Io, Benita Winckler (2D)


Title: Io
Name: Benita Winckler
Country: Germany
Software: Painter, Photoshop

Client: Imagine FX Magazine



Love the dragon and the sex appeal.
Somewhat decadent maybe for some strange reason.

Looks like a bird person having a dragon or something.
Very liquid?
If I don’t make sense well I should be sleeping this time any case :wink:

Cheers Benita :stuck_out_tongue:


As good as it gets! Mind-blowing drawing/colour/comp/texture - hell the whole deal.

five stars +



that is just fantastic!! :thumbsup:

five stars indeed


Damn, woman - you turn these out faster than we can plug them. :wink: Great work - plugged.




Hi Benita!

i got my copy of IFX a few days ago, and i gotta say i was mightily impressed by the cover!

Great image! And it looks even better on the magazine!


congrats with the cover of IFX, great cover for a great magazine. Keep up the good work


Wow… holy crap that’s impressive. :eek:


The image is pretty cool.
I specially like the tattoo and the dragon coming out of it.
I like the backlight from the right, it gives the body a nice touch.

I feel disturbed by the perspective on the upper part of the image.
The elbow looks too enlarged, and the feathers lacking depth.

Overall, nice image, keep it up!


Sure I Have Nothing To Say…who Are U ?..MILLIONS OF STARS FROM ME:eek:


wow, how sweet is that, love the dragon tat coming to life, impressive execution.


Dang girl! This is one of the best paintings I’ve seen in years. It’s about time I’ve been blown away by an image. Absolutely gorgeous. Hot body. Superb craftsmanship. A definite winner.
Hat’s off . . .


Interesting work :slight_smile: Respect!:thumbsup:


I saw it featured at the new Exotique book and I was dying to see it posted somewhere in your galleries… and here it is! :love:I love the colors and the level of detail. Excellent work :applause:


It is precisely for great art like this that I log on to this forum everyday. Thank You.


Very nice as usual :smiley:


good work benita :thumbsup:

did you leave the cheek, neck & shoulder intentionally unsharp ?


wonderful. :love:


Really nice, congrats.


5 stars from me. nuff said.