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My name is Parker Davidson. I am currently a student at the Art Institute of Nashville-Tennessee, a branch of Atlanta. I am working on my BA in Media Arts and Animation. I first started off with 3D after discovering Blender through some featured artwork I saw in a couple of books at my local bookstore. I was in High School at the time and fell in love. I learned how to use the program through trial and error, books, and help from the blenderartists community. From there I decided that I wanted to work on games and/or movies and began to attend AI immediately after graduating college. Now I am at the end of my first year and I know that I have made the right decision.

Lately I have been expressing interest in studying abroad for the experience and connections I can make in the industry. I have been working extremely hard at my school and as of writing this post I have a 3.9 G.P.A. It turns out though that the study abroad program for AI schools has been shut down due to the unwanted monetary cost of the program. Now I am looking for just an internship overseas that I could couple with my studying and tuition or even pay out of pocket for.

My Dean and other teachers recommended to this site, informing me that I could meet industry professionals here and that they might be able to me. So this is me, sending out a distress call. Asking for anyone’s help on getting me out there and into the industry, whether it be overseas or not. I need an internship and I will work hard for it. I have a passion for movies, and for games. I always will be. There are forms of media used to tell a story and I have plenty of stories to tell. Images in my head that I wish to illustrate for everyone else.

Please respond if you have any information that could help me. I really appreciate this. Thank’s for reading.

Parker Davidson


Post your portfolio.


I can do that. Finals are done this week and I can pay the 50 to post my portfolio then.


There are lots of schools with good 3d programs and have study abroad connections. Thus, out of curiosity, what made you choose the art institute to begin with?


Wait, you have to pay money in order to post your own portfolio online? What the hell?

If the issue is web-hosting, while it’s better to have your own domain name, it’s much better to have your portfolio on a blogger or WordPress or the like then not having it online at all.

Also, if you want to network, go and participate in discussions. Post your work for critique, and critique other peoples work. Don’t just beg for someone to give you an internship.


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