Interactive Render Preview


I just downloaded the trial and I have a really stupid question.

Yesterday at Siggraph, numerous times I saw demonstrators display interactive preview renders by drawing out a box around a region. But I can’t figure out the proper mouse/keystroke combination. Or perhaps I’m doing something else wrong.

I don’t even know what XSI calls this so that I could look it up in the help.

Thanks for your help and please excuse my ignorance.

EDIT: Just figured it out, I think. Q for region tool.


Yeap that’s right Q gets you in render region mode, to delete the region just press out side of it, And remember you can adjust the quality (sampling) by pointing the cursor on top of the little box on the top right corner or your region and using the slider up or down to raise or lower quality. Also right clicking in the border of your region gives you extra options.


Thank you!


that slider was a nice shortcut so I won’t have to go into the render options to change it.


also you can push “shift-q” to toggle the render region off and on, or middle mouse click :thumbsup:


Becareful with shift-q, it still seems to kill the Q hotkey, for me at least. Heh, that’s one of those little things that’s been with us since at least 1.5.


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