Internal Buffers to small



I’m having a problem when trying to do a boolean subtract in modeler. I get the “internal buffers to small for requested operation” error . Is there some way to set the internall buffer size? I can’r t find it in the manua;l, all I can find about the internal buffers is related to layout and post processing.
I’ve tried hiding all polygons except the ones related to the operation, but that didn’t help. Created a new object with just the poly’s needed for the operation, but nope, still the error!
I’ve done this in the past with much more detailed objects, but now nothing happens :frowning:



as far as i know the only way to fix this is to subdevide the poly your booleaning afew times- as for setting the buffer size never found that =( i tend totry an avoid booleans now though - i tend tothink they are abit unrelably and you’ll spend mroe time cleaning up all teh mess afterwards


Hhmm, subdevide the polygon? Oke, I’ll give it a try.
Thanks for the tip!



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