Intel delays next Pentium 4 chip until 2005


"In the latest misstep for the world’s largest chip maker, Intel Corp. said a faster version of its flagship Pentium 4 microprocessor will not be available by the end of the year as previously promised.

The Santa Clara-based company told PC makers this week that the 4-gigahertz chip will not ship until the first quarter of 2005. Currently, the fastest model runs at 3.6 gigahertz.

“We felt by adjusting the schedule for the products, we could better meet our customers’ volume requirements and their high expectations,” said Intel spokeswoman Laura Anderson on Friday. She declined to elaborate on the reason for the delay.

It’s been a rough year for Intel products even though profits nearly doubled in the second quarter and it’s on track to set record sales in the current quarter.

Its current Pentium 4, unveiled in February, has been criticized for not raising the performance bar over previous processors.

In May, it canceled the next-generation Pentium 4 so that it could focus on more promising technologies. In June, a manufacturing glitch forced a small recall of chipsets, which handle communications between the processor and the rest of the system.

In July, it said design problems would delay the release of mobile computer chipset dubbed Alviso until next year. And it said better-than-expected performance in manufacturing of Pentium 4s resulted in an inventory buildup.

Last week, chief executive Craig Barrett sent a message to all employees urging them to “focus intensely on actions and attitudes that will continue Intel’s strong track record.” "




Haven’t purchased in Intel processor since a PIII 500 mhz. I thank god for AMD everyday. Imagine what the computer world would be like if there was no alternative to Intel products.


For such a large company… they sure do suck. :hmm:


Well CPU´s power didn´t evolved much in this last 2 years, but comme on guys…imagine what would be if INTEL had never existed 60K SGI´s anyone?


Since the arrival/adoption of the Opteron last year intel hasn’t been able tp punch back. Even Dell is on the verge of offering AMD server solutions. FOr intel, Chip delays, cancellations, chipset problems and adoption of i64 in admission that 64 bits is coming sooner rather than later. intel is such a huge company, these events will take all of 1 or 2 years to brush off. If the same happened to AMD, it would be curtains.



A P4 3.8Ghz will only be 5 percent faster P4 3.6 Ghz. They’re going to have to increase the increments to justify the price premium people pay for these flag ship processors.


Actually both intel and AMD are going to have to ratchet up the technology gears in two years. With introduction of 64Bit and anouncement of dual cores, the ol x86 archtecture manages to get reinvented.



I’ll just feed the hamster in my computer more. That ought to do it.

Render on baby! (squeak!)




I look forward to the day that they start ramping up in 500’s instead of these 100mhz/+ increasements… that will make things far more interesting, even the Motherboard and RAM industries are more entertaining these days, CPU news is boring. I think another company needs to fight amongst the big boys to wake them both up a bit.


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