Internet speed record SMASHED


Scientists at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center used fiber-optic cables to transfer 6.7 gigabytes of data – the equivalent of two DVD movies – across 6,800 miles in less than a minute.

mmmm…thats a lot of porn


It surely is :smiley:


: available for the home consumer summer 2067


That isnt that fast guys,

I dont think it’s a speed record either.

That only works out to around 894mbps, or 111.7MB/sec

Gigabit ethernet would provide a speed close to that, there are many higher speed links like 10Gig-E and several links used in Metropolitan Area Networks.

Get a couple of $70 gigabit ethernet cards and a $300 dollar switch and you could achieve at least half of that between a couple of boxes with no TCP/IP optimization…


yes, but notice the distance. speed doesnt mean anything if all you can do with it is send to a computer in the next room over (unless of course you are running a super computer, but that is another issue all together).


Great Article thanks Array :thumbsup:

just a little question.

Lets say that somehow tomorrow every had an internet connection that fast (hehehehe) would it mean that the over all size of files would Increase but 1000 times?

When i had my 33.6 net, I kept a very close eye on the size of all files on my comp and the ones which i d/l.

Then i got my 56k, I gave my file size a bit more room to move but not too much

Now i have cable, Im not that worried because im guessing most people still have 56k modems and the files they send are pretty small. But my file sizes have increased alot.

Now with this sort of technology would it mean you can have a 40 gig Word doc and not care?

Or would u get angry if you cant d/l a dvd in less than 30 secs?

Hope i made some sence and got my point across :slight_smile:


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