Interested in setting up a local CGS Chapter


Hey all,

    I was looking through the faq section on the CGSociety page and I noticed mention of us CGS members setting up local chapters of CGSociety.  I for one am very interested in setting one up here in ALbuquerque, New Mexico, USA. There are no real degrees in CG out here but there is a huge hunger for CG and learning here in New Mexico. I think that with the right advertising and organization we could get a great chapter going that could hugely benifit the community.

    I was curious as to who else might be intersted in doing the same in their respective cities? 

    Also what kind of ideas could we come up with for these chapters.  ie:  events, meetings, sessions etc.

    I have a feeling that CGSociety is going to be a huge step up for CGN, which is saying a lot because this is the best community around by far.  I am anxious to see what will come of all of these new additions.

A Greatful Member,
Brad Swardson


I’m also very interested in local chapters, me and Abbegon here in CGS are discussing to setup a local CGSociety chapter, and I think this will open a wider perspective for our school but also gain other CGSocieties.

Leo, you got any info yet or still tba?


i held a Seattle CGTalk Gathering last year and planning the next, so, ya, i’m very interested in this.

i would also like it if CGTalk helped local chapters by putting us in touch with companies that are looking to give demos of their software [and maybe door prizes]. i’m already gathering some CGTalk members who are in the industry and willing to talk, but having companies like Discreet, Alias, and or Pixologic show up makes a world of difference.

also, i would be more then willing taking book orders and or selling books at the event to help out CGTalk.


you’ve got a lot of good ideas there kole. I think that if done right CGsociety could expand and grow tremendously, through the increased involvment of local talents in cities that currently dont have large events and siggraph chapters.

I would definatly push for the sale of the ballistic books at events. Here in New Mexico there is a strong urge to grow in the film industry. There was a whole bunch of government funding released for the advancement of film production and post production here. I think this is definately a resource worth tapping into. Not to mention increasing the awareness of CGN to the greater community both professionally and educationally.

I was thinking earlier about what types of things these CGS chapters would do. I was thinking about the CG workshops and wondering about the possibilities of CGN’s involvement in bringing professionals in to host local master classes.

I will keep posting ideas as they come to me. Im really getting excited about the possibilites this may hold for all of us.


I tried to make the Seattle thing happen along with Kole recently.

Then I got busy.

However, support from CGNetworks for local chapter events of any kind would be very helpful.



C’mon JDex! Let’s set up a MA/RI chapter :stuck_out_tongue:
Any other New Englanders?


I would definitely be interested in an Albuquerque chapter of the CGSociety! I got my degree in Computer Animation in Phoenix and am now working at a local architecture firm doing 3D. There is a definite need for something like this in Albuquerque and it would be great to get together with other professionals or creative folk.


I’m in!

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NJ, NY, Philly.

I’d be down to set up something for this area if anyone wanted to help me out.


Hi all,

Regarding the Local Chapters. There are a number of things that we want to provide and we can provide to get people started up immediately.

Let me know if you want to setup a local chapter meeting by emailing me at I’ll see what I can do. Specifically, I need to know - who you are, what you do, where you are, how many people you have in your vicinity who you can potentially reach. To start off with, we’ll probably need at least 5 CGS members in your local Chapter to commit to starting and running the Chapter (at least 4 meetings a year) in order for the Chapter to startup.

Webspace. We can provide webspace for your specific local chapter that you guys take care of.

Forums. Local chapters can have their own CGS forums here for you to connect with other CGS members.

Meetings. To start off with, the easiest thing that we can do is to provide a DVD with a slideshow of all the images in EXPOSE’ 3 that can help kick off the CGS meetings. I’ll also speak to some partners about getting short films and DVDs available for Chapters to have viewing nights.

Books. If you have a local chapter and you can get a bunch of people in your chapter who want to order Ballistic books - consolidate the order and make a bulk purchase. 5+ books have a 20% discount, 10+ books 22% and higher discount with more books. Pass the savings on to Chapter members. The books get delivered by FedEx to one location and you then pass the books on to members at the meetings. Note that EXPOSE’ 3 pre-orders will start on 9 May, and you can put in bulk pre-orders for the books.

Posters. CGSociety and EXPOSE’ 3 posters if you can help spread the word and market your local chapter events. (please note that these are probably going to have to be done ‘on demand’ to start with so we can’t give out free posters to everyone, only to Chapters to help promote the CGS).

I’ll have to come up with the documentation and formalise the Chapters, but do please feel welcome to make suggestions or contact me personally.




Chapterific. I’d like to pull the Melbourne crew together, because we never seem to see each other!


Melbourne - easy. Our Ballistic Publishing division is based out of Melb so they can even give first looks at upcoming books, etc.



Splendid. Can we set up a thread to pull Melbournites together?


Sydney thread:
Melbourne thread:



Kole – I’m down for Seattle… anybody else interested?


I reside in Seattle. Throw my name on the list.


Anyone in Colorado?


PM me if you are interested in mustering something up in Maine. I have a great and large office space in the heart of Portland, above all the bars! :beer:


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