Interior: Sit Down A Have Relax, Please, Darko Romanov (3D)


Title: Interior: Sit Down A Have Relax, Please
Name: Darko Romanov
Country: Italy
Software: Blender

This scene is my really seriuos first attempt to make an interior, and, at same time, I learned a bit of yafray, that is the renderer used for this scene. I know that could be improved a bit more, but I worked on it for more than a month, and now I’m quite bored and I want to start a new interior project.

used SW:

  • Blender 2.40 cvs 2
  • Yafray
  • Arbaro
  • GiMP (color refinement)

c&c always appreciate


Hi, it’s a nice looking interior.
3 crits:

  • based on the bg image: Light is not colored. Shadow is not defined enought.
    -The wall are too white… it’s boring.
    -The bg image’s perspective don’t match the scene perspective. Moving the cam around should fix that.


I didn’t realize that! Now that I know, it seems so clear, “something is wrong”. But before reading your post it was perfect, to me.

tnx also for the other tips, I’ll keep them for the next interior, started today.



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