Interparticle Collision with Pflow Help


I need a boxfull of particles composed of 3 different spherical particle shapes. About 200 particles in total moving in a box volume, slowly colliding with each other when in contact with other particles. I grouped the particle shapes and used Group members as particles.

Ordinary Pflow particles work fine but I can’t get them to collide each other.
I’ve tried with mparticles but even 20 particles cause the computer to stop responding.

What is the most efficient way of creating particles interacting with each other?


this is mparticles
there is only collision with deflector if not mp , mp is a particle state of massfx


What I need is almost exactly the scene in the video with a few differences. I don’t need gravity. Particles should be floating, spinning around colliding with each other. My particle shapes are more detailed spheres.

Can you simply guide me for building such a scene, which events should be used? My 20 particles were extremely slow. I couldn’t even determine if they actually collided.


you can make a basic effect by the video


Thank you very much indeed. This is what I’ve been trying to achieve. :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

I have one more question: I need the camera to be in the middle of these particles and I need the particles not to come so close to the camera. In other words, I need some sort of deflector around the camera keeping the particles at a distance.
I haven’t tried your scene with a deflector yet, I’m here right after I saw your post :blush: but my previous experience moving the camera with a deflector surrounding it, towards the center of the container volume was a fiasco.

Is there a specific deflector for the task with mp?


you can add a sphere as a collision area prevent , so no particle move into , add a wind as spherical mode with decay to push particles away , the 2 object align and link to camera .
all operators need m-operator


Hi again,

I’ve tried wind to add some motion, as speed operator’s energy somehow fades quickly. My particles tend to slow down unlike those in your example and deposit on container box’s edges. Exact scene works but not with my particles.
The matter is, wind doesn’T seem to have any effect apart from adding some calculation.

I added a wind space warp with a Force operator.
Any ideas what can I be missing


set all friction to 0 and bounce to 1 , speed will no fall off
wind is not to change speed , for change 'move to ’ to ‘move away’ smooth