Introducing Creation:Flora (and a licensing change for Fabric Engine)


Hi everyone - I’m pleased to share some news with you.

Creation: Flora
We’ve been working on a new vegetation system that we think you’ll like - we call it Creation: Flora. The system covers procedural generation of vegetation (trees, grass, ferns, bushes, flowers etc), editing once generated, simulation/animation, is integrated to Maya and Softimage, and is integrated with Arnold for rendering.

Demo trailer

More information

This system will be made available as a separate module, which brings me onto the second part of this - business model changes.

Creation and Creation Modules
The short version: we’re selling the core platform at $250 per seat, per year ($750 to purchase outright). We’re selling modules separately for things like vegetation, crowds, hair and other ‘niche’ systems.
Long version that explains it properly


CEO at Fabric Engine Inc


Looks great! Nice to see the continued Softimage support as well.


Interesting. A few questions I hope you won’t mind answering.

What would you say are Flora’s advantages over Maya’s Paint Effects?
Do the creations render natively with Mental Ray for Maya?
Is this system able to work with Maya’s Dynamics?
Are there controls for the resolution/density of the curve control points used to deform the elements? The video only shows curves with 4 control points.

I have lot’s more questions, but I’ll leave it at that for the moment. :slight_smile:


First of all it is an open system. All of the source code (including the Python parts and the KL operators) are delivered as a source tree to the client. Since the application compiles at runtime, companies can adapt and change the system to their needs. Secondly the Creation: Core, which is the backbone of Creation: Flora as well, has been built from the ground up for performance, and easily outperforms Paint Effects. With GPU compute coming in 2013 the performance will increase by magnitudes once more. See our website for details about GPU compute. As a third point Creation: Flora is a portable application, so it will run within Maya, Softimage, 3DSMax, Houdini or as standalone. This means anything build upon Creation: Flora automatically becomes a versatile asset, without the nightmares of exporting / importing.

No. This is doable however if required by a client, since Creation: Core comes with a versatile C API. Contact us if this is something you require.

Yes. The force fields can be modified by any node providing a vector array. With a custom node in maya the force field could be extraced out of Maya Dynamics and fed into Creation: Flora for simulation.

Each branch can have up to 2048 points right now. The current on screen manipulation however only uses 3 bezier points. This is subject to change, and can be easily adjusted.

I hope this helps. Feel free to fire further questions.


The way I see it is this system is what the smaller studios are crying out for. Those of us out there who find it hard to afford or justify a full time td/programmer need a model like this.

I see it not as being a ‘one size fits all’ approach, rather a fully customisable platform for writing universal plugins from scratch. It takes a little while to get ones head around the concept because it really is quite unique!

I think it is a brilliant Idea to build a platform to write and interpret plugins from, and then publish your own plugins either as a proof of concept or a commercial product.

I am happy to have a feature set that may seem somewhat limited compared to another commercial plugin, but is also infinitely customisable whether by the studio, or as a request to Fabric Engine.

I think the whole thing is a stroke of absolute genius…



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