Instancer not following base geometry rotation


Hi Guys,

I am creating instancer geometry which is flowing on a poly cylinder. When the cylinder is static, the instancers follow proper aim direction using goalNormal0PP. but when the cylinder is rotating, the aim direction of instancer is not following cylinders normal.

I suppose the particle is not able to read the transform data on poly cylinder, even though I have used nearestPointOnMesh to get the mesh normal and feeding it into aim direction of instancer attribute.

I followed this thread too but it works only on static geometry:

When I don’t use AimUp I get this issue:

and when I use aimUp=<<0,1,0>>; the instancer keeps it rotation during poly cylinder’s animation, but I get this issue:

I hope I am making sense here, if there is any issue I can upload the maya file also. In some real trouble trying to make it work. Help me out guys.