Integrating multiple textures in zbrush?


I’m getting close to starting polypainting a large-scale landscape I’ve sculpted, and I have a question about this:

Is it possible to create all the textures I’m gonna use for my polypainting beforehand, and then with one stroke apply all of them at the same time (like, color + reflection + gloss and so on). With as diverse a terrain as I’m making, it will be a hellish chore to do all the auxiliary texturing afterwards. So, can I use the polypaint tools to apply all textures at once, somehow, and save me the headache of way too much manual labour? :slight_smile:


im not sure i understand,
but if you want multiple textures,
select a plane 3d then add your texture then transform snap shot it shift+S
then add your new texture to the second duplicated snap shot plane after you move it off the top of the first plane,
then tool MRGBZ grabber, then you will have 2 different textures in the texture pallet

when you MRGBZ grabber 2 planes with texture the texture no longer becomes a square texture


The point was that I have a whole collection of nature textures with various maps - Diffuse, reflectivity, AO, displacement and so on. And thus far, Zbrush is the superior tool I’ve used for painting textures - To mix it up and make it look natural, to put it in a way. So it would be very helpful if I could attach several textures to the same brush, to be able to paint all those textures simultaneously so the different maps fit together. The question was whether this was possible or not.


them maps are created at the end of texturing, zplugin >multi map exporter
thats like i want to paint with solid green color and solid blue color simultaneously over each other,
well you cant, you’re either are going to have green or your going to have blue.
if you could paint them simultaneously over top of each other then the end results would not be solid green color or a solid blue color


I agree with Informerman, and I just can’t see how it can be done.


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