intel i7 4770 v 4770k for 3DS Max


Can anyone explain the advantages of having the 4770K over the 4770 for 3ds max/vray purposes?

It says on this cpu boss comparison:

“But if you work in multimedia industry where you need to render 3D images and 1080p videos, then Core i7 4770k is the right choice for you. Since the rendering process is heavy and requires more processing speed, you can overclock your i7 4770k to gain the extra bump in speed while rendering.”

is this complicated to do? would i need to do something at render time or would it just automatically push up due to the cpu maxing out its standard clock speed? or is it just not worth the extra money and stick with the 4770k?




the K means it’s unlocked, and can be overclocked. Literally nothing else.
With a good motherboard and cooling that’s not hard to do at all if you’re confident enough to at least enter a BIOS screen and tweak parameters iteratively (it’s all it takes).
That done nothing is required software side. The increase in performance can be anywhere between 5 and 20% depending on luck with the CPU and how good the cooling is.

If you plan to overclock and find it for a decent price, it can be certainly worth it. If either condition is not withstanding, not worth it at all.


ok that sounds fine, will go for it, also does a higher GPU clock speed on a processor make any difference? after comparing some processors i started looking at the GPU clock speeds, is that related to the on board gfx only? and would that be rendered void if i have a dedicated gfx card or does it still have benefits?

thanks for the fast response.



The onboard gfx unit will be irrelevant the moment you have a discrete unit on PCI-E (i.e. you put a videocard in the box).