Intel & AMD


For a new WorkStation Rig I did a lot of research, but the more you research the more confused you end up about which parts to get, atleast IMO :slight_smile:

Also, wanted to know from users, how does AMD play along with Intel boards on a workstation, if anyone has used it.

Primarily for Maya, Mari, Nuke, AFX & PSD. However I do use 3Ds Max, Z-Brush & Vue

Here are the specs:-

MOBO:- Asus Sabertooth x79 or Intel DX 79SR (Intel board seems to have ECC built in to them). Kinda confused with these two, both are equally tempting.
Processor:- Intel Core i7 3930k or AMD Opteron 6328 (Now, i7 has 6 cores with 3,2 GHz and AMD has 8 cores with 3.2 GHz, however I am not so sure on AMD on a workstation, would love suggestions)
Memory:- 8gig X 4dimms Corsair Vengence (32 GB)
GPU:- nVidia Quadro 4000
PSU: - Seasonic 1100W 80 Plus Gold Non Modular PSU

AMD’s 8 core with 3.2GHz is really catchy, however I heard from people (unreliable source) that AMD has a a bad heating problem and has less life compared to Intel. I don’t even know if Intel board has am3 socket…wasn’t mentioned anywhere. Heating problem is solved by after market cooler, but compatibility with board is something that worries me.


They’re not compatible. You can’t physically put the AMD’s socket G34 chip into an intel socket LGA 2011 motherboard

The 3930k is far superior to the opteron.


i7 3930k it is then !!

thnx sentry !! :slight_smile:


So what do you think about the mother boards?


The Asus Sabertooth x79 I think is better. It has more extreme cooling provisions


That’s just FUD. They don’t run hotter and they don’t burn out faster. I’ve had many AMD processors over the years with zero issues (K6-2 400, Athlon 800, Athlon XP 2000, Athlon 64 3000, Athlon 64 X2 3800, Opteron 2210 HE, Opteron 2352, Phenom II X6 1060T).

AMD offers more performance for the money in the lower end (sub $1,000 builds) or very high end (quad socket machines). For higher end single socket or dual socket machines the Intel offerings are very good.


Go for the Intel 6 core if you’ve got the cash.

That AMD chip offers a fantastic bang for your buck though. Looks like the Intel 6 core offers about 30% more performance at 300% of the price. 

That PSU is probably overkill for your build. That GPU pulls 142w, and the CPU pulls about 130w. You should be fine with anything in the 600w range. 



I like AMD but haven’t used one since the FX Dual Core inital batch of 64 bit days. I am building another PC and may consider making it AMD, it’ll be just for gaming/videos tho.


Thnx Guys !! Appreciate you replies !!

AJ1, Well then I might go down on the power.
And I think I will stick to 3930k and Intel Mobo…


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