Integrated help not working


When I activate Help I get the question mark icon but when I click on a button it goes away and nothing happens. I’m wondering if it might have something to do with my default browser being Firefox 1.0. Any ideas? Thanks


Actually, Brad mentioned this in a previous post, the help files are nearly 2 gigs, so they aren’t included in the download, only the manual and other PDF’s, it will work when you get the DVD


Ah sorry. I read that post but I just thought it was for the videos. Thanks.


Actually, the Help files ARE included, but only the text versions. It is the video clips that are not included in the download. One thing you can check is to see where the application is looking to see the help files. This can be seen on the Prefs viewport under Remapping. Check to see if it is pointed to your help directory as it was installed. The installer is supposed to create the link, but it is possible there was an install glitch.



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