Introductory WIP H2Osim


So - I’m Richard Isaac. I am 28 from San Diego, living in Alabama and I am absolutely new here … with no professional 3d work or education and about 1-2 months of blender/3dgfx exp.

---- if you don’t want to read just skip to the pics —

This is a WIP based on a basic blenderguru water sim YT video. Some advanced basics I guess you could say?

with the art being the focal point, and my limited experience with graphics design software in consideration - I’m seeking feedback on my abilities and overall design. I’ve always had an interest in arts, science and computers… I think one day I could really enjoy setting up environments and materials if the opportunity was there and of course with some practice… although I have absolutely no idea even what I could be good at in 3d yet. . Or even consistently decent at…

I feel like I’m learning it fairly quickly? I tricked my Dad into thinking the glass was real - but he didn’t even know what the ice was…

The basic idea here is to create a water sim (or whiskey?) render in blender, and make it look convincingly real with ice and a glass.
Maybe eventually add an environment and source object and realistic detailing to the ice if nothing else?

Realism and good/interesting caustics (sp?) is the underlying goal in this for me.

I spent a handful of hours setting everything up last night. 734N0085

I’ve already successfully created the water system (not yet shown) but had to go to sleep before I could simulate and set everything up right. my time to sit at my computer is unfortunately restricted due to grass cutting and audio work. - These are quick pic renders I snapped on my phone before shutting down. I’m using an Asus laptop on a 100$ lcd tv.

Nevertheless, I first set up the glass and table materials after creating the basic objects and backlighting.

I’m probably asking for feedback too soon - but I believe feedback from credible sources is always valuable.

Anyway. Thank you for your time.

— art <<
First Cup Scene:

Basic Ice cube:

Ice in the cup. I changed the cup to red and subdivided it with a bit more roughness in the shaders. I was too tired to rerender or even look at my screen at this point.

I still have a long way to go but input is definitely appreciated. Much love.


I successfully made a water sim rendering and set up my obj/surface but I’ve been having a lot of trouble getting the material to look like I want. I’m on a laptop so rendering can be a bit tiresome - so please excuse the quality.

When I realized the desired effect wasn’t achieved I would change the node group and re-render.

I honestly don’t want to share the failed node groups since I’ve learned I was over complicating it tremendously but I will share some of the results I’ve gotten through trial and error over the last few days.

First mistake - looks like coca cola.

Too clear and cup is too reflective/luminescent and unclear.

Lowered the backloghting brightness and added an area and spotlight at about .8-.9 … Started to get the cup fresnal glowing blue and liquer look. Fluid was too ‘thick’ to see bubbles or inner ice cubes.

Everything is too clear.

Changed the angle… and kind of screwed it all up. Anyone want a glass of hot lava?

Any thoughts, ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

I’ve been studying light paths alot recently and ways to mix and manipulate the materials, so maybe next time will be perfect. I’m planning to restart with a fresh material node tomorrow… see ya soon!


I’m getting closer… please excuse the unfinished renders. . I’ll try updating in a few hours lol

Noob qu3s710n:D
Does anyone have any good tips for baking glass textures/materials where it’s not based on lighting?