Introducing: PolyBoost - teaser video


Hi people, I’d like to give you a sneak peak at some of the features included in the scripted plugin PolyBoost I’ve been working on for some time now. The tool is mainly focused on bringing easy to use, but advanced selection-tools to 3ds max, as well as some modeling tools wich will make life easier in everyday modeling. With these tools 3ds max will have the most advanced selection tools on the market today, and myself as a modeller am very excited about them since I don’t think I’ll ever work on a project again without having them available.

Download the videos to have a look:

edit: Teaser Video#2 now available for download:

edit: Teaser Video#3 now available for download:

More videos available at:

The videos are encoded with the Techsmith codec, get it here if you need:

Due to my currently limited webspace I had to move along pretty quickly in the video to keep the filesize small, but feel free to ask me if there was anything that was unclear. Any feedback you can provide on what you like and what you do not like is very useful to me.

Some notes about PolyBoost:
Most of the tools works in all subobject modes, one tool for all modes.
UVW-mapping is kept intact for all modeling tools.
All tools that do not require an interface to be useful are available as shortcuts for the keyboard or quadmenus.
Many tools have an optional function when holding the ctrl button. Most of the time this will apply the action only on the current selection or do another variation of the tool.
All tools and options will be descibed in detail in the helpfile and tooltips are available for each button in the interface while hovering over them.




OMG Excelent! Indeed is a Selection Master! Well done :thumbsup:


Well I have to say that is just about the most comprehensive set of tools I have seen done in a long time. There is stuff in there I would have never thought of, Or never thought possible.

Great job, only question is, where can I get it?


Veeery nice! But a question I missed in your post: when and how is it going to be available?

What the video shows is very promising.

  • Rens

P.S. And because I’m still not doing much with my bandwidth, PM me if you need a mirror.

P.P.S. Did I see the RandomConnect script pop up? :wink:


This is really amazing Rivendale :thumbsup: .keep up the good work.


Very nice. Looks like you’ve been inspired by Modo and Byron’s poly tools.

Combined with Andreas’ Polyspeed I can see modelling being even faster. Great.

So when will it be released and how much will it cost?


WOW, looks really amazing! But what happens on irregular meshes? Does it only work on Meshes that have a 90 degrees angle?


wow, impressive work!

2 suggestions (which you may already have done) -

  1. the ability to hook up these functions to a hotkey

  2. hook up a secondary selection tool to RMB.

  • for example, hook up the new Max7 paint selection tool to RMB (like Uziffe lasso tool) or hook up one of your selection function to RMB.
  • this will make for a great selection combo.

congrats for creating this tool! i would love to beta test and of course, make it part of my tools.



Oooh at least! Rivendale dude, u’re the man! Thanks for this contribution!

When will it be out? How many $$$ will it cost, if it costs?



This is just insane! Keep up the good work Rivendale! :thumbsup:


Hey, thanks for the good feedback, very nice to hear you like the tools.
The realese date is uncertain right now, as there is a fair amount of work ahead to set up website for the tool and deal with finacial issues. I’m hoping as soon as possible though, perhaps 2 months could be a reasonable estimate.
The price is not set in stone yet, but I’m thinking that it will cost somewhere around 50-60$. How does that sound? I think it’s pretty cheap for the amount of tools you get.

McMaster- Thanks, most of the tools have no problems with complex geometry. Some have certain limitations though. Take the steptool as an example, say you have a cylinder and 1 face selected and then selects another…how will it know wich way the polyloop should go around the cylinder? At that situation the shortest way between the polys will be selected. Another thing is with the fill tool where you select 2 polygons and then fill a rectangle between them. If the 2 polygons are at a very steep angle AND far apart the tool might not work. Most of the time there is no problem though, even if there is very complex geometry between the polygons.

romi- The ability to have hotkeys for the tools is a must and is implemented already. About the right mousebutton…It is used now for bringing up the quadmenu and I don’t think people would want that option disabled, but thanks for the suggestion.

Rens Heeren- Thanks, yes that’s the RandomConnect I wrote for a guy a while ago here at cgtalk, hehe, decided to throw it in there. Could be useful.

Also I’d like to thank all the people in the scripting forum here at cgtalk for helping me with issues along the way. Big thanks to people like Andreas Öberg(f97ao), externe, Rens Heeren, Bobo and LFShade.



you can go to preferences and only have the quad menu show up if the mouse pointer is on top of an object. this means that if the pointer is in open space, you can use it to do selection. so to hook up a secondary selection to RMB, users need to go to preferences and enable this option. this is how Uziffe lasso tool was setup in max5 and it works great.

thanks and can’t wait to check out your tool.


One of the most useful tools i could imagine, a modellers dream. Don’t want to go back to my polys now!


That is just brilliant and for that price its a kick ass addition to max.


wow! quite sure Ive never seen anything of the like. The most comprehensive plugin/script ever! Why cant discreet do that? Its THEIR program for crying out loud. :thumbsup:


Holy craaap!:smiley:

Great tool. We will buy!


thats got to be the most random mouse clicking i’ve ver seen!!

but the tool seems greate! it should speed up modeling sooo dam much!!!


looks great… can see many tedious operations eliminated! very intuitive

though i was confused at what was happening in the pattern section. could you explain this a bit more? …maybe a practicel example of where it would be used?


Yeah, could you show us a video with selection a complex organic thing :stuck_out_tongue:


“wow! quite sure Ive never seen anything of the like. The most comprehensive plugin/script ever! Why cant discreet do that? Its THEIR program for crying out loud.”
Funny, but why can’t you do it? If Rivendale can - so you can too :wink: It’s the power of highend 3d appz - that you can do your own tools…