Instanced nParticles collision problem


Hi, could anyone help me with this please? I have this problem constantly whenever I try to emit instanced particles into a collider mesh like a jar or bowl. Here I am trying to fill this jar with gummy bears. The nParticles worked fine as Spheres, they stayed within the boundaries of the jar and didn’t protrude or anything. But when I instance the gummy bear mesh, it seems whatever bounding box the particles are using ignores the coordinates of the gummy bear and maintains that of the initial nParticle Spheres. So they end up protruding from the jar instead of trying to fit in where they can. I’ve disabled the rotation for now to show how they just go ahead and exceed the jar’s boundaries instead of stacking and overflowing when they can’t fit.
How do I get the particles to properly compute the bear as an instance?


What version of Maya are you using? if you are using 2018 up I’ll use Mash bullet solver for this. It will handle the this shot way better. Also if you need more help you could post the .ma


Another method might be to use an invisible “inner glass” mesh to contain them, offset from your actual one by a nice distance to give you a tolerance.

But yeah, nParticles are gonna be tough for something like this.


I could probably achieve more tolerance by altering the Thickness on the RigidBody properties. But the gummy bears would still look odd because the dynamics still only apply to the nParticle spheres


I’ve separated the inner and outer surfaces of the jar so you can choose to hide the outer surface if you want to check if the bears are interacting properly with the inner surface.

Thank you

gummy (3.3 MB)


So I tried using the MASH bullet solver and it definitely works better. However I STILL have issues with that pesky protrusion. I used a funnel to channel all the bears better into the jar and you can see in the images that some of the bears still pass through the funnel and the jar, causing some to even fall out. I even made a new jar and made it extra thick but the MASH bears just ignore the inner surface and keep falling, even sticking out through the outer bit.
I’ve included the updated scene.

gummy (3.4 MB)


Here you go, you will want to play with settings, etc with a low res of your geo then you switch to your high res when rendering.

uqlnjW9ZE7 (6.4 MB)


Thank you!