Intel Partially Reveals 8th/9th Gen, 10nm+ Process "Ice Lake" CPUs


It seems that AMD’s aggressively priced Threadripper and EPYC CPUs have forced Intel to spill the beans early - very unusual for Intel - on what their 8th/9th Gen future CPUs may look like (coming in 2018 or 2019 possibly):

Basically, 8th Gen was supposed to be 10nm process “Cannon Lake” CPUs, which come right after “Kaby Lake” and “Coffee Lake” (these are 14nm+ and 14nm++ process CPUs).

But AMD’s aggressive moves may have forced Intel to skip ahead to “Ice Lake” 10nm+ process CPUs, and its unclear whether Cannon Lake will even happen.

So it appears that tough competition from AMD payed off - we may get faster and more aggressively priced Intel multi-core CPUs as a result.


I was about to upgrade my system… This ain’t making it easier to decide :scream:


Take comfort in the fact that rendering will always be PAINFULLY slow regardless of what CPU you pick. :smiley:


But for rendering, isn’t it time to start focusing on GPU? I.e. Redshift :smiley:


It is a conspiracy theory that things like GPUs and Redshift actually exist. :smiley:

I went to the local supermarket. They had never heard of a “GPU” or a “Redshift”.

They had everything else - eggs, milk, cheese and beer - so they know what they are talking about. :smiley:


They’ve been saying that for a few years now.
Some would say that its starting to turn around again slowly… but who knows.

I’m personally not sold on GPU rendering yet.
A good CPU is still the better investment IMHO, simply because you can do more with it.
Prices of good GPU with a nice amount of memory are also a bit ridiculous.
But I’d get a good GPU aswell in my workstation anyway.


I am looking forward to it, I hope it would be the best CPU till date.