Interview with Michael Girard and Dan Prochazka about Character Studio/discreet union


Didn’t think this had been plugged yet, but there’s a little more information on CS aquisition by discreet which also implies how that turn will affect max users. Looks like it all bodes well for development on the foundation of CS’s already fairly advanced system. I’ve seen the way Dan Prochazka answers posts on the discreet forums and comments he has made, and I must say I’m impressed with the way he’s talking about CS and max these days.

Here’s the link



It actually makes the future of Character Studio sound promising!:smiley:


Yes it does; and it’s one of the most misunderstood, or should I say, misrepresented pieces of software. The fundamentals of character studio hold huge potential for development – it’s very motionbuilder-esque, if I may be so bold. And CS delivers if you’re patient and just go with the workflow and can get used to it. The part that I like is that now disceet will be able to work with CS, hands on, and develop what we’ve all been bitchin’ about in the past.



great reading the guy is genius
and yes this will makes the future of Character Studio sound promising :applause:


Absolutely! :smiley:


Damnit, now if discreet could just aquire CAT. (in the light of this weeks buyouts)



I have been using CS for some years now,and from the begining I love it ,but now I´m still waiting for the posibility of controlling the biped from the curve editor for getting better results, are they going to change this in this version, or when??




Not in the version released with max 7 – at least they haven’t mentioned it. And if they had changed it, I think they’d be shouting it from the rooftops, as that’s a big request for lots of people. I expect it will happen though, eventually.



Then is a pity,cause lot of users are changing to CAT (that it´s been very powerfull),they day they´ll change that It will be a really update and a huge change,hope somebody reads this and change it soon:)


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