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Hi :slight_smile:

I just finished a 1 year 3d course at Truemax in Denmark, and completed my first showreel.
My main focus right now, is getting an internship at a company, but getting a real job would of course be just as awesome.

I would call myself a 3d generalist with special in modeling, animation and rigging, as you will see in the showreel, but I also have skills in texture and lighting as well.

As it is very hard getting good internships nowadays, I would love to get al the crits I can get on my showreel.

I have no problems with hard crits, so plz have a go at it :smiley:

thank you




Yay, I knew my reel was perfect! :stuck_out_tongue:


I like it. The only crit I have is that Puss n Boots looks a little stiff, especially when he falls to the floor.
Good job!


Thx man!

I would like to rework the animation for the puss in boots I made, since I have improved quite abit since I made it. I might be cutting it out later.



Hej Martin :slight_smile:

I’d cut out the animation, I think.
You’re far stronger in modeling and rigging, but also your shading (diffuse, normal) looks good, and it seems like you have a pretty solid understanding of the whole workflow.

Again, the weakest parts, are in my point of view the animations.

Cheers and good luck :slight_smile:


Second the animation crit. There allot of room for improvement there. I like your sculpts the best. You could prolly leave out showing the textures as well, as theres not much going on there.


Hey guys. Thank you so much for the straight comments! :slight_smile:

I agree with you both 100%
Modeling has always been my strongest area, and I’m not good enough at animation to do it professionally.

However, I do want to show that I have potential to become an animator and interested in doing animation and rigging, for internship purposes.

Would love getting an intership where they would teach me how to make proper animation or rigging, and therefore have it in my reel.

does that sound reasonable, or would you suggest I go about it a different way?

thx again :slight_smile:


I understand what your looking to do. And if that route works out for you, then right on!

I dont know how it works in denmark, but, here in america, u pretty much have to specialize. Theres just too much to know in each department, to stay competitive without doing so.

You should focus on what you enjoy most. But your strength, in my opinion, is sculpting.

Best of luck to you!


It works a little bit different in Denmark.
The market is so small, that 90/95% of all positions are generalists, or at least you should cover a couple of areas around your expertice. Say, modeling, like in this case, it would probably be modeling, texturing, shading and such.
Animator would be rigging, animation, maybe storyboard or even the entire pipeline.

But of course you can work specielized, but for the most part that’s not gonna happen.

Sadly… :frowning:


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