instantRig Auto Rigger Script



instantRig is modular auto rigging tool for 3DS Max users focused keyframe cartoon animations. It helps riggers to create flexible, animator friendly and production quality rigs in minutes.

Simple interface similar to CAT which is most Max user familliar to use it. Builded rigs are unique custom bone setup for animators to help them doing cartoon animations.

Instantrig is commercial tool. Features, documents and tutorials available at

You can watch feature videos here.

auto overlap:

auto skin:


That looks very good ! Well done !

Do you have features like copy/paste poses on the other side (hands or feet) and reuse the animations on other characters ?


Thanks, pose and animation copy/paste/miror will come with update 1.5 in couple weeks.


That sounds great, these features are the reason I still use the old biped/character studio, it’s very useful on multiple characters.

Please do tell when it’s ready ! :slight_smile:


Excellent tool to achieve in time limit incredible results.I am currently using it in production without any problems.



can your tool rig a double-knee? I don’t mean a dog-leg, but a two-joint knee setup to better preserve volume once skinned?

Looks like an excellent plugin!



Been using this rig for a few weeks now, Its really nice rig to use, i was a CAT user but has too much weird stuff going when you start to use it
only thing i wish it had was CAT MOTION, other than that its the best rigging script i’ve used


Hi, Thanks all for nice comments.

Yes there is blend bones on knees and elbows. You can check your self free characters or trial script from official webpage.

Motion layer is on my todo list after integrating copy/paste/miror and face rigging modules.


Thanks a lot for the info! :slight_smile:



I was testing the demo last week and it’s an amazing rig. We are using CAT in our game characters right now, but this really caught our eye.

If it had a facial rig half as good as the body rig, it would totally be an insta-buy!


Update 1.5 is released!

-Pose Manager!
-Builds Faster!
-New Documentation Page!

Please visit


YES !!!
Best Rig for max! , so tasty , so good!!


yeah this is a very nice tool, I loved the demo! there’s a couple of basic things missing ( that i can’t remember right now ) and with those solved it would make a wonderful tool , keep up the good work!