Interactive House VR (Android + Google Cardboard)


Hello. I’d like to share with you my recent Unity3D (with Google Cardboard) project.

Here is the link for video presentation, which show all detail:

As soon as possible, I will add link for Google Play.

Here is the description of all project. Hope you like it :slight_smile:

Interactive House VR is an application for portable device with Android OS. Its an architecture concept of storey house. Each location and objects are three dimensional solids rendered as realistic looking spherical panoramas. User its able to freely look and journey between five locations. Our current postione is displaying on Map, which we can activate from Menu on the bottom of observation point. When we are inside house, we can find seven interactive marks which are displaying interfaces and we can change certain furnitures and connect with the e-store (its an example feature of this project so each button connect with Ebay and different category of furnitures but there is no problem to create connection between webpage of e-store). We can also display 3D Mockup of project, make rotation, zoom in/out, go inside the house and display dimension of aech room (3D Mockup its available only ind Standard Display mode). Application its based on aim system and circular indicator of progress (in VR mode you don’t need to plug in some extra usb controller).
We can choose between 2 display mode: Standard Display (virtual joystick) and Virtual Reality (Google Cardboard or some familiar VR goggles). When we choose Virtual Reality Mode and our device don’t have gyroscope, Warning Window will appear.
Application has also got Level (there are 2 measure mode: horizontal and vertical and we can freeze on display the value of current angle) which we can find on Main Menu. We can also display information a of our device (we can find info about availability of gyroscope and accelerometer).


Nice work!

Will try it in cardboard when you upload on google play


Applications can now be downloaded from here:


I’ve watched the youtube video and that’s great! but I’ll try it when I will finally get my oculus!