Introducing: PolyBoost - teaser video


Hey claytonp, thanks a lot. I can’t say for sure because it depends on a few things, but if all goes well it shouldn’t be more than a few days. The beginning of next week seems probable.



Wow I have only 2 things to say. Dear God and Sweet Nelly. I swear that was drewl coming out of my mouth. This is on my to buy list

Congrats on this impressive toolset



Rivendale: Many thanks, can’t wait !

If you are taking pre-orders, count me in - while I have the money

  • Clayton


claytonp- I can’t take any preorders right now since the database is still under construction sorry, but come on, it’s only maybe a week left. Surely you can hold on to your pesetas that long.:wink: What I can do is contact you as soon as PolyBoost is released. Send an e-mail to and I’ll make sure to notify you.



Hi Rivendale,

Sorry about that, didn’t realise the database was still under construction - just me being impatient AGAIN, especially when there’s a new toy I need to play with!

On a serious note though - I’m sure once the software has been released, you can announce it in THIS thread so anyone who’s subscribed will receive an email anyway.

Hope this helps.

  • Clayton


Can you tell me if the Distance Connect (by vertex) achieves the same result as that of the 3dsmax Cut tool ??

  • Clayton


Hi people, I have some good news today. PolyBoost 1.0 has now been released and is available at the PolyBoost website:
Thanks a lot for all the support and feedback during the development of the tools.:slight_smile:

Happy maxing,


Wohoo! Congratulations on releasing PB :slight_smile: I wonder if I can get the company to buy a few/many licenses…


Good news indeed! Congrats :slight_smile:


WOOOW some awesome tools man!

I think that this gets on the podium of the best 3D tools of 2005.

Damn, seriously, you’ve a precious one out there. U’ve also got a new buyer, just lemme try the 20 sessions before haha, I’m lucky that 3dsmax doesn’t crash everysecond to me ;P.


Amazing set of tools man!
Many thanks for doing this :slight_smile:

I was wondering if you could check this out: its a chamfer thats like the BPT chamfer, this tool would be so useful for mechanical hard edges and woulds save alot of time.

And again great work!!



The Waiting has an end ! Thanks a lot, man !

These Tools, especially the Flow-Connect is the always-missed feature, which was definitv needed. Everytime, i got a new 3dsmax Update, i examined the Edit-Poly Mod and was dissapointed, that they didn`t made it to add this Connect Feature !!!

Great man !!

will now go to your site and spent some money !!!



hi ,my name is suzy ,i’m working with 3d max for 2 years and i’m very interested in modeling,i downlloaded the selectionMaster avi files ,its very nice ,i just want to know is it available for free?,i have another question,do i have to learn Maxscript to be a good modeler?


Hey, thanks for the good support!

MRAY- Thanks for the link, that would be a nice tool. I might check it out closer sometime.

suziawad- Thank you, the program is not free, but you can download and try a demo for free. The prize is otherwise 78$ per license. Check it out at



sorry, I posted the same thing twice because it didn’t show up.
didn’t know the forum was moderated. :shrug:

delete this.


Totally awesome. I just bought this before even trying the demo, which is not always a smart thing to do. But I couldn’t help myself. :slight_smile:

From what I’ve seen of the videos, and now the fancyschmanzy procedural topology, I will probably treasure this tool greatly, and even become dependant on it.

Btw. Hi to you Rivendell, from a fellow Scandinavian (I’m from Norway).


OMG its the most amazing tool ever ! congratulations and i should say im impresed . your work is one of the first i ever seen in 3d and motivate me a lot to do 3d but now i see that you are a gr8 developer too !! congratulations for all .

i shoud say that all my impressions about polyboost is cuz the videos. i just cant make it work. sorry but i open PB and i cant affect the object :frowning: y dunno how can i start working in a model ? sorry cuz the stupid question and again CONGRATULATIONS for such an amazing work !


Hey, thanks a lot for the nice words!

Lolec - My guess is that you are not using an Editable poly object with the tools, wich is a requirement for them to work. Some tools also work with the Edit poly modifier(check the help files for wich tools do). Thanks and good luck.



Just opened Max & polyboost offered an update,all went fine :slight_smile:

btw,that little arrow for docking against a window is very nice.Cheers


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