Interface Concept for EI9


Like to hear your comments. Enough comments just might get this puppy done.
The image is 1660 pixels wide so it would work better at 1920 or higher.

Steven Houtzager


Very 'After Effects’ish. I like it.

One thing that I would hope for, should an interface overhaul be done, is to have the interface preferences separate from the project file. Currently, if you open somebody else’s project to learn how something was done, it can change your own interface considerably. They should be separate files. That would also mean being able to move the user preference file to a USB stick and carrying it with you, or posting it to the internet to share with others.


The best of both worlds would be having projects storing its own UI configurations (as some projects could benefit from that) and the app having UI presets capabilities so one can switch to those in an instant.

I am all for making EIAS as After Effects-like as possible.

Things I would like:

-That no panels would dissapear upon deselecting a related item, even if they must become nearly featureless, so that one can keep a given UI setup stable.

-Panel consolidation: I think the Group Info could hold other Group-level Panels as additional Tabs: Deformation, Modify Axis
Perhaps it could be turned into a true “Inspector” Panel for any kind of entity (groups, lights, cameras, etc.). Surely it would need to get larger to hold so many tabs (as I absolutely hate it when a window has two or three rows of tabs. Grouped tabs, as in the Light Info Panel, are OK, though), but I don’t know if it would be better to have those tabs in a column instead of in a row to favour a lateral column of stacked Panels in these days of widescreen monitors.

-The problematic Panels are resizable ones such as the Group Link one, the texture Map ones and so.


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