Introduction to Xgen tutorial series - FREE


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Here is the gift for you all this Holidays!!! I hope you all like it!
A step by step guide on how to use xgen FREE ( Maya Grooming tool )!! suported by all the amazing patrons.
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8 More lessons has been added to the Introduction to Xgen Free Series!! You guys have been supporting this series a lot! thank you so much! If you like it please share!

Noise Modifier

11 - Basics
12 - Basic Strays
13 - Stray masks expression
14 - Magnitude Stray expression
15 - Flyaways
16 - Fray Noise
17 - Noise Expression + Masks on clumps

Cut Modifier
18 - Basics

Thank you all for the amazing support and for all the amazing patreons!!!


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Here its the third batch release of the Free lessons on Introduction to Xgen content! With 5 more new lessons this month based on how to work with basic expressions on Xgen. One of the less discussed topics and how use the great amount of control that xgen has!
Hope you enjoy it. And as always this series is supported by the amazing Patrons and great community! Thank you so much for the support over this year!

Here is the list of the new lessons.

Introduction to Expressions
19 - Introduction to Expressions
20 - Declaring a Variable
21 - Map & expressions
22 - Rand Percentage Explained
23 - Rand Percentage on Maps


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