Interactive 3D in the browser


If I have 3D content made in a modelling program (say Blender), what’s the quickest, easiest, and also cheapest way to see that 3D in a browser? It could be a world with a 3D character inside it, or many 3D characters…
Could it even be interactive, like, if you flick this switch, then the light turns on, or something like that…?

Do game engines do anything like this, WITHOUT a browser plugin?

I have some background in graphics programming, but I’m far from being an expert.



I forgot the best and most straightforward way … :slight_smile:

easy to use / web base :

hard to use / opensource :

in beetween :

i will try :
1 - sketchfab
if not enough => 2 - blend4web
if not enough => 3 - three.js


There’s also Marmoset web viewer.


Not the cheapest, but with full interactivity


Doesn’t Unreal Engine 4 also has the ability to publish for HTML5?
I saw the options in the editor, but never bothered to test it.


Unity and UE4 Both get this option but this comes with lot of restriction.

You have to use a specific x64 version of firefox and chrome.
The generated javascript code is not understandable by programmer.
Debugging this kind of stuff can be real nightmare if you don't know what you do

By using UE4 to pusblish your assets you are basically compilling the source code of an engine build for AAA title with millions line of codes to a javascript assembly like language (asm.js) to pusblish trivial assets on the web. So in other word you use a nuclear bomb to kill a mosquito ... 

The marmoset webgl viewer is by far the one who give the most stunning result. (sorry for the omission ...)
But i find that it’s extremely expensive and long to load models.

Sketchfab is imo the most impressive solution because :
- You have PBR quality very close to marmoset 
- The loading is much faster imo 
- You can load animation 
- You have a VR mode
- You have a pretty big community to exchange with 
- Sketchfab guys and Substance guys work very closely to give the best PBR xp in a browser
- It's so rare to see a French Tech that actually work and looks cool , that it is my duty to support it ... :) 




Wow! Thanks guys, I’ll try those out :slight_smile:


Btw, I’m curious - do these things detect which 3D card I’ve got, and do things which give me the best possible visual for THAT card…?

In fact, is it possible to use these WITHOUT a 3D card at all?


A late addition to the list, Verold. At a glance seems to be a intuitive option for 3D interactive content authored under the JS framework - three.js and WebGL API, plus due too PBR this app in particular implements, goes without saying an GPU solution is a requirement.

Oh its free (personal use)


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Huge fan of the Marmoset viewer here. Like someone else said, you might try that as well.


what about this device cl3ver ?? any experiences