IP Incubator Club Thread 2013: Bi-Week-006: June17-June 30- 2013


A few changes, the horror tone of the movie just didn’t work with large heads so I switched to go towards more normal proportions and will find other areas to make things cartoony. I’ve done some work on the first scene where the sharecropper is hunting off his area in a desperate attempt to get some food, and rendered the first bg. I’m using the bg twice and character doesn’t appear hunched over as he will in the final render, because I’d really like to focus more on testing various things that I’ll be encountering. Overall sepia is giving me the old photograph look I want. Will do some more tweaks tomorrow including figuring out the tone/colors for the main characters so that they feel like a part of the “photographs”. Eventually once keyframing is decent I’ll go back and fine tune.



Some awesome news for those of us in Canada, Kickstarter will finally be officially available to us! I’ve been planning on starting a campaign later this year and one of the big roadblocks was figuring out the process for getting my father-in-law (US citizen) to be a “partner” so I could use Kickstarter. Now, I won’t have to!


@malcolmvexxed - Very cool atmosphere, the sepia definitely works in that scene. Doing a bunch of tech-tests before jumping into full production is the way to go. Learn and make mistakes now while it’s not costly.

@CGIPadawan - Sounds like you’ve got an entire game worked out there, perhaps you should be working on a game as well? :smiley:


Yeah, I’ve just seen this, that’s some very good news! We were thinking about going the Indiegogo route, but now we might reconsider.


Ok guys I am working on an Unity game between project for work.
I will posta more formal WIP thread soon.

Here is some of the concept art:


Some awesome news for those of us in Canada, Kickstarter will finally be officially available to us! I’ve been planning on starting a campaign later this year and one of the big roadblocks was figuring out the process for getting my father-in-law (US citizen) to be a “partner” so I could use Kickstarter. Now, I won’t have to! http://www.kickstarter.com/canada

You should keep us posted about Kickstarter Canada! Maybe you can be one of the first projects there before it gets overcrowded.

Imagine only having to compete with 100 projects at first vs 10,000.

Keep an eye and you should try it first day it starts.
Timing is everything.

Ok guys I am working on an Unity game between project for work. I will posta more formal WIP thread soon. Here is some of the concept art:

Congrats on joining hte party. :slight_smile:


Thanks, yeah you’re right, if nothing else the actual animation will be just animation and I’ll be able to get it done quicker after the last few months of coding and testing. I do have one more thing to work out but it’s moving forward.

International money stuff is weird glad kickstarter has everything worked out. Lots of Canadian creatives have been waiting for this for comics.


Ooooooh… don’t tempt me. :slight_smile:


Alright, I don’t feel like waiting for the next update thread…I’ve been working on the written materials needed for a well designed pitch package. I’m focusing this package on being more an introductory to the IP, rather than focussing it specifically on game play, because I want to be able to pitch it in other mediums as well. I have a lot more finished, but figured I’d share the first page with you, which is an introductory meant to entice someone to read more about it.

Pole Force One

Elevator Pitch

Three sexy super-hero strippers, and their trusty DJ, join forces to fight for human rights and social justice.


Have you ever wanted to see a pissed off feminist stripper hurricane kick an eight foot tall, purple suit wearing pimp because he’s been smacking up hoes. How about a Japanese foreign exchange student unleash her imagination on her un-suspecting foes in the form of a stream of cute, but deadly, kitties. Perhaps a dominatrix wielding demonic magic when on the cusp of death.

Welcome to the Pole Force One universe, where it takes a group of sexy super-hero strippers working together to clean up a dystopic, crime ridden and corrupt world. With the help of their trusty DJ and his mechanical genius, these girls travel the world performing top secret missions aimed at ridding the world of it’s most horrible injustices. Sex slavery, violent drug lords, religious extremists and corrupt governments & corporations will all feel the wrath.

Super Powers
Super Powers are naturally dormant abilities, unique to the individual in both expression and cultivation, which any person is capable of acquiring. However, very few people manage to gain these powers due to the extreme dedication, training and practice required.

Roxie’s Lounge
Roxie’s Lounge is a club for gentleman and ladies alike to enjoy a few drinks in a relaxing atmosphere while beautiful women perform erotic pole dancing. It was built to provide a safe environment for the girls to dance while covering the secret training grounds to recruit new members, perfect their super powers and plan out new missions.

Technological progress has outpaced modern society thanks to contributions made by super scientists. Technology originally intended to solve world issues, such as eliminating hunger, have instead been used by governments to fuel military might and secretly disrupt foreign nations for profit by giving it to organized criminals. Super scientists around the world have gone into exile, protecting themself with their creations and helping to form resistance groups.


Ok guys I am working on an Unity game between project for work.
I will posta more formal WIP thread soon.

Here is some of the concept art:

Nice Roberto! Very curious to see how these characters will emerge in a game. Reminds me the designs of Blue Sky’s Robots though.

Three sexy super-hero strippers, and their trusty DJ, join forces to fight for human rights and social justice.

grantmoore3d, wow that’s very different from your first project! Sounds quite fun. Now all you need is a drag queen as their arch enemy :smiley:


Hahahah, deal. At the end of the game they will be taking down a secret global government that resides in a space station orbiting earth… I will make sure there is somehow a Drag Queen in space just for you. :thumbsup:

And yes, this is different. I needed something to contrast my more serious side and explore the more “wacky” and “crazy” ideas I have floating around in my head.


Pole Force One is the Double Dragon thingee?

As for the Space Drag Queen I suggest - Something like this.

If you delay the reveal long enough it will have maximum effect!


STASIS Update!

I’ve been working on getting a fully polished a playable demo out, and been seriously looking at doing a Kickstarter Campaign to get the game as AAA like as possible, as honestly I’ve just run out of personal funds.

Im doing a lot of research into the ‘perfect’ Kickstarter Campaign…its exciting to be in gamedev at this time!


I am hoping that works out well for you - you truly have a gem of a game. Have you ever thought of looking for a publisher? Depending on what platform you are looking to release on, a publisher might be of great value, especially with their connections. I am just speaking from a mobile side of things, but it is no coincidence that the “big players” usually always get their game featured, and those features are the defacto when it comes to sales. If LucasArts was still around, your game would be right up their alley.

Another idea I had is, have you ever thought of possibly cutting the game into “Chapters?” Releasing the first Chapter soon, might be able to provide the funding you are looking for to complete the rest of the game. It can also help then to see what feed-back you are getting too. And, most importantly, your game will be a physical commercial property, which will cover you a lot in legal areas. It is just an idea that I had, but I hope everything works out well for you. I definitely know how it feels to make a game on one’s own funding - can be very stressful.

Best of luck to you!



DIRECT LINK: https://itunes.apple.com/app/blaster-x-hd/id615851024?mt=8

COMPANY: 2GMG LLC (2 Guys Making Games)
CONTACT INFO: www.facebook.com/2GMGames and www.twitter.com/2GMGames


PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Blaster X HD is an Arcade Action-Puzzler that is designed for all generations of iPad and iPad Mini. Experience Over 400 Levels of non-stop gameplay spanning across 9 Diverse Worlds. You have free-reign to start from almost anywhere on the screen - Fling, Guide, and Manipulate your Blaster as you try to collect all of the Power Orbs. These Power Orbs are the fuel to your Blaster and keeps it moving. A perfect mix of reflexes and wit are needed to propel yourself to the next level!



Rudy Gjurkovic / Co-Founder
Joshua Chapman / Co-Founder

START DATE: End of 2010

COMPLETION DATE: 5-1-2013 (Released)

WHAT WENT RIGHT THIS WEEK: I started to see an increase in people/companies contacting me to see if they can offer their service in promoting our game, basically on the PR side of things. This happened the most on my LinkedIn profile.

We also got contacted by Gameplay Magazine as they are looking to feature us in an upcoming release. Being Independent, our unique gameplay mechanic and the amount of content that we offer in our game, along with the visuals should be highlights for the feature, I believe.

Finally, we just submitted our game to IndieCade, which is a juried games festival for independent developers. We are very excited to have been accepted in the submission process and we are looking forward to see what the outcome maybe. This is our first festival and we are hoping for the best. At the very least, it could help out with the marketing side of things. :slight_smile:

WHAT WENT WRONG THIS WEEK: Hitting a bit of a road-block trying to get our game into traditional Apple stores. I know it was going to be tough going this route, as with very structured companies, these decisions are made on the corporate side versus on a per-store basis. Nonetheless, I tracked down some people and sent out a request on how to make this happen. Waiting to hear back on this one, but not holding my breath.

We also did some more touch-ups to some updates for a near-future release to our game. While also doing some side projects. Those side projects kind of take up the bulk of the time lately.

SHOW AND TELL: Nothing for right now, but hopefully soon.


Rez2007, what can we do to help?
How would you like us to help you promote your game? Who would you like us to collectively email to get the word out?


Have people like rez who’ve had trouble getting indie games onto certain platforms tried combining games into an anthology and going through Apple that way? Also is anybody developing for OUYA and the upcoming google Android console (rumor)?


Hi Guys,

Sorry if my above post was confusing, just let me try to clear some stuff up. I actually feel our game now is doing better, at least it feels that way. I know personally someone who never used their iPad to play games nor really ever played games in general. Since he was a family friend, he bought our game to support us, gave it a play and now his wife told us that he plays our game every single day when he gets home from work.

The only issue we are having is really getting it into people’s hands, which is THE hardest thing to do on mobile. We feel that once we can accomplish that, our game Blaster X HD, has a ton to offer. My estimates for time, is if someone was to play through it without collecting 3 stars on all levels, just a very quick play-through trying to beat it, I am guessing on average, they would be looking at least an easy 15+ hours to complete the game, which is huge for mobile. If you were looking to collect 3 Stars on every level, then that would take a very long time

@Banman7 - Thanks for the comments, that is very kind of you. Since we really don’t have a marketing budget, our game is taking the “trickle” effect. Slowly word is starting to get out and I have been getting more offers for PR, adds to Facebook, and people asking to feature us - which is pretty cool. The best thing that I think people can help us with is to just tell their friends about our game and ask them if they have it to please rate the game - that helps greatly.

@malcolmvexxed - Sorry if their was confusion in my post, I could have written it better, but what I was actually referring to was to get our game in the physical Apple Stores. Our game is already in the App Store, but trying to get it in the physical locations on their in-store demo units, like I was able to do with a Simply Mac store, is proving hard with the physical Apple stores. I am not really too surprised to be honest, those games that get on there are controlled by the Apple Marketing team, from what I found out. Usually though, those spots are reserved for major games like Angry Birds, Sprinkle, JetPack Joyride, etc.

@Roberto, thanks again for the top row on CGTalk, that has definitely helped with exposure. I have noticed that since you started posting a picture on the top row of CGTalk, these threads have had a substantial increase in views. :slight_smile:

[color=white][font=Verdana]All-in-all us entering into IndieCade and the feature with Gameplay Magazine, could end up being really huge for us. I will keep you guys posted on my findings and thanks again for everyone’s support[/font][/color]

[color=white]Blaster X HD: https://itunes.apple.com/app/blaster-x-hd/id615851024?mt=8


Its funny that you mention Lucasarts, as I used the early Lucasfilm mentality when setting up a lot of this project…that’s to say, I’m going to avoid giving away as many rights as possible.

I believe that the only way for true artistic freedom in this day and age is through owning your own IP. And honestly, with things like STEAM, YouTube, and the general pro-indie movement that the gaming circles of the internet are going through right now, I think that there has never been a more perfect time to ditch the traditional publisher model, and go the fully indie route.

There will be a closed off, fully complete, version of the game that will go to a limited amount of people who run websites that have been known to attract people to the crown funding platforms. I may release a more public demo, but its a big maybe, and is more of a ‘last resort’ to drum up attention.

I know its selfish(ish), but I want people to experience the game as a whole. Releasing a chapter, and then waiting for 6 months, I think will ruin the impact of the entire story experience. There will be a demo of the game, but it will be released at the same time as the full game.



I could see that style in the videos you have shown in Stasis. I was a big fan of “The Dig” and “Full Throttle” that is why I am really liking your game as well.

Depending on the platform you are releasing too, lets take mobile for instance, the publishers still let you keep your IP, they only act as a distributor through Apple, lets say. Other platforms are most likely different and keeping your own IP is critical to me as well.

I understand you want to release the full version as whole, I was just thinking of a way that might work and still let you keep you on your path to success while still owning your IP. Kickstarter can be tricky. You have a great game, so you should do well. However, there have been cases where games that are further along in development have not met their respective Kickstarter goal/funding. It is a weird mentality as you think that those are the types of games that whould have the greatest success, however some research I was reading before we released our game, shows that if poeple see your game is almost done, they might not bother putting up the money since it will most likely be completed anyway - is what they think. Anyway, it definitely doesn’t hurt to try, so best of luck with that. :slight_smile:


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