a funk I got a call from Image Engine and they asked me to come back and work as a Jr Pipeline TD… which is great news because I really needed to get out of the house and earn some cash again. The only draw-back is that I’ll need to re-evaluate how I’m going to keep working on this project without burning out. More on that another post though.


Updated my Website with the entire Pole Force One team

Latest Gameplay Video

In-Game Advertising for Bitcoin


Started Animating some Attacks (she’s meant to be stupidly fast)


CONCEPT NAME: NeverEndingPrincessStory

CATEGORY: Animation
PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Harry Potter meets Dallas
TEAM MEMBERS: 1 + contractors
WIP THREAD: https://plus.google.com/u/0/b/104863472603238366298/+Neverendingprincessstory/videos
WHAT WENT RIGHT THIS WEEK: I can say my rock job has been completed. So now it’s time to move forward on other projects.
WHAT WENT WRONG: Still trying hard to work out a “pipeline” for the “new season”. Now that I have more powerful software I can do alot; it’s just a matter of finding the little freaking button or setting that will make it happen. The neverending learning curve.

I have been doing this for some time now and have realized that it is really NeverEnding; an evolution…next up; the game…

Still looking for some type of production deal; was watching a charming series Once Upon A Time with the kids on Netflix; I would love to have the resources to do something like that; for example :slight_smile:

Over the summer I got into masonary; here’s an example:

I kind of got consumed by that; there was a timeframe that could not change: Winter. So it was all-in for the summer. This shot shows the application: insulation, wire mesh and then rock with morar; stucco on the door. Will have to do some cleanup in the spring but pretty happy with the result. It’s artistic and very expensive; maybe 50-70$ a sq. ft. installed; so that should pay for some more resources for this project.

Working with AfterEffects, trying to get the perspective right on the green screen. There has been some advances in Dazland that will make my life easier but will probably get back into production after the holidays.

I have been following this thread and there’s some great stuff; very interesting. Cheers!


The answer is easy. Take two 30-minute naps, strictly timed, one during the lunch break, and another during any early afternoon period or other break.

That’s +1 hour after work where you feel primed to do stuff. :slight_smile:


Re: @Frotze and project Le Gouffre

You must be very excited to see what the composers will come up with. I really hope they deliver something spectacular. I wouldn’t look at the ‘missing shot’ at the end as something that went wrong this week, I would say that its great to have recognised that something was missing and that you have time to add it. Granted, I know how that will add a strain on the schedule, but like you said, its going to be worth the extra effort. That last matte painting looks really nice too. Keep going guys!

Re: @Pyke and Project Stasis

Well man, what can I say but congrats again on the KS getting its funding AND for getting greenlit on Steam. I am really, really thrilled for you and can’t wait to play the final game once you’ve made it. You deserve a break for all the hard work you (and your fellow workers) put in and its all been worth it. Don’t worry about the lack of sleep. As they say, you can sleep when you’re dead, life is for the living! Congrats again.

Re: @Daraand and Project Ray & Clovis

I swear man, I hear you about such issues when things just don’t do what they’re supposed to do. I started greying when I was 21… I’m 28 and my life is almost nothing but a stressfest sometimes. The things we all put ourselves through for the sake of our art. Keep up the good work you and your team.

Re: @grantmoore3d and Project Pole Force One

Wow, what a difference adding in all those background elements make! This game looks like its coming together really will and the style and feel of it is sure to get people excited. Looking forward to seeing some more action added and to see how some of the fighting is going to look now. Nice work on the Bitcoin inclusion. I actually don’t mind in game advertising when its done like this, because in the context of the world setting, you’d have adverts like this all of the place.

Congrats on the job too. I hope it gives you a bit of a rest from the game (because work is work, and we all still need rests), and I hope that you won’t have any trouble coming home in the evening and spending some time on the game then. Good job so far!

Re: @The Castle and Project NeverEndingPrincessStory

“Harry Potter meets Dallas,” - why has that not been made before!?


PROJECT: Oni World: Klank’s Story
STATUS NUMBER: 3 (I think?)
STARTED: Sept 2013
ESTIMATED COMPLETION DATE : Sept 2014 (but I reckon we’re going to be in 2015 before we finish, depending on whether we resolve some issues we’re both facing).

Me and Sam set up “Oni Works LLC” as an officially registered company. The IP (Oni World) is now owned by the company and me and Sam became Fat Cat Tycoons with a business account that we’re going to grease like idiots. Top hats and monocles all round! *passes a box of cigars about.

Well, we missed posting an update in November (and I’ll allude to why) but there has been a nice chunk of work done since October. I created some more assets for the Factory Level and put together just an image to test how they would all look in the context of a level:

I test animated the train in this 5 second little clip:

Sam begun sticking my assets into the level editor he’s been working on too and was able to do a little test to see how some basic physics would look:


Also, because we want to make more than just one game, we’ve quickly begun to work on a little mini-game that we’ll be releasing when we can. We have some other little fun things we want to make and release along the way but, this mini game, was coded from the same game engine Sam has been working on all this time. Its pretty versatile and I think he is aiming to add in more features to the engine soon.

Here are the screen shots of the mini-game:

Sigh… so many things…

Nothing went wrong internally, but some extenuating circumstances are forcing some serious pressures on me and Sam, and we’re both having to make some very difficult decisions about what we’re going to have to do in order to keep the project going. The Oni World project has had its progress seriously affected and its been a very stressful handful of weeks.

I think the silver lining to come from that, is that people are responding well to the OW game and its helping carry us through these trying times.


@shrunkendesigner: I think you should try and make one level… and maybe pitch it to a major? You didn’t explain what the pressures were, but I’m willing to bet it’s “the real world” putting things that are getting in the way.

Of course you have to take that with a pinch of salt… Majors can also be manipulative. But then again, if you make one level and it’s really fun… There are a number of studios who want to go back to doing things like it was in the early days of Game Development (when ATARI for example would just put money down on one or two people to make a game).

I’m saying this cause I think Oni World actually looks awesome. Awesome enough to appear on say Steam Greenlight or Xbox Arcade or Playstation Network. :slight_smile:

You wouldn’t be the first guy those three have helped out either… just sayin’.


Thanks man, thats really nice to hear. Really glad you dig the world and think it has potential. Although we did deviate with making the little mini game, at the moment, we’re concentrating on just creating assets for the first area of the main game and Sam is making it so a programming-challenged idiot like me can use the level editor.

Once we’ve got a bit of a playable prototype put together, we’ll no doubt put it up online to see who is interested. I hadn’t thought about approaching someone like Atari for funding to be honest, but its actually something I’d consider. Either that, or we’ll click the ‘live’ button on the Kickstarter we’re planning.


Don’t just wait for them… go meet them.
Do the trade show circuit. Even the guy in the pub might know somebody who knows somebody.

You never know where it is.


@Frotze - I’m excited to see the final result! Definitely put as much care into the audio as you have done with the visuals, it’s 50% of the experience afterall.

@Pyke - Honestly don’t have anything else to say but: That’s incredible, well done!

@daraand - Do you have any frequent fans of your production yet? I know I’ve seen a few people give a dedicated member access to their social media to help them out with great success. There are people out there who might be willing to do the same for you… could potentially releive some of your work load.

@TheCastle - So what is your goal with the Never Ending Princess Story. To me it seems like you are splitting up your skills among far too many projects and could use a bit of help narrowing down your concept. Are you wanting to make a web series? A comic? A video game? You can always create all of the differt mediums, but when you’re just starting out it would help to pick one and focus, focus, focus!

@CGIPadawan - I have definitely been making great use of naps, basically I come home and eat dinner then go to sleep for an hour or two. Wake up, and I’m fresh to do at least a few hours of work in the evening. Once I’ve adjusted to this after a few weeks, I’ll be back to my productive ways :slight_smile:

@shrunkendesigner - Thanks, particularly on the feedback with the in-game advertising. It’s one area that I’m hoping to push big contributions to in my Kickstarter (offering in-game advertising for thousands worth of donations). I wanted to put that in there as a test to see if it pulls anyone out of the experience, and I think if I keep the ads light and not in your face, it should be okay.

And yes, the job is going to make certain things a lot easier. I find I have a strange habit where I need to do a job in order to really drive my motivation to make my own creative projects. I guess I need a job to “hate” to make the creative stuff more exciting haha (I don’t hate my job, it’s actually quite interesting, for the record)

Also, the style of your game looks fantastic. GCIPadawan had some pretty interesting ideas, I’d say go for Kickstarter first since you can retain full ownership if successful, but as he pointed out, start pitching it to people because you never know who might be interested.


@TheCastle - So what is your goal with the Never Ending Princess Story. To me it seems like you are splitting up your skills among far too many projects and could use a bit of help narrowing down your concept. Are you wanting to make a web series? A comic? A video game? You can always create all of the differt mediums, but when you’re just starting out it would help to pick one and focus, focus, focus!

I think I am just trying to tell a story. I can look back on what I did and make immediate improvements and will be re-visiting the original vision: Multi-lingual/2 shaders/randomized episodes. Pretty sure I can do this with subtitles instead of voiceovers; faster computer equipment; etc. I have all origial files so this is easier.
Production vision is quick and dirty; like a soap opera. Vibe is positive. This image is from a video; wings are flapping, she’s blinking and baby is gesturing. Skin shader sucks but only took a few moments to assemble.

One day this domain will be the go-to place to meet eligible females. There will be a multi-player game based on this story; you are the Prince or Princess (Maybe…) Based on your real life you could concievably make money over time if you were a hero; won a jackpot or bought/won a Title. There would be a RL component to make it “real”; a kind of PrincessLand; probably at an attraction/resort.
Right now I am evaluating different technical approaches. For me it’s a quest for knowledge; best practices. The vision is “speed of thought” rendering of episodes; quick production. This will take a variety of approaches depending on the scene and will probably involve a contractor to make a “sweeter” copy of final render. All this takes time (and $$!) to setup. There have been some advances in tech since I have been away; just waiting to afford them :slight_smile:

Everyone snickered at me when I told them I was going to turn 4 tons of granite slabs into siding. Now that this has been completed they see where I was going with this concept and suddenly think custom stonework is awesome. I think with PrincessStory I’m still looking for the “right” way to split these pixels. Once I get some more time with the chisel(software) I think the result will be similar; “ahhh…now I get it…”. But to get there you have to split alot of rocks; or File/New/…

I wish you luck in your new position; some cashflow is always nice. As far as your IP I guess my suggestion would be to stop trying to be mainstream. It’s a pretty small niche; go full on PRoN; why not? Downloads would surge… but your grandmother might not approve… it’s one way…


@The Castle:

  1. You need a Lighting TD for these animations, and a texture artist. All the lighting is too “frontal”, and all the materials/textures on characters looks procedural. If you wanted to simplify it (ie: “quick and dirty” look)… A simple logic you can do is “roll back the years” to look for a simpler aesthetic that has maybe broader appeal. Such as:




Note in the “XIII” example how very low poly counts are overwhelmed by use of color to approximate the look of a Filmation cartoon.

The strange cross-genre fantasy/reality feeling you are doing would be particularly well suited to this style where “strong colors” and stark contrast are used to make simple volumes seem more striking.


  1. I don’t see why you need to wait for any technology. Any number of older game engines available for free can do the above.

P.S.: The above Visual Strategy was also used by Telltale games to very successful effect for the “Walking Dead” games.



Hi, thanks for your input.

I have a couple of technical solutions to what you described (better lighting rig and skin on model… actually looking at doing some tribal tats or something…this was default…).
I would use the toon shading thing natively in 3d editor. Works pretty well but something I have to experiment with. Also could use the Vegas effect in AE if I was doing an intro; for example… so many possibilities… I was inspired by SinCity and would use this effect to illustrate violence. You know it happens but it’s a shadow; inferred not seen; keeps the ratings G’ish which is my goal.

As far as a game I find that I would have to set this up in a foreign local like Costa Rica, Macau; etc. It would be an online exchange and money would change hands in gaming. Doing something like this from Quebec would be impossible. Kickstarter? No way per TOS.

I don’t see software as a limitation; more of an expense. The asset store would be my friend, I understand Javascript, database, app development; just another learning curve/editor. Going to tinker with Unity and will afford the subscription one of these days. To tackle these type of projects takes alot of research; and there are serverside/networking issues to check out. Making the game is one thing; scaling it to 5K concurrent users and delivering this for free is another thing. You don’t want to get so successful that you go bankrupt for example. I have existing sets/characters/trading values (gold/mushrooms), realms (Fae, Castle, Dungeon, Undersea, Elven); it would be easy to stitch together an narative. "Coming soon !.. " ha ha… Rendering a scene now; gotta go…


@TheCastle: I strongly suggest you look for an MMO specialist. The biggest hurdle I’ve heard of for MMO’s is simply the capacity to keep things running for a large number of users.

From the way your updates sound it seems like you’re going on your own on this one. That’s okay, but it only means that too many years will have passed by the time you get it right.

Someone out there already knows how to make sure the game doesn’t crash at 1,000 users.


I actually spent a few $$ on a consultant last week to some “answers” on AE. When you work alone I find sometimes after watching all those video tuts you have more questions than answers ! I have no problem with consultants; my carpenter is $35/hr; electrician 72$. As I have more budget this is always of interest.

When I talk about tech and gaming I just think that overall it has progressed significantly over the last year. Build on Unity; run on Windows App would probably scale. Last year was waiting for the Flash port; these things evolve. There will be a time when it’s possible to do what I want to do affordably; sometimes you have to wait for the tech to catch up; otherwise it’s an expensive nightmare and you’re paying to be a beta tester. Been there. Gaming has grown up too; people see it as more legitimate content; way to make $$; more commerce platforms, advertising setups; etc. than in the past. Interesting times.


Allright, here’s for my last update before christmas!


PRODUCTION BLOG: http://legouffre.com/en

CATEGORY: Animation


Le Gouffre is an 8-minute animated short film about two travellers who embark on the amazing journey of crossing an impossible gap. We are working full-time on this film, living on our own money, and we are basically trying to tell a great, dramatic story for everyone while creating a unique look that blends hand-painted textures with realistic animation.


Win festivals, then make a big hit on the internet and gain the visibility and credibility that will allow us to eventually be able to live on telling our own stories.



Carl Beauchemin - Animation and Rigging
Thomas Chrétien - FX and Compositing
David Forest - Animation and Art Direction

START DATE: July 2011


WIP THREAD: http://forums.cgsociety.org/showthread.php?f=153&t=1085457


Everything, for once! :slight_smile:

Our music composers have composed an amazing score for the film, and it will only get better since they still have to record all the live cellos and do many adjustments.

We also contacted a small studio here in Montreal who are very interested in helping us out with the voices in our film. There are no actual dialogues, but there is still a lot of emotional moments with laughs and shouting, so it will be nice to have it done by professional voice actors.


New update on our production blog !

I’ve been working extra hours these last few days to do paint overs in Photoshop on the entire first half of the film. There was still a lot of work to do on the comp, and I thought it would be easier to only think in terms of ambiance and colors before diving in the more technical world of compositing. Here are some rough comps, followed by my paintover, and then the resulting final frame all composited.

Click to see full size!