Interior:: what`s inside that dark rooom?


hi all, yep, old time lurker, first time poster, well, i tried to enter the machineflesh thing, but work got in the way…
anyway, i just had a full afternoon for myself, and decided to do some recreational 3D for a change :slight_smile:
this image is inspired by some very cool memories from my childhood (as strange as that may sound :bounce: )…
here`s the pic:

Software: 3DSMax 6
Time from start to finish: some 7 hours (give or take a few mins :deal: )…
Original resolution: 1280 X 1024
Any crits, comments, or whatever it is that you people do to bring one`s spirits down, are highly apreciated :slight_smile:

oh, and by the way, nice site!! :buttrock:



is it realy that bad that noone can give some feedback? :sad:


that looks awesome, specially the focal point of the fore ground and then its blurred off in the background? how did you do that in max? i heard you can do it in lightwave…

but keep up the good work


hi there, thnx for the reply :slight_smile:
the focal point thing, i actualy rendered the scene without camera effects, to an .rpf file, and added the DOF in Combustion 3, i am realy looking forward on trying the Lenscare plugin for after effects… i have seen some realy neat stuff done with that one :slight_smile:

thnx again :slight_smile:


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