installing MR and using the plugin-manager


mental ray 1.5.1:
first ive installed mental ray… and rebooted then i start my maya 4.5 and open the plugin manager, then i cant find the mayatomr. So i press browse, looking up the folder with mental ray… finding the mayatomr.mll but when i press ok i still cant find mayatomr so that i can load it into maya… have i done anything wrong?

mental ray 3.2.6:
I cant even find the mayatomr.mll in any of the folders

// CnexS


the .mll is in the “bin/plugins” folder right?
you may have to reinstall maya then install the plugs

thats the only thing i can tell


well… no the .mll isnt in there… should i put it there?.. because… when i install… ive got maya in d:\programs\maya and i got MR in d:\programs\mentalray

should i just move mayatomr.mll into …\bin\plug-in\ or should i move all the mr files to the same folder as they are now but in the maya dir?

or should i just tell the mental ray installer to install directly into the maya dir or something?

just make somekind of rough step by step instuctions on how you did it :D…


well i didnt do it
i dont have 4.5 nor ever did
it cant find it if it isnt in the \bin\plug-in\ thats where maya looks for the plugs unless you set it in the enviromental file of which i wouldnt know where to begin to help you with that
it needs to be in \bin\plug-in\ so maya can find it

im thinkin ur gonna have to edit the enviro file because its not the normal “C” route
first try to put everything where its supposed to go,the plugins and ray files then if it doesnt work then ur going to have to edit the enviro file and it should find them but just try moving all the mental ray stuff first and backup ur important stuff before you start maya cause i basically dont know because i dont nor ever had this prob

but yes it needs to be in a default location


still cant get it to work :/… now ive moved all the files to a similar folder in the maya dir, the mayatomr has showed up in the
plug-in manager but when i press loaded i get this message

// mental ray for Maya 1.5.1
// Error: Cannot find procedure “mentalrayForMaya_v15”. //
// Error: (Mayatomr) : setup command execution failed //
// Error: No plug-ins loaded - “initializePlugin function failed”. //

i dont know wh it stands “mr for maya 1.5.1” caus on it stood that this should be mr for maya 4.5


have you tried any other add on plugins with this install of maya you have on D:?

it should look like this …

“D:\Program Files\AliasWavefront\Maya4.5”
you should have ur mental ray folder here and have the plugs for it in “D:\Program Files\AliasWavefront\Maya4.5\bin”

ok in the mental ray folder
“D:\Program Files\AliasWavefront\Maya5.0\mentalray”
you should have these folders “include\devkit\lib” and two files “rayhosts\rayrc”

the .mi files should be in the “include”
the .dll’s in the “lib” folder…

the “rayrc” file youre gonna have to look at cause there is a line in there thatrefers to the registry

mine is “registry “{MAYABASE}” value “C:/Program Files/AliasWavefront/Maya5.0/mentalray” end registry”

so ur gonna have to edit that file

and i think you gonna have to set the enviromental file in ur
“C:\Documents and Settings\username\My Documents\maya\4.5\prefs”

but how to do that i dont know…lol

its something to do with the plug path …or something…


ok thx ill check those things…

yeah ive got another render acually… not loaded right now thou…

called mvl toghether with vlight… dont know how i got them to work…

well thx anyways


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