Internet Explorer Plugin for maya 6.5 is avaible


I dont think mozilla WebBrowser in maya that comes with default is useful.
many stuffs not avaible. (javascripts,swf flash movies… all abilities same as IE… because
it is IE :slight_smile:

orginal site is and seems they forgot to update it for maya 5,6 for and 6.5

here it is


The Maya web browser also has Shockwave flash and javascript…


for security reasons javascript is not avaible…
also mov plugin enabled so it shows mov files.
but not flash files…

can you send a snapshot that shows a flash movie in maya web browser ?
(dont post any coment before testing… eh ?)

and for example
navigate this page
one from maya web browser
one from normal Internet Explorer.

you can see difference.

nobody thanks for this stuff ? :shrug:


hi butCherHell,

thanx for compiling the 6.5 version and sharing !!

dont mind me asking, but do u by any chance have the plugin for maya 6 ??? i’m running this 6 version … would deeeeply appreciate your effort…

BTW: I saw ur website and been through your tutorials… but couldnt access ur toy helicopter tutoral …donno why ? my doubt is do you have a way to motion blur the shadows too ??? i found that , this can be done using hardware renderer…but its again a separate setup to get the shadows and this isnt 3d blur !!

thanx in advance,


yes, I can :slight_smile:


(dont post any coment before testing… eh ?)

Testing?  I was one of the developers who implemented it :)

javascript is not avaible…

Can you provide an example of something you can’t do?


I looked at your page from within Maya and it mostly worked. You menu on the left was screwed up but it also screwed up for me in IE…some error message about syntax errors.
Firefox also displays the page the same as in Maya.


I was sure you are on MAc. as I said to munCher before. it is avaible in mac, but not avaible
in NT.

what about NT ? ?

seems a developer is here. and didn’t tested in NT.
or I am sure he (sure not she :slight_smile: can say what it wrong with my PC.

if anyone know what can I do please help. if every one have same problem add message
to this thread please.

here what mozilla looks like in NT

get the plugin button works ? …not…

I think. and my other friends have same errors.

mentalray can blur motions on both objects and shadows.


From the Maya Help…

Customize the Maya Web browser

You can customize the Maya Web browser to handle files of various types (including Flash, Shockwave, etc.), by adding the appropriate Mozilla plug-in to the following directory:

<Maya directory>/bin/plugins
On Mac OS X, there are standard places where all the internet plug-ins go:

[li]/Library/Internet Plug-Ins/ (these plug-ins are accessible by all users on this system[/li]> [li]~/Library/Internet Plug-Ins/ (these plug-ins are accessible by current user only)[/li]> [/ul]In some cases, you’ll be able to drop a Mozilla-compatible plug-in directly into that directory. Some installers will create the plug-in in a different directory, such as the one for the Netscape or Mozilla Web browsers. You’ll have to copy that plug-in from the plug-in directory of Mozilla or Netscape to the directory listed above, and then restart Maya to get the plug-in functionality in the Maya Web browser.

What you need to do is download the installer for Netscape/Mozilla/Firefox. When running the install it should ask you to choose a browser and location. There should be a button for “other”. Choose other and navigate to the folder described in the help documentation and then everything should work.

and didn’t tested in NT.

Hey…I test on NT :slight_smile:


ya… it is very interesting … I am sure I put NPSWF32.dll to everywhere
but it didnt worked…

now it works…


thanks for info… is it devaju ? not. I put this dll in same directory before but didnt worked…
now works :eek:


I am using XPSP2. and mozilla interface is still not soo much compatible for me.
I don’t see web pages as how IE6 supports some stuffs…
I prefer IE.

you mean security reasons ? I have nothing to secure :smiley:


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