InTheCity uses stolen images from other artists


This isnt really related to c4d but I thought I would post here anyway since Im posting about a c4d user. I was browsing some user websites today and found that one of my images had been copied and published on InTheCitys website without my permission. Here is a link to a screenshot of it:

The laptop in that image was made by me in Softimage|XSI over 1 year ago. Not sure how long its been up at InTheCitys website but either way, he did NOT make it himself. This makes me wonder if more of the images published on his website is stolen, I suggest you all have a look through it and see.

Here is a link:



Wow…some fantastic work on that website, i really like the swimming pool.

I’m sure InTheCitys will have a good explination for you Wurp.


i wasn’t able to find the imag ein question on your website, seems there is a problem with your websites database backend.
This is a serious allegation and i would like to ask you to provide some link to your work, maybe even an image from a different perspective or wireframe. This would help clearing up the matter fast.

Edit: Just found the image and wires in your awards section. Yes, would be interesting to hear Inthecity on this.



i just looked at the guys site and the image and wires are there

the only difference in ITCs is colour correction


Oh dear… :rolleyes:


hmm, i guess he rerender it for “test” purpose, i cant believe he steals images, although it looks very similar. (still i would indicate who made the original)

see what he says himself.



and then just happen to accidentally put it in his online portfolio :curious: :rolleyes:


Hmm… well, it doesn’t look good. But lets not rule out the possibility that it’s some sort of mishap yet. We’ll await his reply.


is fair :slight_smile:


Well, he has applied a blue tint but apart from that he didn’t really put much effort into making it look much different. :wink:


Looks bad indeed so I hope there’s an explanation for it.



I also noticed that the labtop pic is of lower compression quality than the other pics. You can see that when you zoom in.

Not accusing anybody here, just an observation…

Why o why would a guy like ITC do such a thing…(if he was actually guilty)


Before anyone goes completely crazy over this, it may be a mishap, but it may also be a different render, not just colorgrading. Now wurp, I don’t know who exactly you are since the G4 image in the Jan 2003 XSI gallery is submitted by one Andreas Bystrom and the larger image is hosted at But I do know that the pic in the XSI gallery says it uses area shadows and an HDR image for reflections and I see no trace of HDR or reflections in the image. Looks like a regular render lit with a few omni or area lights to me.

In the City’s image looks like a more wide angle render than your’s unless its Flash stretching the image, and the result actually looks more like a Cinema render done with regular shadowmaps and plain vanilla materials than something done with Mental Ray area lights. ITC and a few other people here sometimes try to reproduce renders seen elsewhere (e.g. Vray galleries) to see if it can be done with Cinema as well, so if a free G4 notebook mesh is floating around out there, it may be just that.

Its easy enough to prove who owns the image though. Post the XSI scene file (maybe with the G4 model chopped up a bit to make unusable…e.g. cut bits of the model off). I’d like to see XSI render that precise result before I make up my mind.


Well, both pictures are different:

I tried to distrt one into the other but was not able to match them perfectly:

I hope it all gets cleared.

Jorge Arango


It was me who submited it to the softimage gallery, is a website that belongs to a friend of mine, who let me use it for hosting my images before I got my own website.

Now, as for the HDR reflections, the reflections you see on the keyboard come from a HDR envmap, thats all, apart from that, its as you say just lit with arealights and pointlights…


Don’t get me wrong Wurp, I’m not saying that its entirely dissimilar to your render, or not your image or whatever. But either way, its not exactly original art. The G4 notebook and the UI pic on it are Apple computer’s design. Its a very common design, a very common laptop, and both renders are very plain renders of a G4 model sitting on a plane with a bunch of spotlights or whatever. It would be very different if it were something like an original character plastered on someone else’s website as ‘this is my design’.

I’m giving In The City the benefit of a doubt because he’s a regular here who does a lot of rendertesting using different 3D apps and renderengines along with others, and the image is just a pic in his concept art section. May be nothing more than a quick fill-in while he’s updating his site or something.

Either way people, get in the habit of PMing someone first if you believe they appropriated your image for something without asking permission. I don’t like this ‘Ba-da-boom, X stole my artwork’ crap people stir up and the threads that follow on from it. I might get pissed if someone stuck a completely original character I made in their portfolio and explained in a long fashion how they made the character or something, but stuff like G4 laptop or car/product renders are a dime a dozen these days. Most of them look alike in some way or the other, and almost all are based off some industrial designers original work to begin with.

Get in the habit of simply emailing people if they have some image on their site that doesn’t credit you as the creator.


Jorge Arango I believe thats because of the stretching of the image, if you really wanted you could probably match them perfectly, or it might be that I for some reason had a version that was rendered with a different camera, Im not sure, but apart from the tiny (if any) difference in the camera angle, how come all the highlights and shadows in both images match exactly? I dont think its possible to model the exact same mesh (since I never gave this model out to the public) and at the same time get the lighting and environment to be exactly the same…

waiting for InTheCitys post…


It’s the exact same image, no doubt about that.

The specular width of the materials is exactly the same, as well as the direction of where the light is coming from.

InTheCity should post wireframe renders. Most, if not all artists save their project files.

Furthermore, he usually posts his work over at deviantart or here (without mentioning resources used until he gets the desired amount of comments). Sanfranguy/InTheCity has a history of stealing work in the past.

Comments from deviantart related to InTheCity and stealing work at the botten right of the screen.

I did, but it was quite some time ago now, like 4 months maybe.
I borrowed about 5 print pieces to make up for a lack of work due to a re-format.
I removed it on the first request.
It’s long since been dealt with and apologies have been given, accepted and people moved on.

You seem like a reasonable guy, so I’ll ask you a reasonable question?
What your concern in all of this? Are you just being nosy?


psd layered image stretched back out:

Im not shocked that this has happened (again) what im most amazed by is who has done it. Now I have to ask myself, which of the works on his website are actually his?

Perhaps more to the point is why? If the rest of the work on his website is actually his, then he is clearly showing he has the capable skill to make the artwork, so why spoil the website and his reputation by taking a single image?


Good questions! curiousity rapidly arises in me…