Interlight Studio is LFM Programmers and Pr & marketing


My name is Ty and I am the project manager of Interlight Studio. Interlight Studio members are passionate, dedicated, experienced and creative individuals. We have opened few more position in our company and we are looking for talented individuals.

About us:
We have been focusing on developing small, interesting and fun games from all genre and type.
In our pipeline we have 4 games. A Sci-Fi, robot shoot-em-up (Completed and in testing). The 3 other games are in different stages of development. It is a very exciting time for us here in Interlight Studio.

What we are looking for & basic Requirements:
Fluent in communication skills.
Age 18+.
Ability to talk and manage proper arguments.
Ability to work as a team player.
Have at least 3-4 hrs a week fore the project
Skype, Voice is required.
Enthusiasm and passion for game development.

C# Programmer/s
Strong knowledge of unity commands for C# is required
Experience with unity
Able to take a concept and create a prototype
Basic knowledge of mechanics like Game State management, com model, singletons, inheritance and C# interfaces
A willingness to learn new api’s and even help build new ones

PR and marketing
Create and develop strategy to reach the community and build the community.
Able to use social media and other venues.
Strong communication and fluency in English

Website Developer
Strong knowledge of html, php and MSQL ect.
Strong WordPress Experience (Currently our website is made with WordPress)
Strong communication and fluency in English
Able to work with deadlines

The Perks
Awesome talented people to work with
Share and gain knowledge with your teammates
Valuable industry experience working with a team
Valuable industry experience in your field of expertise
Expand your knowledge and portfolio
Revenue sharing

Best to contact over Skype: koeanilo1
Website: InterlightStudio <-WIP
Twitter & Facebook
Hope to hear from y’all soon