Interior - Baroque Angels, Tóth Tamás (3D)


Title: Interior - Baroque Angels
Name: Tóth Tamás
Country: Hungary
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop, VRay

Hi fellas!

I made this interior for a hungarian architectual contest. I’m not an architect so my aim was just creating a nice room with fine colors and harmony.
Some object were born in my brain, others were based on images of interior magazines. The title refers to the paintings, those are made by Attila Kővári hungarian artist.

>> Hi resolution image <<


Like a photo! Perfect.
Great job man!


Nice work ,

but the wall clock is too flatt for me,

keep UP the good work .


looks very good.
keep up


Hi Frenkie!

Szép munka, teccik a kompozíció, talán azok a kis kockák amik talán puffok lehetnének nagyobbak amúgy fasza, A képeket is te csináltad?

(Nice work, i love the composition, this rox, did u maka the paints as well?)



Nice work!
5 star for me.


Very realistic picture, and fine textures and lighting. It just looks a tiny bit washed out to me… I mean, not the widest range of brigthness I’ve ever seen…
4 stars for me.


I like it, very photorealistical!You have 4 stars from me :slight_smile:


most of the time the interior renderings are not that impresive these days-
but this one is really top noch! great work!


Stunning perfect interior design :slight_smile:


Like they say, “If it aint Baroque, don’t fix it.” Nice job. :thumbsup:


Sweeeet! :thumbsup:


excellent work!
keep up the good wrok


Love the textures. The paintings lend a very realistic touch. I even noticed that not all of the drawers are closed. Great, great work!


I think your work is fantastic. But I kept thinking that it looked like a dolls house instead of full scale, and I thought and thought about it - I think the issue is either camera placement - like it seems like we’re seeing the room from where there should be a wall, and also that the camera is rather high. If anyone else feels this way, you could also consider putting some object in the lower right immediate foreground to create a more realistic photo - real photos can’t shoot through walls, but by placing an object there, we would feel that the house were very open, and that we were maybe seeing the room from another room.

It’s minor, though, and overall it’s some wonderful work.



Thanx to everyone the kind words!

carolynamick: The camera’s height is 1,5 m so I think it’s OK, and the cam is in the back corner, so indeed it’s really far from the objects, but it’s not in the wall.

Brutal Monk: A képeket nem én festettem, de az 1. kommentben leírtam.

Some closeups:

More renders of the horse:



nice details…and brass material!



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