Introducing: PolyBoost - teaser video


looks really neat, just wondering however, have you (rivendale) got some practical examples, I read about the examples of ship’s plating, and organic holes and such, but for instance, in your video you are using a square, how will the loops and, well actually all the selection tools work on a model with a far les square approach?

Not to bump you, I am going to try OrionFlame soon, since that one looks rather neat as well. Ussually, I see all these neat plugins, free or at cost, but in the end, when I’m back behind the pc at school, I’m not allowed toinstall them anyway, and I find I can do a lot of work using max’s basic tools.

for instance, isn’t there loop and ring select like this in MAX6 editpoly? What are the min differences between this. All the other selctions stuff do look great by the way. Really really great, I’m just being picky. And since it is going to be a plugins with a price, I think I am entitled to be picky, since if i pay for it, I expect it to work the way I expect it to.

Not trying to bring this plugin down, Just interested in the differences and enhancements that weren’t that very apparent in the video. If I had a job with max, I would use either orionflame, or/and this one.


The loops anr rings work for faces and rings too. That is the main difference. in edit poly you can only do the loops/rings with edges. Also the tool should work good for strange shapes as well



Well, one of the main things you try and achieve when doing edgeloop style box modeling is to try and keep things square. As in, you ideally want all 4 sided polygons, and no vertex with more than 4 edges coming out from it (more than 4 edges is refered to as a pole). Of course, it’s impossible to achieve this 100% and still model something visually complex, but you try and follow that rule as much as possible, which will not only make for a model that smooths nicely when you make it a subdiv (or use meshsmooth in max), but it also allows for selection methods like Rivendale is showing here to work and work well.

  • Neil


How is it going with the 3d by the way Neil? :slight_smile:
Your homepage used to be my favorite stop for quite some time, but I guess you are seriously bussy since you begun working at Pixar wasn’t it?

Well looking forward to see some more of your art one day.



Hey, thanks for the feedback I’ll try to answer some questions tomorrow and hopefully by tomorrow night I’ll have a video too. Been working on some new tools so you’re in for a treat…:slight_smile:



He cool RivenDale. :slight_smile:
Yea farther on when we both have more time to spend on videos, it will show the tools much better if we do some actualy modeling with them. But videos just showing the features are nice too I think.
It’s good to split it up into:

  • How does the feature work?
  • What can I use the feature for?



Actually, pixar is very good about giving their employees the opportunity to have a life, which is why I’ve been busy :slight_smile: But I will be getting back to more personal work in the near future (and I have a bunch of finished work that I just have to upload one of these days). In the meantime, go check out the Incredibles this friday to see what I’ve been up to professionally.

And glad you’ve enjoyed my site.

  • Neil


He, very good work on the movie. I was lucky enough to see a pre-show. Mmm, let me see I bet you did the gritty metal look on that robot haha. Glad you have time for a life next to work, we all need it. (And yes you too RivenDale I know how you work :wink: )



Hey, I now have Teaser video #2 ready for download, showing more features form SelectionMaster. The newest addition to the toolset is the PaintConnect tool wich is designed specifically to work with the paint selection tool in max7. It will still work in earlier versions of max but then you have to connect the edges step by step. The real power of the tools comes when you use it with the paint selection tool. Added an optional small interface for realtime feedback and adjustment when using the FlowConnect tool. Check out the video here:

I have added the video to the initial post as well.

Thanks for the feedback.

gustojunk- Thanks, in the case of a new core in max 8 I would most likely try to make an upgrade. The work amount depends on how changed maxscipt would be, but hopefully they would not change it too much so I would have to start from scratch. Edit poly modifier support is coming, but probably in the next release of SelectionMaster or an upgrade. It is too the main concern for me now so I will get working on it as soon as possible.

Bezerker75- No worries, thanks a lot

anticz- Thank you

soulburn3d- Thanks, looking forward to checking out the Incredibles. Are you still using max in your work?



Looks like rivendale already got a advocate who speaks for himself? Out of curiosity, where the hell do you know all these about him? Are you neighbours who think that they can overcharge people on things that you call plug-ins, which are actually scripts: good trick to cheat newbies.

Also so you guys work hard and kick ass in this stuff while others sit and play around with little tools just for fun?

And yeah THE STRONGEST SELECTION SET. wow you made my day, I will buy it, yeah I will buy a piece of text.

And please tell me more about free scripts, what about them? Let me know what you think all about your tools, they suck. One is running around with a sick voice to show people that max speeds up 100x in polys, other one says, he got a crap called selectionmaster.

And be careful, some codes are written by people who has the experience of your lifetime. So you think tree maker sucks, Shawn Lewis works as a TD, which you can never be. And by the fact that the writers of scripts like meshtools, cspolytools and orionflame doesnt mean they know nothing, in fact they are the one who can has much more knowledge/experience. These tools are designed to be perfect, maybe they are not but at LEAST they try to be


RivenDale: Looks very cool. I had almost an identical idea for the paint connect. Seem to work very good, now I don’t have to program it myself :slight_smile:
The edge flow looks cool too. The bitmap seems to have great promise, but will need some time to figure out when to use I think.

Denton, have you reviewed the forum guidelines? Did you find my letter to be offensive?
Lets see this is what the guidlines say:“Be courteous and polite. Show respect to the opinions and feelings of others”
Since you had such a constructive tone in your letter I will answer your questions.

I talk to RivenDale fairly often over icq, in the beginning he and others asked about several selection tools since I was programming them. In the end he decided to create his own tool instead of waiting for others to do it for him it seems. Because of this I don’t add that many selection featurs to my programs since there is no point if there is another program that does this.

Do you have an exact definition of a plugin?
Here is webopedias definition:
“A hardware or software module that adds a specific feature or service to a larger system. The idea is that the new component simply plugs in to the existing system.”

Where do you see that it mentions the language it is written in? Is this why you buy a “plugin”. Becase it’s written in a special language?

Myself I both program in the max sdk with c++ and maxScript. Most of the time maxScript is a better choise in my humble opinion. Since often it’s less error prone and quicker to create. Also for 95% of the cases the speed difference is minimal compared to c++. I have tools prepared in c++ for polyspeed, most of the time I call it a script/plugin myself.

My own opinion, is that it’s the tool that matters. I don’t care one jot about what language it’s written in but I realize that this is extremely important to you.

Overcharge newbies?
Well, lets see some of my beta testers are not remotely close to being newbies, so at least they do seem to not feel fooled. Or lets see, me providing information about the tools and above all requesting feedback and wishes for future functions that is bad?

I will provide as much information about my toolset when it’s nearing completion and of course make a demo available. But that is totally unfair I understand in your opinion? That the users decide for themselves if they think the tool is worth it or not?
What other way do you suggest?

Where did I say this?

To my knowledge it is the most promising selection toolset. I have looked around quite a bit for selection sets for say Silo, Modo, Rhino (don’t really apply), XSI. Especially Modo and maya has some interesting tools. If you know of selection tools that are better I’m of course interesting in looking at it. Please specify a link.

Well, then we know your opinion. I have asked several times before if my posts about Polyspeed are welcome or not, and so far I have only had positive responses, nevertheless I try to refrain from posting too often. It was quite some time ago that I made a post in the Polyspeed thread (except today).

Ehm, what are you talking about? What do you know of my experience or future plans and when have I ever tried to compare myself to the people you are talking about? You don’t know me, don’t act like you do.

And how does that matter for this thread?

If you continue to jump on people like that on the boards, I’m not surprised if you will be banned.

It’s people like you that make companies like Discreet to have nearly zero customer contact on their boards.
Myself I strongly believe that customer contact should be far better for programs than it is today.



If you think about this sentence for a few seconds I think you will understand how funny that statement is.


f97ao- Thanks, nice to hear.

DentonVanZan- Why are you trying to rain on my parade? Are you jelous that I might make money on this? I’m not trying to cheat anybody into anything. I have showed what tools there are, they work and work well and that’s the important thing right? If you think this is easy money, then you don’t know the number of hours I have spent on this, and because it’s a commercial tool/plugin the tools are better for it, since then they just have to work. You say these tools suck…well fine, It doesn’t cost anything to NOT use them.



Jeez - some people to need to have a couple beers and a half a valium and RELAX!! :wink:

Two questions:

  1. how much?

  2. do you take VISA?

You have a LOT of folks ready to drop coin on selectionmaster, so let’s get it on!!!


Ah, a beer would be good. I have a bunch here, anyone wants some?

I am not a seller for RivenDale as some may think, but if I may answer this question without being flamed this is what I have read:

  • price about 50-60 dollars is what he said initially, we will see in the end I think
  • I think something like paypal etc is probable, and they take visa

Looking in fridge for that beer :wink:


Hi Rivendale,

This stuff is looking great. When can we have it?

I have another request, and I’'m not sure if it would fit in your toolset or if it’s doable. CSPolytools has a tool called solid chamfer. it works great to make tight chamfers. I was wondering if you cound have a tool that when you select a center loop of a solid chamfer does 2 things:

  1. It lets you control the tightness again of a solid chamfer already apply, just like when you slide you mouse the first time you invoke the tool on a loop of edges, but now you use in to go back to a solid chamfer (or any triple edge loop really) already existing.
  2. it deletes the previous and next loop, so in a way is like removing the solid chamfer or triple edge loop.

Number 1 would allow you to visually fake edge weighting and by reinvoking the tool you get to adjust the weight of that chamfer. Number 2 would aloow you to remove the creases you created with solid chamfer. So you can get back to a relaxed model again.

What do you think?

The beauty of this or some other tools that allows you to interactively ‘work ala edge weighting’ is that you can achieve the same results without the paints of ending up with weighted geometry that cannot be exported to other packages.


Wow, still/again totally impressed! :applause:

If it will work on complex, not so clean meshes in the end it’ll be a killer!


Good work Rivendale! Sorry about the a%#¤ole attacking your work, but don’t worry about it, not everyone is able to do what you have done :slight_smile: I’m working in XSI so I can’t try your tools (unless you make a port wink wink hint) but I enjoyed the video!

/another swede


jabbermacy- Thanks man, the price is not set yet but it will probably land somewhere around 50-60$. Havn’t looked into the payment system much yet, but I’m thinking something along paypal like f97ao said, so Visa shouldn’t be a problem.

gustojunk- Thanks, I think a tool like that would be doable and would probably be quite useful, I can look into it, but I can’t promise anything yet, heh.

McMaster- Thanks, in the examples I used very simple geometry to get the idea across easialy, but more complex geometry is usually not a problem.

opacity- A port to xsi is pretty far away at this point, since I know pretty much nothing about making tools for that program, heh. Thanks anyway for the feedback.



gustojunk- Thanks for the tip about the tool, I have it pretty much worked out now. Turns out to be a really useful tool I think. Not sure if I got what you meant right but…

I made a short video on the Tighten/Relax Loops tool here:

Man, there so many modeling tools now I’m not sure if SelectionMaster is the right name for it any more.:slight_smile: