Intimidation, Ivan Kashubo (2D)


Title: Intimidation
Name: Ivan Kashubo
Country: Russia
Software: Photoshop

Hello everybody!

There was a free time for myself. I tried to make something new to me),.
So, work on this picture has given me a lot of fun.
I hope some fun will be transferred also to you all!

Keep rocking! =)


Nice one, Ivan :thumbsup:


I like the woman cyborg. she is “intimidating”. I also like the robot in the background and the bridge on the mountain (don’t know why, I just do). pretty cool. Nice job.


great job :slight_smile: good luck


Excellent characer design and colorwork. Very nice!


She looks strong and confident, i like !


i very much like those little imps around her as well. They make the woman look even more courageous. Great job


PapaNinja, linainverse23, Aran-Pirayandeh, Ikaa, TyroneMaddams, R3Nze - many thanx mate!!! :beer:


Great stuff Ivan - the atmosphere here is really well done… you can feel the danger!


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