Inverted Normals when I export from Silo


Okay, I recently modeled a crab tank from Ryan Church’s website, and I want to export it to Softimage and Zbrush, but when I export as obj to either, I get inverted normals on some of the objects. Does anybody know why this is happening, becuase it would be a hassle to select all of the objects (especially in ZBRUSH) and flip the normals everytime.


Could it be that the normals are already inverted in silo, just unlike XSI, silo doesn’t display the polygons as black, so you didn’t notice?

I’ve encountered the same inverted normals, just I’ve always accepted it as user error. Perhaps I shall look further.


Some programs, not just Shade, invert the normals of the meshes they operate under certain circumstances. The clearest example is the instance mirror command in Silo. Once un-instanced, the object it creates has its normals reversed. You can configure Silo to show only forward-facing normals, so you do not get surprises later on.


if you are using zbrush, you can flip the normals by masking the flipped geometry and press “flip” in the “display properties” -option box.
note this only works in the lowest subdiv level.

-so i’ll guess juan’s suggestion would be the best thing to do.



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