Interposer Pro/Kuroyume Development Zone


For users of InterPoser Pro, Kuroyume’s Development Zone has been closed, but in a final message on that site, Robert Templeton has promised to keep in touch via sites like CGS while he makes alternate plans.

Robert, good luck, and let us know if the Zone finds a new home!



That sucks, but all best Robert - will be in touch.



I use Greebler a lot, cool plugin in. I checked his website a few times every other month for new development…tvining, did the message say anything as to why? Just issues with GoDaddy and looking for another host?


This is unfortunate. I remember beta testing IPP and we use IPP all the time and have used several of his plugins like Greebler on other projects. I will be watching for him and supporting when I can. Brilliant guy!


I had some comms with Robert yesterday. It is in fact just a hosting issue, and he’s looking for a new home for his site :wink:



Kuroyume’s DevelopmentZone has the same hosting but the domain has been changed. Unfortunately, the WordPress MySQL database backup didn’t restore properly. So, the site is using my previous HTML pages updated to current downloads, software and such. Not everything works (no gallery, no forums) but the necessities are there. Maybe I will go back to WordPress but it would require starting the website from the bottom up (not something that would be enjoyed).

The new URL is:


Now I can get back to working on my newest plugin.



Anybody trying to use Interposer with R17?
I got my new serial from Robert and got it all loaded up, but it seems to be broken. I can load figures, but I can’t move them at all.


I tried to contact Robert through his new site a few times but could not reach him.

Also like to know if IPP is working with R17 and yes I need a new serial too.
How can I contact Robert?




All of your links are dead including your facebook profile.


All of your links are dead including your facebook profile.

Well, he has another “real life” Facebook profile where he posted yesterday. So, he is alive :slight_smile:


I can be completely wrong but that me thinks is not the same Robert.


It is our Robert.


It would be interesting to know what he’s up again :rolleyes:

Not only that Greebler and Interposer have prompted me to stay on R16 until now, the new plug-in also looked very promising. And then the rumors of some kind of collaboration with Maxon…

This is not the first time he disappears from the picture and so far every time Robert came back.
Hopefully! That would be otherwise quite a loss.


Personally, I’d suggest not rolling your eyes, as it implies you are irritated or feeling entitled to something, which is kinda rude.

I’m not a spokesman for Robert, but I can tell you that plugin development isn’t necessarily a thriving business for all who pursue it (is it for anybody?), and often other personal matters, financial concerns and woes might have had some effect on his ability or motivation to maintain his presence in this community/marketplace.

I’m not entirely sure where things are at with updates of any existing plugins, or whether he has had the time or headspace to take other projects further, but I’m sure that if he’ll let the community know when it’s applicable. I do know he had to make some hosting changes at the least, so his comms might have been affected!? - either way, that is his FB page, so maybe you should drop him a line there?



Oh this is a misunderstanding my friend, I always had a nice conversation with him and the rolling eyes are as friendly meant as possible :wink:


Gotta put that renewal on AutoPay! Glad to see it hasn’t permanently gone away. :keenly:


Then please accept my apologies! - I went into protective mode I think, since I’ve corresponded with Robert for many years, and consider him a friend, as well as a very valuable developer.



Still nothing about Robert?


FWIW Robert responded promptly to my R18 serial request the other day.


I’m working with IPP for some years now and want a new release for my R17 but annot find Robert Templeton anywhere. Also all emails are dead.

Can anybody help me to find him.

I want to offer him SOME money, if he will update that wonderful plugin (5 times more than the origin price!)

Thanks in advance