Into Your Eyes, Linda Bergkvist (2D)


Title: Into Your Eyes
Name: Linda Bergkvist
Country: Sweden
Software: Photoshop

Thy soul shall find itself alone
'Mid dark thoughts of the grey tomb-stone –
Not one, of all the crowd, to pry
Into thine hour of secrecy

(Edgar Allan Poe)
A friend came over and calibrated my screen the other week. Now I’m thinking it might be a little messed up. But it shouldn’t be - his calibration was nearly exactly the calibration that adobe gamma had suggested (and he used one of those thingabobs, it was attached to the screen and blipped and blopped, oh well)… the problem is that this particular picture looked absolutely iffin awful on another friend’s screen. If the piece looks terribly washed out, please tell me - the colours are supposed to be a warm bronze-orange, and a purple-blue.
Oh well. I darkened it a little in hopes of it looking decent on most screens, instead of nice on mine and horrid on everyone else’s :confused: I might have to darken it further if my screen is the only one it looks okay on. If everyone is seeing it TOO dark now, I’d like to know that too. I’m going to take a peek at it on as many screens as I can, and then see if I need to change it back or something, sigh.
Originally, this piece was started for the M&S Challenge, but I decided to pull it out of the contest because I just didn’t feel it fitted in, and I like my other piece more. So I finished this one and thought I’d show it to you guys in case someone wanted to see how it turned out :]
For those who didn’t read about it in the challenge, I had a model for this one. She and her boyfriend just took a look at it, and could almost sort of recognise her in the neck-area, because apparently, her neck looks a little bit like that, heheh, so I will dedicate this piece to Mikaela - thanks for the help. Also, used a bit of reference for the cracks in the mirror. I’ve never painted broken glass before.
What more… Oh, perspective is skewed on purpose. The pattern on the dress took forever and a day to do and ended up showing very little, if at all >:[ The screaming faces freak me out a little, so I’m more happy about them than the rest of the image :smiley: Blood textures were painted in Painter, the rest was done in Adobe Photoshop.
A few close ups? Well, here you go,

Anyway, enjoy <3


wow, I am the first to reply!!
your work is always breatheless for me!!
that is monsters in the mirror !
how can you drew these so real and so beautiful!
5 stars!


[left]Wow, another great work, so real and so beautiful ~!! [ I am the second to reply ~!! :wink: ][/left]

[left]On my monitor, overall, it looks warm bronze-orange, the mirror is a purple-blue, and not too dark for me… :)[/left]

[left]5 stars ~!!! :thumbsup:[/left]


I can’t believe how quickly you work! This is a really awesome piece. I especially love the lighting on her back.
On my monitor, the colors don’t look washed out at all–> everything is pretty saturated. It’s not too dark, either.
Thanks for posting :slight_smile:


once again fantastic!

  • colors seem as intendet (and they are great) =)


Thanks for posting this, Linda. The colours seem as intended on my monitor. This is wonderfully, perfectly, Poe.


So prolific at such a high level of quality… I beginning to think you’re not human!


Another stunner Linda! Incredible detail and a very provocative piece… KUDOS!



Incredible stuff as usual - i sense another well-deserved frontpage!
Great to see some more hard edged, scarier stuff from you - not that theres anything wrong with your usual style!
Excellent expression on the girl, and the faces in the mirror say a lot about the state of her mind. It tells a good story.

5 billion stars!


5 stars nothing else to say.


I like it very much!


ya!! your work is great but i not so like the blood,
hope u next time paint more happynest things…
btw your skill very impress.:thumbsup:


Fantastic Linda. Doesn’t seem washed out at all. The only thing that pops out a little in my mind is the blade… somthing about it stands out too much… or was that the idea?

You rock the kasbah. Keep it coming. When’s the book out?

And damn… your cloth just keeps getting better and better!


super image…looks pretty much the same as you described in my monitor.bronzes and blues…


Very nice. going for front page again? :thumbsup: I`m amazed that you have still time to paint while answering in QA forum :slight_smile:


wow impressive!.. another stunning work from you Linda. 5 stars! as always.


OmG! another Linda’s work ? Awe…you are a machine!:eek:

Increedible quality, like always:applause:


Wheee! I’ve been really excited about this one since you mentioned it in your M&S thread. I really like the idea behind it… I’m pretty sure many people are haunted by none other but themselves.

The colors look perfect on my monitor :slight_smile: Seems like you’ve been using more vivid colors lately - I love that. Haha, here’s some stars for you :smiley:


I kept checking back to the M&S thread to see if you would be posting more of this so its a joy to see it finally finished.

The image doesnt look washed out on my screen. It looks just fine, although thats difficult to tell without seeing it on your screen.

The girl is extreamly well realised, the anatomy and porportions look fine and the dress is wonderful. The pattening is excellent. Do you ever paint plain fabrics? I bet you couldn’t could you!:slight_smile: I love the freaky faces in the mirror, they add so much to the image. The blood splatters are well done, if slightly freaky. What has she been doing exactly?:eek:

This is a wonderful and Dark image, Very well done. I cant wait to see more.


haunting and disturbing, I like it :thumbsup:


Yay, thanks everyone - I’m thrilled to hear that the piece looks good on your computers. I was so worried my screen was completely screwed up.

Tyin – Thank you :smiley:

Pene Menn – Thank you :}

Wildsheepchase – Thanks :] I’m glad to hear the lighting came across well. It’s been quite some time since I worked with light like this - I usually prefer bland lighting to the contrasting kind, but I thought this would work well with the theme :smiley:

The_nr – thanks :]

Keight – yay! thanks :]

Cgkrusty – Heheh, well, who knows - maybe I’m not. Me being an alien or just Azrael’s puppet has been suggested before :smiley: Thanks!

Andy H – Thank you :] I would love to paint more pieces like this. I used to do lots more blood and gore when I was younger, but I suppose I’ve managed to get commercialised in my ‘old’ days… which is a pity. I’ll have to get back to my roots. Thank you :]

mazz[CHN] – Thanks :smiley:

KEEKWAH – Heheh, most of my pieces are much happier :] I hope the occasional not-so-happy picture doesn’t grate too much. Thank you :]

Erliaz – Hi Martin :] You’re probably right about the blade. I worked on it in a number of ways, trying to get it to be visible enough - I suppose I overdid the effect. scratches head I’ll try to get around to changing it. Thanks! :]

Sandsekh – Yay, thanks :]

Darkone2652 – Heheh, I rarely sleep, I have lots of spare time (though I’m quite zombified). Glad you like it :]

Digitalhadz – Aw, thankee :smiley:

Olijosman – Heheh, maybe that’s what I am :scream: Thank you - and MAN, I looked at your new picture this morning when I was too tired to write anything… it is SO good (I’ll go comment on it after breakfast).

D-NA – I’ve been working quite a lot on it ever since I first posted the concept, but decided rather early on not to go for a challenge piece, but instead just do it for fun. I’m thrilled you like it :smiley: Thanks!

Anarky – Hi Andy :] I finished it in secret… partly because I didn’t feel like doing line art for it - that step really messed with my mojo on the other piece, took lots of time and I just ended up painting over it anyway, heheh. And, er, I very rarely paint plain fabrics, for the same reason that I rarely do pieces without lots of details in them: it’s SO MUCH FUN! And, yes, it’s more difficult to give fabric form and shape without the patterns to help me out.

And what was she doing? :smiley: your guess is as good as mine. (well, not really, but I*m going to leave that one up to the viewer). Thanks :smiley:

Solothores – Thankee :} !!