into the sunset


i’ve always wanted to design a futuristic spy pod and at long last, this challenge gave me the chance to do just that.

equipped with an ASD system ( Accelerated Stealth Drive ) the “Black Star” is capable of traveling at the speed of light and at the same time, ‘hide’ itself from radar; thanks to an advanced invisibility cloaking mechanism carefully built into it’s shell.

in this scene, i did everything i possibly could, to depict speed & distance … but most of all create mood, adventure & velocity.

software used : adobe photoshop CS3

i thank my friends, vivu, dharati, dhiraj, deepak, sushrut, abhishek & anant for all their help … you guys rock!!

cheers and good luck to all!


TRON FTW! Very nice colors!


bless you dude! thank you so much! :bounce:


Love the colours, nice piece. Well done mate. :cool:


a master at work… and again a master piece… brilliant colors luv the way it blends… neat looking car… keep em coming bro… :buttrock::bounce::applause::love::deal:


AEntwistle | thanks a lot dude :slight_smile:

moki! thanks re … will visit soon with high res … :wink: 7k …


FARRRRRR!!! haha, i keep getting new favourites to add to the collection… I love the somewhat over exposed neon like ambiences you create, it is a trademark of yours for sure, casting my mind back to your original work for the EON contest.

Amazing effort



Hi Nevs! Glad you made it!

Another success! Stunning, bold image! I love your use of color-very dynamic…I can feel the Acceleration! :arteest:

Congratulations and good luck!


Beautiful rendering. Excellent job.


This is retina searing brilliance and I’m totally in awe!


great work… one of the few images I’ve seen that really shows great talent


thanks a lot everyone … :slight_smile:

LightSovereign | thanks bro! … really brings back fond memories of EON … :love:

dodgeOrBURN | Lyn!!! really glad to see ya :stuck_out_tongue: so many amazing entries! WOW!


Breathtaking as always bro. Love the color scheme and the perspective. It’s amazing man. this is definetly another show stopper. 5 stars bro…


Sweeet colors dude! Good job!


The color saturation and dynamism is great! good luck!


The overall effect of this image is awesome!


thanks a lot guys! :beer: best wishes to you all … :thumbsup:

alexx … :bounce: thanks a lot bro … glad you like it … this was the toughest challenge of all … many amazing entries to behold … super wow!


wow awesome work, nice dinamic and color contrasts … just beautiful !!


so fast… so free… so good :thumbsup:

Experience of a lifetime to be there…

Nicely done!



lordemian | MichalPilat : thank you so much :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile: