Introducing: PolyBoost - teaser video


DentonVanZan- Hey, I don’t know what you’re on about, but there are very few tools in SelectionMaster that can be replaced with existing scripts. I’m quite offended by the fact that you’re saying I ripped most of it off. I have gotten ideas from other scripts and apps and not all of the tools are revolutionary but they are neccessary to make a complete toolset. If you want to keep plugging orionflame I suggest you start another thread about that.



robinb- thanks, the tool works on selected edges only if ctrl is not pressed.



That’s cool. Sounds great.


man why I open another thread, it was just my opinion.


hi rivendale your script is nice, where can I download it? I couldnt find on your site. But it looks almost like a script package called orion flame, but you have some more stuff, so please tell me where is your link so I could start evaluation your codes. Thanks alot pal.



Yes you can have your opinion and it’s interesting to hear it, but judging from your recent postings I think you’re just so excited about orionflame that you didn’t stop to take a closer look on what kind of tools there are in SelectionMaster. Most of the tools in there are unique to max and any other app for that matter. Here is a list of tools in SelectionMaster that cannot be found elsewhere that I know of:

Growloop for all SO with ability to turn loop
Shrinkloop for all SO
Outline polygons/verts
Ring polygon
Fill selection
Fill hole
Select tops
Random shrink/grow
Grow/shrink from spinner
Remove loop in vert/poly SO
Insert loop in vert/poly SO
Build loopcorner
Build loops end
Autocornered loop
Autoended loop
Random connect
Connect keep meshflow
Autosmooth/hard model or selection with one click
11 of the patternmaker tools
Selectionmixer copy paste selection between models
Selection from bitmap
Selection to bitmap
Select by normalangle
Project selection from perspective view with optional outline
Select half
Select by distance from center
Grow from perspective view
Select even/odd elements by step
Move/duplicate selection along element numbers

Each one of these are in my opinon very useful tools(um…that’s why I included them) and I think these alone is more than enough to warrant a plugin of it’s own.

Coming up: Teaser video #2 showing more features.:slight_smile:



Very great! :eek:

where link download the plugin ?

Is working for 3dsmax5.0 ?

You :thumbsup:

Thanks Mr.Rivendale :slight_smile:

I need tutorials more for SelectionMaster for modeling cars …


There is much more tools in Rivendales Selection Master than in any other toolset there is.
I think you guys are expecting people to work for you for free to easily. Do you like to work for free yourself? Would you spend 1000 hours on a tool and give it away “just for the fun”?

Also Rivendales tools aren’t finished yet, he will add quite a bunch of more tools. Even though his current toolbox is strong enough now to warrant the price imho. I mean hello, 50-60 bucks? That is no money if you earn money on doing 3d graphics. It will be no time before on has earned back the money by just the time saved using such a toolset. And what is more important it’s possible to create better art in the same time. That is at least what I value highly.

In the end you yourself will just have to decide if it’s worth the money. If it’s not well don’t buy it, but I would be surprised and disapointed if most folks think 50-60 dollars is too much to get what looks like the strongest selection toolset for any 3d program.

Another point about free scripts. Yes it’s great that they do exist, big thanks to the people that made it. But myself I often think. pff well the potential is great but why do’nt they go commercial and make a 100% version that cost instead of a 70% version that is cool but doesn’t work perfect. I think few people understand the work required in the difference between a free script and a full scaled program. The work difference is often enormous.



Rivendale…contrary to other posts I think that $50-$60 is a real bargain for the convenience and time savings these tools offer. I don’t know a damned thing about scripting, but I’m happy to pay for work done well that helps the creative process move along more easily. If it weren’t for people like you and the rest of the scripting community (will this really be the last from you?) we’d be stuck with the latest .X upgrade from discreet. Keep up the good work!


hey there,

this looks indeed to be a VERY great addition to ANYONES modeling workflow, there’s just a few things that I was wondering, [and I do admit that I merely scanned this thread for replies, so forgive me if it’s been covered]

What I was wondering is if this will work with the new edit poly modifier in max7 [meshtools 3.0 for instance works on the base object but not in the modifier] and what are your ideas about keeping it working over new version, I mean yes, great that you’re pouring so much time into this and imo well worht the money you will probably ask for it, but what when max 8 comes out [or heavons mercy a new maxcore] will you update it and if so, free of charge or for a small fee ?

with asking money for services rendered comes greater responsibillity, that amongst other things is why there are so many free scripts, they work for version x but don’t come complaining it doesn’t work in version Y, what do you want, it’s free . . .

anyhoo, great to see that after all these years people are still putting effort and time into expanding the capabillities of max.




Well, since selection tools is a script it should have no probs working in max8+.

The edit poly modifier is problematic to program. I’m strugleing with this myself in PolySpeed. Basically almost ALL functions are different for edit_polyl. So pff all object funtions have to be rewritten. And I’m sure you see that this isn’t too cool. However it’s not impossible, it just takes time.



Faris3D- Thank you very much, the plugin is still under development so it will take another couple of months (maybe 2) before final release. The SelectionMaster tools works fine in max5. They are tested in max5 and max7, so I think it’s safe to say they also work in max6

f97ao- Hey, thanks for the backup, couldn’t agree more with what you said about the extra work necessary to make the tool a complete commercial tool. When you make free scripts you can get away with some things not working all the time, but for a commercial plugin people expect it to work all the time, so you have to go that extra mile to make sure of that.

strangelife- Thanks man

Equinoxx- Thanks a lot. As it stands now the tools do not work with the Edit poly modifier. I will look into it. I don’t know how much work it will be to do it but if it’s too much to do now, I’m thinking of releasing that as an upgrade later on. Haven’t thought much about upgrade costs yet but if max gets a new core I think it would be a lot of work to do it. In that case there would most likely be higher cost than a normal upgrade wich would have a very low cost if any.

I have now worked more on the connect-tool that keeps meshflow intact and it now works well even if the edges are not of same length, so it’s starting to look like a really useful tool.
I have also made sure that all tools work with symmetry and other modifiers in the stack.
Btw, I still have one button to fill in the modeling section heh, so if you have any ideas or requests tell me.

Video is coming…got to find some time



Hi Rivendale,

I think the price is right. I was on my way out of Max because of frustrations with slow viewports and some limited modeling tools (yeap mostly selections). However the work of other Max users like you and Mr Polyspeed and the excellent work of some plugin developers are the main reason why I stick to Max. Heck, the best things Max has ever given me are Vray, PowerRhinotoMax and Ghost Painter (all 3rd,. party plugins)

I’m upgrading to Max 7 to be able to use turbosmooth and the edit poly modifier (about time Discreet!), so having your plugin working in the edit_poly is a must for me, and it might be for other people too, so please keep that in mind.

I also assume Max 8 HAS to have a new core, unless they are really trying to go out of business, so it would be good to know what your intentions are in that scenario. Would you make an upgrade? I’m more concerned about starting to use a dead-end plugin, than having to pay full price again if needed when version 8 comes out. If it means that you have to rework the whole thing, I can obviously expect you would want to get paid all over again, but if you have no interest on doing a rewrite if necessary it would be nice to know. MAn, I know, I know you have not even release this first version yet, and I’m already asking you all these what ifs, but some of us a a bit paranoid when it comes to this. I hope you understand.


Hey, thanks. Mmm, maybe I should change my name to Mr PolySpeed. :slight_smile: And I do agree about Vray. Max7 is very, very good in many ways I must say. There is more than turboSmooth and edit_poly really.

Personally I don’t think there is going to be a rewrite with max8, but I’m only guessing. I think what they are trying to do is to rewrite parts of max, just like they have been doing lately. They have this quicksilver team that are working on fixing core problems in max at a steady pace. So I think these plugins should have few problems in future versions of max, I doubt they will rewrite 90% of the program, more like 10-20% every time I think.



I know this rumors about 3ds max rewrite are endless, but one my trusted friend told me that those time (max 8) it will be real rewrite, but only partial, of some critical core functions. It looks like after max 7 discreet have dive much deeper in 3ds core, so now it can have a chance to change something there :wink:
btw, there are rumors that alias will rewrite some critical parts of maya for maya 6.5 update :wink: Will see…


I am sorry for opening that can of worms with the orionflame link, I was not intending it to say it’s better, or that you shouldn’t be entittled to charge for all your hard work. I merely wanted to put out there that there is a cool script that has a few of the functions you had for people to play around with…I mean in my opinion, I think for the amount of tools you will have in selection master, I think your price is more than fair, and I will most likely be a customer to you…so for DentonVanZan enjoy free scripts, but don’t bash people for putting out great new functionality in max and wanting to be compensated for it. I am just glad that there are people like Rivendale, and f97ao who can make these amazing tools…I mean they could just decide to keep them for themselves, and not sell them, then who would benefit…So again I am sorry for bringing that into the thread, and look forward to seeing the new video teaser…thanks again guys…keep on maxin!



This would be a terribly useful feature if it can be implemented.

  • Neil


From what I can gather, the quicksilver project at Discreet is essentially a rewrite of the core of Max. It began in Max 6 and has continued in Max 7 and probably will continue for several more updates. Once you use Max 7, you’ll see that they’ve made massive leaps in speed and responsivness (not to mention some great updates to the SDK and script features over the last few updates) all over the application. I think the plan is to replace portions of the core with each release.

Back on topic, your selection tools script plugin looks fantastic. Can’t wait to buy it. I’ve also heard quite a few praises of polyspeed. Can someone post a link to it or explain more in depth what it is?


What is PolySpeed? (quick answer):
PolySpeed speedup large objects enormously in max. To model with meshsmooth on 300k objects is possible with full speed. Speedup is actually 100x-1000x. Also Symmetry, Vertex Paint, normal editable_poly modeling, the viewports are greatly speedup. It also has some modeling/selection features included similar to those in Selection Master. It can harden smooth edges, face loops, connect edges etc.

The PolySpeed thread on CgTalk:

The PolySpeed forums (register to test the alpha and ask questions etc)

Back on topic:
It is definetly possible for RivenDale to make it work on edit_poly object. But all the function calls has to be rewritten which is somewhat painful. It also includes some other problems.

PolySpeed doesn’t work on edit_poly modifier now either, but I plan to change that later. However the edit_poly modifier is pretty slow by nature, and has some limitations.



As a coder myself, I understand that the request is not a trivial one, but it would still be very, very useful.

  • Neil